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  1. WOW the old PX Satins! These are starting to become harder and harder to find. Great set of shafts and GLWS
  2. "I like my putters, the same way I like my women...naked."................and with a sandwich. GLWS
  3. LOL so you bought the club for the no upcharge Tensei orange and are now thinking about keeping. Wouldn't be a bad idea if the orange fit you. GLWS
  4. What a price on the button-back! IF I didnt have a baby on the way, I'd be all over this. GLWS!
  5. Not sure if it was mentioned but I've confirmed the Ping Tour shafts are simply re-branded Aldila shafts. I've been trying to figure out which one and I have chalked it up to the Rogue 125's as they are just a different animal all together.
  6. Throw me some offers on the Rogue. Its the same exact shaft Jordan played. More mid-launch and mid-low spin. I'm crushing my 125msi so no need for this.
  7. Dropping the price a little. These things are clean guys! a few lowball offers have come in...typical. Shoot me over a reasonable offer and they are yours!
  8. Got these from a local Latin America Pga player...Have had a ton of interest. Would like to get these sold this weekend if possible please!
  9. God you're a club whore. I think between you and I trading stuff, we could double our feedback easily. BTW, that shaft came off the van and is tour issue. GLWS
  10. As much as this is going to hurt, have a baby on the way and the boss wasn't too happy when I came home with these. - Titleist 718 Cb 4-PW -- Std. Loft -- 1.5* Flat -- $old 8 iron shows most use, the 6 and 8 have a ding or two from rocks, the 9 iron has a scuff on the heel. None of which affects play. - Tour Issue Aldila Rogue 110msi Black 70TX w/ metal 2* TM tip -- $150 $140 obo This is the same exact shaft Jordan Speith used. Only reason I'm selling is I hit my 125msi better. Came off tour van here in Florida. Never been heated or pulled. - Titleist 714mb 6 iron head -- $50 o
  11. Good guy, fast communication. Thanks for the XT shaft! Looking forward to trying her out.
  12. I second that. I have the 745s and the 945s. Was given the 765s and 965s to try and got rid of them. I think the older models have better turf interaction and like the look better.
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