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  1. Slow play kills my vibe, especially waiting on each shot.
  2. They really should be quite close and the lesser weight will be a nice change
  3. I'd shaft up the 6 iron first and do a test run....I dont think you will notice much difference
  4. I'd play number 4 before number 2....more fun...less punishment!
  5. Didnt know they did but doesnt surprise me. The drive from Portland really isnt too bad
  6. I also think there are tons of underrated coursed around town. Wildwood is another one that got great character and the back is a blast. Always cheap too.
  7. I've done the Pumpkin card many years. Its not as good as value as it once was. The rates are sliding through the year and while the twilight rates are OK in the off season, the pace is soooo slow out there. Honestly, you should save your $$ and go play Killarney West for $9 cash. Its a farm track but a blast!
  8. Bandon Trails is highly underrated. I love that course the most.
  9. the commentary is just awful and the coverage is lacking in terms of better and more focused stories.
  10. better prep/epoxy, glass beads...
  11. very good work....excellent info
  12. Would love to see him win some more this year/next year. Hope the putter helps.
  13. TEE is highly underrated. I've gamed a hybrid from them for years. Killer.
  14. I havent heard but keep that MP line strong!
  15. Take me back to early Tiger Mizzy goodness..
  16. Big fan of this grip. The feel is outstanding.
  17. I like em for slow greens
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