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  1. hahaha, I tend not to keep anything in the closet at all, but those were too pretty to sell once they didn't work the first couple of times out ?
  2. Hi friends, Up for sale are a set of gently used 2019 Taylormade P790's. 4-W, 1/2" over stock length, KBS Tour X shafts, soft step 1. Lamkin Crossline Jumbos with 3 wraps under them. The lead tape on these was to help correct the swing weight issues caused by the massive grips + extra length. If you change the grips out, remove the tape and you'll be right as rain. Clubs are in great shape, and the only reason I'm getting rid of them is that when the 5i broke (TM replaced for free with a brand new one that has never been hit), I got my old set of Srixon z785s out o
  3. Just got this brand new Sim Max 3W (15*) direct from TM. Hit it once and it is no better for me than my Epic Flash. There was no other way for me to confirm other than buying and trying. My loss is your gain! Standard L/L/L. Project X HZRDUS Green 70g 6.0. Lamkin Crossline Oversize +3 wraps. Sticker from the manufacturer still on, and headcover still in the plastic. Would consider partial trade for a face balanced blade putter, but prefer to get the cash and get you the club! -Lov
  4. For what it's worth, there aren't any imperfections on the crown - I think it's just a reflection of the camera or the light.
  5. I picked up this head on this very forum for $275 back in November. I wanted to try it against my Rogue SZ to see if there was any noticeable difference, and turns out it is not as good for me as the Rogue in feel or in the numbers. Since then, it has seen 0 rounds, 2 range sessions, and mostly has been sitting in a spare daphne's head cover in my locker until I unearthed it today forgetting I had it. It is in excellent shape, no sky marks, no imperfections at address, or otherwise as far as I can tell. My failed experiment is your gain! Was $260 shipped, NOW $230!
  6. Ebay has great solutions for hte TM weights, including wrenches - $28 total for both? I got 20g weights that don't match the aesthetics, but work really well.
  7. Hello All, I've played all of two rounds with these irons, and only just realized that they were shorter than I thought they should have been. Long story short, I ordered them thinking I'd matched the specs with my old Taylormade PSIs, but TM measured those clubs differently than Srixon measures their clubs, so I was way off. They're in perfect shape and i'm looking for a quick flip to recoop as much as I can to get another set. My idiocy is your gain! Retail for $999 as built, yours for $800 shipped. $770 shipped! $740 shipped!! Will consider reasonable offers/trades as well. Specs: 4-PW
  8. Do you have any pics of the sole of the hybrid? Also, pic of the hosel? Thanks!
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