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  1. The Warriors were one of if not the worst teams in the NBA this season. They didn't qualify to be in Orlando for the restart. This is the off-season for Curry.
  2. Your best two courses would be Jack Frost and Blue Ridge Trail. I make the drive (close to an hour and a half) from where I live in PA to Blue Ridge Trail every year and play all 27 holes with a group of friends. I haven't played this year so I can't comment on current course conditions, but I never left feeling the conditions were not very good. It is by far one of my favorite places and the price is very reasonable. Jack Frost is a close second and always in good shape. I would not recommend Split Rock if you have friends who do not play alot of golf. I only played it once, but played with f
  3. AH posted about Bowditch and told the stories You must have missed AH's posts and the subsequent responses by others, basically the last two pages. Ask a question then and save the lecture- All you have to do is ask a golf related question, he'll answer and off ya go- That's a hell of a 13th post though, lol Keyboards, screens fake usernames and no avatars are a great thing, huh, LMAO? Ask AH a question and move on Regards, RP Thanks bro I prefer to read on the forum and not post Don't feel a need to share my personal stories I enjoy reading AH journals and responses to
  4. What part of accept responsibility and do the crime do the time was hard to understand? This thread is intended to be a journal from AH. Not a a thread about about bowditch situation regardless if AH is him or not. Keep your personal life stories to your self and stop hyjacking the guys thread. Some people prefer to read his answers to questions and journal entries in a thread he created without all the crap in between
  5. [quote name='mesquite2' timestamp='1359749764' post='6345157'] hateto3putt, this is in central NJ, (Mercer Oaks),we don't allow play on frost, but frozen is OK. The entire course will be frozen tomorrow, to me, its not really golf, but these people always tell me there's nothing else to do, so we're here. [/quote] I played Mercer Oaks this summer. My friend lives in Flemington and he mentioned playing it, very nice course. I'm from pa so it was about a hour and half drive. I hope to play it again next summer.
  6. I played in PA the two days after Christmas... Mid 40's and then mid 50's the next day. You have to walk tho which helps keep you warmer, which doesn't bother me at all because I prefer to walk. I was sweating both days when I played and it was just great to be out on the course. I never played in any weather under 40 as others have said the ground is too hard.
  7. I have no idea what this guy is talking about.. I went on Saturday and it was great... This is my 4th time going to the Barclays in 5 years and it gets better every time.. Liberty National is by far the best viewing for spectators and easiest to walk with the nice brick walkways around the whole course. If you don't follow tiger their was literally not one other player on the tee that you weren't 5 feet from. I also only payed 3 dollars for a water and soda... Parking prices are high no matter what pro sport you go to... I had a blast and only payed 40 a ticket with the MasterCard discount. So
  8. Polo sells some nice crew neck shirts that you are looking for.... I wear them off the course and they are very light and they offer many different color options. I live in northeastern Pa and not all courses have strict dress codes, especially if you go on a weekday twilight.
  9. IZOD is the best bang for your buck.... Can get the pants for like 20-25 dollars at the outlets. I also like them because I feel comfortable wearing them to work. My overall favorite is Nike... Great variety and are very comfortable I bought a pair of the grey adizero Adidas pants this spring and became a big fan... They are so light.
  10. It's the people who sell the autographs that are jerks trying to profit off an athlete and ruining it for everyone... Growing up and even now I enjoy a handshake and an autograph, but I would never sell them... Have the majority of my autographs on golf digest covers and they are in frames hanging in my basement bar area... I'm also not a clown who is disrespectful if a guy doesn't sign, and I always let the younger kids get their autographs first.... Many times I have actually yelled at other adults for pushing or using disrespectful language around the the kids.... Some people are just clas
  11. I used to work at an NFL training camp when I was younger... When the big names would come over to sign autographs the adults would attack the fences we put up to separate athlete from fans.... The adults would literally push young kids into the fence causing potential injuries to young children just like the tiger incident today... If people would just chill out, stay calm, and not potentially injure the kids more athletes would come over. You would also not believe how people ask for Autographs... Half the time they don't know the guys name... Never include mr before a persons name.. If you
  12. I live in eastern Pa and a few years back someone got sick from a water jug, now most places don't keep out jugs, but will offer you a complimentary bottle before the round or have coolers of bottled water on the course for like a buck. I just bring two bottles with me and keep them in my bag. The need to complain here is not worth it. The fact is the risk of someone getting sick again and blaming it on the course is enough for me to take the courses side. I just personally bring my own water or Gatorade with me. It's a simple solution, I guess some people need to vent and complain about ever
  13. eagles20

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    Yea and bill belichek was a great pro football player....can't believe his players listen to him as a coach...there are many examples of great coaches who were not great players. This guy was invited to play this week as a nice gesture...he's not a tour players. As long as this guy can teach the sport why should it matter how well he plays.
  14. Golf is already hard enough... I know I'm not the longest hitter, so I play to the distance closest to 6500... People who try to push their luck have big egos I guess, I'd rather have fun
  15. I had a very similiar experience with my lessons. i wasnt a bad golfer by most standards, but after a few lessons i started to get alot more consistent with all my shots. its amazing what a good teacher can accomplish. my big change was grip and right leg. at first it was very tough to change but once i started to get comfortable i added a ton of distance and solid contact. i am looking forward to next year to continue my progression. [quote name='TommyOC' timestamp='1320800254' post='3776985'] Well, I began taking lessons once a week for 1/2 hour to 40 min for the last 6 weeks. I was a s
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