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  1. I think that's the PSP, a training aid. From what I remember the entire face of that club is about the size of a golf ball.
  2. I will be open to reasonable offers, but would really like to move these out of my home!!
  3. Hi guys, I am looking to invest in a new set of irons and need to move some equipment out of the way. I prefer Google Wallet, but do accept Paypal as well. Will only ship within the US, all prices include shipping and fees. I am not looking for any trades at this time. Please feel free to message me with any questions. Thank you for looking! Up for sale is: Overview List: 1. Nike Vapor Pro heads 3-PW: $300 now $270 2. Nike VFP Driver with Diamana S+ 60x: $190 now $165 GONE 3. Nike VF 3w with Diamana S+ 70x: $120 now $100 GONE 4. Nike VPC 3I with Dynamic Gold X100 SSx1: $75 now $60 5. DG Tour Issue S400 3-PW shafts: $125 now $110 GONE 6. Callaway XR Pro 3w with Rogue Black 110MSI 80tx: $180 now $150 GONE 7. Callaway 816 DBD 9* with Rogue RIP/IO 60s: $125 now $110 GONE 8. Scotty Cameron Futura X: $190 now $175 GONE 9. Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Dual Balance: $265 now $245 GONE After taking pictures of all of the clubs, I noticed that the file size was too big to post them all. I have included a link to the pictures of all of the clubs. Sorry for the inconvenience! https://drive.google...Qml0NDZJbzdfVzg 1. Nike Vapor Pro iron heads only 3-PW. $300 now $270 Irons are 2 degrees flat and 2 degrees strong. The irons are still in good shape and show wear from less than a season’s use. Only Imperfections are a small nick in the face of the 3 iron and on the bottom of the 6 iron. Please look at the pictures. 2. Nike Vapor Fly Pro Driver with Diamana S+ 60x. $190 now $165 Is standard length and comes with tool and head cover. Pictures show wear on the face but still a lot of life left. 3. Nike Vapor Fly 13* fairway wood with Diamana S+ 70x. $120 now $100 Face shows normal wear from being used for a season. Comes with head cover but no tool. 4. Nike Vapor Pro Combo 3 iron with Dynamic Gold X100 SS1x. $75 now $60 There is a 2 iron shaft in this 3 iron, and is bent 2 degrees strong and 2 degrees flat. In great shape. 5. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Shafts 3-PW Taper Tip. $125 now $110 6. Callaway XR Pro 14* 3W with Aldila Rogue Black 110MSI 80 Tour X shaft. $180 now $150 7. Callaway 816 Double Black Diamond 9* with Aldila Rogue RIP/IO 60s. $125 now $110 8. Scotty Cameron Futura X 33 and 3/4". $190 now $175 Putter has a black heat shrink wrap around the shaft. Can be easily cut off with a razor. Pictures tell the condition of the putter. Comes with a black Golf Pride Tour Tradition putter grip. 9. Scotty Select Newport 2 Dual Balance 35 and 3/4". $265 now $245 Head is in flawless shape, grip shows some signs of use. Comes with head cover.
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