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  1. So add a degree of loft to those numbers from the i210s or to the numbers from my current clubs? Cheers!
  2. Looking at the PGA averages I’m pretty close to most of those numbers: 6 iron 93 mph, launch angle 13.5-14, spin 5800, height roughly 90 ft. But the big difference is the descent angle which I struggle to get anything over 45. Recent iron fitting I did all my numbers were in this range. Only iron head that made a difference was the ping i210 which launched up towards 15 for me, peak height near 95-100, and got descent angle to about 45-47.
  3. Also would guess you could get decent results by a ball change
  4. I’m sure if depends on the player but curious how much you can change launch angle by adding or taking away loft from irons. I have a pretty steep AOA (-6) and tend to launch the ball low (13.5 to 14.5) with decent amount of spin (5500-6000 w/ 6 iron). I always struggle with peak height and descent angle. I would assume the iron head would be the biggest contributor but without wanting to drop a lot of money curious how much it can be changed by adding loft to irons. Thanks!
  5. Looking for a set of irons with modus 130 stiff shafts. Preferably Ping, Srixon or Miura. Thanks!
  6. I was very surprised how much I liked them. At first when he handed them to me and I saw 7.0 my first thought was “are you nuts I cant swing that!” I was assuming they were basically gonna be project x 7.0s. They felt great and club never got away from me.
  7. Thanks again, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable on equipment and shafts but the rifle system and descending weight was definitely something I didn’t have any experience with. Actually didnt realize they were descending weight until after the fit when I looked them up.
  8. Appreciate that info! And my fitting was done at True Spec.
  9. Yeah I watched a video TXG did on them compared to project x. So the weight gets lighter in the shorter irons? Now in the iron fitting I hit this shaft in a 6 iron. Is this the type of shaft you would need to hit throughout the set to see if it works for you?
  10. Just had my fitting and hit zx7, apex tcb, jpx tour, t100, tc201, i210 and cobra mim. I quickly took t100, mim, and jpx out of the running. Leaving the zx7, tc 201, apex tcb and i210. Next the tcb was knocked out. Leaving i210, zx7 and tc201. After hitting a few shafts the i210 was the clear winner for myself. I struggle with height and descent angle and the i210 was the only iron that gave me better numbers in both.
  11. Does anyone have any experience with rifle shafts, not project x 7.0? I was recently fit into this iron shaft and honestly don’t know much about it. Curious to people’s thoughts, cheers!
  12. The S55’s were second best in all the numbers.
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