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  1. Looking for a players cb with modus 130x preferably t100 but open to others
  2. I agree it does surprise me that the F grind is the most played SW on tour for vokey. But like North Butte said above I’m assuming most of those guys are having custom grinds with that F grind. I’ve been primarily an S grind in my 54 but curious about the F and maybe adding trail edge relief to it.
  3. Looking for a TSI2 15 fairway head.
  4. Placed my order on 1/21 and still waiting. I received my zx5 4 iron but still waiting for the zx7 5-P. I want to order some tour rack zipcores but unfortunately they are not taking orders of customizable shafts. Either going to wait for just order the black version.
  5. Looking for a ventus black 6s tipped with a Taylormade driver tip. Velocore version only.
  6. Looking for a ventus red 6x, preferably with a Taylormade tip. Velocore version only.
  7. Which GD shaft or shafts did you play before?
  8. Just a set of Callaway Apex Pro 19 4-P with modus 120x shafts and mcc +4 midsize grips. Length is +1/4 inch, standard lie and lofts. The ferrules is broke on the 4 iron but other than that irons are in great shape. Looking for $520 OBO. Not looking for trades but could be tempted by a Sim driver.
  9. received my zx5 4 iron last week still waiting on the zx7 5-p.
  10. Ive had several fittings there with Nick!
  11. Looking for a GD AD-HD 6x with ping g410 tip prefer it to play 45 inches. Cheers!
  12. Looking for TSi3 10 or 11 degree right handed head.
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