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  1. Kind of missed my question hoping for a response. Not sure if you just missed this below or looking for another answer, but below was the response David made your question, he doesn't ever really talk directly about other competitors so I think this was his way of saying that we believe we offer the same tech and similar or better performance to anybody out there and we are doing it at lower price points..: Our tagline for Exotics EXS is Pound for Pound, Nothing Else Comes Close. This is a boxing motif reference to technology, performance and price all wrapped up in one. No one is offerin
  2. EXS will win the forgiveness battle, but it really comes down to swing speed. CBX is plenty forgiving, it just may seem not to be for someone who needs more height or spin from their metalwoods.
  3. Phew! I think I've answered all posted questions! Thank you so much for your support of Tour Edge everybody. We are a growing force in the industry thanks to your support. It all starts with word of mouth...the more influencers like you all tell more golfers about what we do, the more we will grow! I truly believe we have something special here with Exotics EXS that every golfer can benefit from while bringing some sanity back to ultra-premium price points. Plus we have a lifetime warranty on all of our products and all Exotics products are hand-built in the USA and support American employme
  4. The no-charge shafts for EXS driver and fw are Tensei White 70, Tensei Red 50, HZRDUS Black,Yellow or Red, Bassara E, GD Tour AD 50, Rouge Silver and Black and for the hybrid is Recoil, GD Tour AD 50 and HZRDUS Black.
  5. It is more of a neutral set up rather than anti-left but yes, by switching the 3 gram weight with the 9 gram weight from the stock setting the driver comes in, you fight left tendencies rather than slice tendencies. You increase launch and spin a bit with that weight change, which can easily be combated if you want with a hosel setting change.
  6. Great question, but no science to this one...it was just time to freshen things up!
  7. We do have the 15 degree 3 wood available in lefty in EXS. I am sure you’ve heard this before, but with an estimated 10% of the population being lefty, it makes it hard to make a profit after tooling and USGA approval etc. The demand always seems to be there by the requests, but when you come out to market, it’s like that demand just disappeared. It’s hard. We watch the numbers very closely and pick out the extreme best sellers. Right now, the 15 degree 3-wood makes the most sense.
  8. I think I nailed this one earlier above but the biggest thing can probably be shown by what we are seeing on the PGA Tour Champions: both clubs are clubs that will be in play on Champions. CBX will be in the bag of a heavy swinger like Scott McCarron who needs lower spin/ball flight, while a player like the 13-time winner who put EXS hybrid into play already and got a Top 10 struggles to get the ball up and loved how EXS provided a bit more spin and how consistently easy it was for him to it hit long and high. Yes sir! Every iteration and I believe this is our 5th model featuring SlipS
  9. Thank you for your support over the last decade plus! Here's my pitch: This is the best driver I’ve designed. I think the biggest things you will notice are the improved acoustics and feel, the forgiving face (so yes, it will feel more like our hot fw’s) and the really beautiful 460 CC head that doesn’t really seem all that large. Did I win you over yet? How about $299 for a driver with 16 loft and lie flight settings and a $140 after market tour-premium stock shaft?
  10. In the works. I love the three materials of Titanium, Carbon and Steel coming together in the CBX fairways and hybrids and I’ve been looking at how to incorporate these extreme low spin ideas into a tour-preferred driver. We will see how it shakes out; in the meantime, EXS driver is already in play on tour and has had the best reaction we have ever seen from tour players with one of our drivers.
  11. We certainly do. No, this is it for EXS, they are definitely as easy to hit as the EX10 Beta and any other product we’ve ever released. Love the question, I like to think as the designer that we just have more to offer in terms of advanced materials and putting as much into a golf club as we can to make it the best it can be for every player type. I am not really bogged down by red tape and bottom lines, I really make a golf club the best it can be in terms of technology, materials and design and see where the pieces fall after I have produced what I think will help certain types of
  12. Our tagline for Exotics EXS is Pound for Pound, Nothing Else Comes Close. This is a boxing motif reference to technology, performance and price all wrapped up in one. No one is offering this much tech at this price. With a $140 shaft included as well. Our testing shows the EXS performs as well or better than any other driver on the market. Further to this, the recent increase in retail prices across the ultra-premium market has left a hole in the market for discerning golfers who are seeking high-performing product. Our research shows golfers like these are deferring product purchases as a con
  13. This is a very low spin driver, so you are in luck there, plus anyone can adjust so that is fits their needs. The fairway and hybrid actually have a more forward CG like CBX to help reduce spin, so while EXS will be easier to hit for the majority of golfers, it still provides lower spin rates than you’ll see with some other products. I think it really comes down to just how fast your swing speed is. I would be my guess that anyone over 95MPH would benefit with less spin and a lower ball flight with CBX but any player can benefit and gain distance with the EXS driver. Its all about starting wi
  14. That’s exactly who this driver is for! This is most forgiving face on a driver I have ever designed. The Roll Face is modified bulge and roll on the toe of the club. Miss-hits on the toe will be straightened out by this technology, so you will have less dispersion on miss-hits. The Tensei Red and Blue in the 50 gram range are winners for moderate swing speeds. Would this driver be a fit for someone with a higher swing speed? Or, would you expect to see spin and launch creep up as the speed increases? For extreme spin-killing, we have seen amazing results with the 9.5 degree head in a Te
  15. That’s a good question. We think that it could be a bit overkill based on how good the match is to the Tensei shaft it comes standard with, but were happy to make more custom shafts available at no upcharge. If someone wants to add on more dollars at custom fitting level to some other new shaft, by all means, they will definitely have those extra dollars due to the price point of EXS, but we think we can get you out the door with the best of what you need for your game at $299.
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