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  1. Well, I made it through Version 1 of this thread and I believe the secret word would be Danielle...Version 2 which has 379 pages which should keep me busy for a while. On another random golf note, I was trying to remember where I made my longest shot from and can no longer recall the golf course. It was an 8 iron from 128 yards in 1985. I can still see the shot, but the course escapes me. So, that's spurred me to make an Excel doc of all the golf courses I've played and I still can't recall. For the record, I'm at 88 courses at the moment. More than half are in MN where I lived unt
  2. I haven't played or even heard of Tanna Farms before this thread, but they aren't afraid to boast on their website. Will do B-Man. I'm working my way through thread 1 currently.
  3. It was a fun read. Some classic banter and good course reviews. I'll have to hunt down versions 1 and 2 when I have time if they still exist on here. I've heard good things about the Moderna vaccine. It seems like that's the one available in IL. On another note, I went to the Mistwood dome for the 1st time last week and enjoyed it. I was way overdressed and got overheated so going forward I'll leave a layer or two at home. I think it's a good value for the money. I liked the trackman or whatever version that they have of that. For me, I think playing the virtual golf is
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I don't get up that way often, but if I do it would be great to connect. I have not played the Preserve, but it seems to have a big following here. Hickories in IL are played at Metamora Fields and Washington, IL in the Spring and Fall. We also play with a feathery ball for 9 holes which is a hoot. There's also a tournament in Galesburg. WI holds an event at Whistling Straits both the Irish and Straits course in May. THere are also events at Tuscumbia and Lawsonia. Guys usually bring extra sets for those who don't have their own clubs. If anyone
  5. It started out to be longer, but after reading it I realized no one would really be that interested. Cliff notes version... Joliet area golfer, mainly played at Wedgewood and Inwood along with Carillon and Prairie Bluff until joining Morris CC a few years ago. With Morris, you also get Nettle Creek and I agree with the comparison with Carillon. Nettle is pretty wide open and with big greens. Morris is a short, tricky course with small greens. I opt to play Nettle usually because most members play Morris and as a single I can play 18 in around 2 hours some days. I also play in a few
  6. Fun thread guys. I made it through all 126 pages and learned a lot about courses in Chicagoland that I haven't had a chance to play.
  7. Back in the early 80's I had a custom set of Wilson Staff blades that were made for a tour pro who happened to have the same initials as I do. I wish I would have kept them. To answer your question, if you care about what others say about your clubs, it might bother you and wouldn't be worth the aggravation.
  8. Great looking irons. There's something to be said for having a brand that's unique as well. I love Reed's MB's. Grindworks is a company to look out for.
  9. Thanks and you're probably right on higher launch being the factor. I think you'll love them. Looking forward to your review.
  10. I finally got a chance to hit my new P770's today inside today. I'm a slower swinging senior golfer. I'm coming from MP-59's most recently. I have to say I thought I would pick up a few yards based on others reviews, but they were within the range of my Mizuno's. My stock shot is push baby-draw and that's exactly what the P770's delivered. The P770's definitely fly higher than the Mizuno's did. Overall, I think they felt fantastic and while the MMT is a new shaft for me, I was pleased with the feel and performance. These will be in the bag a long time.
  11. I just got invited to a Golf Galaxy fitting event for the 425's Jan 15-17. I'm guessing others will get the same mail invite. I'm going to pass because I'm happy with my 410 driver and FW. Looking forward to the reviews from the guys who go though.
  12. I'm worn out from hoing. Unless I break something, I'm set. Ping 410 Max 12* Ping 410 7 wood XXIO 10 4 hybrid, XXIO 10 5 Hybrid Tour Exotics 6 Hybrid Taylormade P770 7-AW Cleveland CBX2 54*, Cleveland Smartsole 58* Cleveland Smartsole Chipper Toulon Atlanta
  13. I had the Taylormade Original 1, but went back to playing a MacGregor Ben Hogan 2 wood that I loved. For me, The Founders Club 'The Judge' was the first great metal driver. I bought it at a store called Kokesh for $9.99. It was either a demo or a close-out as it was in a barrel by the check-out.
  14. Yes. PW, AW, 54*, 60* and Cleveland Smart Sole chipper.
  15. Beautiful irons. I wish that there was a Spaulding catalog with all their different offerings.
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