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  1. 5 for me. Ping XXIO Tour Edge Exotics Cleveland Seemore
  2. I have around 20 sets of irons. Currently playing Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo's. I've embraced 'old man' golf.
  3. 13 is my choice...I'm guessing Macgregor Tourney or DX, mid-60s. Nicely done.
  4. I've just recently started working on the Moe/Graves model. I have Todd's book and have been watching a ton a videos. I also just finished a biography on Moe. I've had two really good ball striking sessions and one really bad one. I'm 58 and have been playing for 50 years. Making a huge change like this has been good for my soul. I haven't taken it onto the course yet, but hope to over the weekend. Overall, I just want to enjoy the journey and am not worried about the short term results. My first teacher started me with the Square to Square swing when that first came out and I have a 1982 co
  5. Epon 502's. Just never could get used to the feel.
  6. I know. I'm crazy to have bought it, but I actually liked the shape as much as the stand up portion. I bought it this Winter, so have only used it indoors. It works fine on the carpet. I don't think it will have any problems on the course either. It's very stable. But, you can't change the grip on it, because that would affect the balance. I'll do a review once I get it on the course closer to Spring.
  7. New for me in 2020. Looking forward to getting these in play. Titleist 7- PW 620MB irons Titliest SM 7 52* wedge And yes, I actually bought the S7K stand-up putter.
  8. A Cameron worth buying finally.
  9. Had a chance last week to see a cavity/mb set in person. Beautiful clubs.
  10. I'm with you all who are tempted. Just the pics of Dufner's set along gallery pictures on their home page has me drooling. I grew up playing MacGregor MT irons, so turf interaction would probably be perfect for me.
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