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  1. Only 1 IL course in Golf magazine's top 30 municipal courses in the USA and it's Harborside International (Port). I haven't played it, but I know some of you have. Thoughts? Is it worthy? Are there other IL muni's that are better? https://golf.com/travel/courses/americas-30-best-municipal-golf-courses/
  2. I used to play Arrowhead a few times per year with former bosses. I don't think I've ever played the West 9 though. The clubhouse always seemed a bit grand for the layout.
  3. Nice post. Based on that chart, I'd say 50% of players at a minimum are playing the wrong tees. I turn 60 this year and moved up another tee box on some holes. The game is more fun when you have a short iron approach every once in a while.
  4. People hardly have time to get home and eat dinner before the range is closing. They're missing out on all the new golfers coming out to hit balls.
  5. My pace of play story. I played Nettle Creek yesterday afternoon. I was a single stuck behind 3 or 4 groups all day. Never saw anyone behind me after the 1st hole until the 11th. A guy catches up to me on the par 3 12th and I ask if he wants to join me, but he waves me off....which is fine....Except, he was on my butt the next 6 holes. There was no place to go. When I'm in his position, I slow way down, play an extra ball or take a few extra putts on the greens. Not this guy...I'd be waiting on the tee for the group ahead to play their shots and he'd already be done with the hole. I finished t
  6. No, I haven't. I didn't realize that they remade those. I think I was playing Haig Ultra's when they came out. Pretty looking faces, much better looking than the original FC4000 treated irons. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Interesting note on the shafts. My Maxfli's have a Dunlop Dynamic regular shaft with a TT logo. I'm assuming they're the True Temper Dynamic shafts. They were probably the stock shaft for those irons.
  8. I have a set as well. It's interesting to see a few sets of these pop up now. Not a ton of Maxfli iron talk here other than the Australian blades of course.
  9. Had a chance to play Soangetaha CC in Galesburg in a hickory event this weekend. Really fun course and we had perfect weather. It's not a long course, but it forces you to place the ball off the tee to get the best angles into the greens. Also, with hickory clubs going a lot shorter, the holes play longer if that makes any sense. Below is a picture of the 5th hole. It's only a 306 dogleg left par 4, so you can choose how much water to cut off. The 2nd shot is to an uphill green guarded by a bunker in front. There is quite a bit more fairway to the right for the tee shot than my picture shows
  10. Just missed the bulk of rain today at Morris myself. It drizzled off and on for the first couple of holes before holding off the rest of the round. I had a 11:50 tee time, but my Dr's appt in Aurora got done sooner so I was an hour early. The tee was open so they let me start early. One guy was a couple holes ahead of me on the front 9 and I never did catch up. I played through a 4 some on 14, but that was it as far as traffic goes. The golf course is in great shape especially the greens. Supposedly, we have a bunch of new members this year, but you would know it from the course co
  11. That's amazing. I can't fathom someone actually making that comment. Kudos to you for calling him out. I was going to say something to this guy, but nowadays you just don't know especially in Joliet.
  12. A lot of golfers with no etiquette. I was practicing putting tonight at Wedgewood and almost got hit by a ball. The guy airmailed the green and I hear the thud of the ball right near me. I look around because I can't figure where the ball came from. It turns out it was the group on the now 9th hole and they were under 100 yards from the hole. No "fore" and no apology afterward when he had to walk onto the putting green to get his ball. I don't understand some people.
  13. Thanks for posting. Too many people rely on schtick to get by on message boards and too few share their deeper feelings. I wish I had the easy answer, but I'm where you are. I've started thinking more about playing golf instead playing golf swing. You might try that if you're overly focused on mechanics while playing. You've played long enough that you can made a swing without thinking your way through it. Paralysis through analysis goes the old saying. Good luck and keep us updated.
  14. I ended up adding this Maxfli sand wedge from ebay. It's a different model, but that's ok.
  15. Thanks Joe! Great job tracking that down!
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