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  1. Just moving from 2 ports on the face to 1 injection port off of the face (in the toe area). Not going away from speed injection, just a refinement (and an improvement visually IMO).
  2. Is there still a discount for WRXrs? edit: NEVERMIND, saw your signature...
  3. Just got the same information. Seems like a bit of a dice roll given the price of staying at Nobu. I'd hate to show up and find out there were no times available, or did I misread the policy? > @johntchow said: > i finally got a reply back from the concierge at nobu hotel. they confirmed they do have access to the courses at Diamante at the normal rates of $320. they said that diamante though will only take reservations once you have checked into Nobu, so if i wanted to book diamante earlier, i have to do it through the concierge at Nobu. > looks like they also provide access
  4. You need to contact them directly (as per their instagram). I may head down in December/Jan, so have time to figure it out. > @az2au said: > > @"JMO TO" said: > > The new Nobul hotel on site apparently provides access to the courses, I assume without having to do the presentation. Rooms aren't cheap, but the hotel looks fantastic. > > There seems to be some dispute about that. I believe that is likely true but if you talk to most of the sales team they’ll tell you no. > > FWIW, the website for the hotel doesn’t mention access. https://loscabos.nobuhotels.
  5. The new Nobul hotel on site apparently provides access to the courses, I assume without having to do the presentation. Rooms aren't cheap, but the hotel looks fantastic.
  6. Are you renting or do you have a time-share? Would love to know the process, and if course access for renters is a hassle. Thanks!
  7. Fastest rounds we experienced last week were at OCN. Morning round was 3:45 and Afternoon about the same. Issue with pace is largely down to volume of players, not your speed. We were cutting it close with both of our 2pm starts.
  8. I would be surprised if you get those 3pm rounds finished if that mattters. Haven't played World Woods, but was very impressed with OCN. If you have any flexibility on lodging, I would stay the night at Streamsong, so you can get at least 2 rounds in there (they have package rates) if you haven't been there before.
  9. Just returned late last night, after a great trip to Orlando. Clubs did not make it to Orlando on our flight so ended up playing Eagle Creek with a set of lightweight regular flex Wilson rentals, but they were waiting for us at our hotel after the round and dinner. Would rank the courses as follows: 1) OCN Panther Lake 2) Mission Inn El Campeon 3) OCN Crooked Cat 4) Grand Cypress N/S 5) Grand Cypress New 6) Eagle Creek That being said, they were all good tracks, conditions were good across the board.
  10. You won’t be finding the LST version anytime soon. Check back in 6 months... This is the fairway thread. All 3 versions launching in March. Unless you are saying that they will be back ordered immediately
  11. Did you (or has anyone) get/have a chance to try the G410 LST FW? That's the stick that has my interest piqued the most.
  12. Thank you all for your advice! I appreciate the Eagle Creek v Shingle Creek recommendation, but since we are flying in from Toronto, we'll be pretty haggard, so are going to save some money at EC and use it as a practice round of sorts. Rota is now, EC straight from MCO, 36 at Grand Cypress on Saturday (we're staying at the Hyatt, so got preferred rates), Sunday is open for now, El Campeon on Monday and 36 at OCN on the Tuesday (10pm flight back to the Great White North). We're going to keep an eye out for deals on the Sunday as I think we're likely to make a night of it on the Saturday (sh
  13. Actually dropping Juliette Falls from the list (it's too far of a drive for us). List is now: Eagle Creek (straight from MCO, so ok if it is busy, we'll be using it as a warm-up) Grand Cypress (36 holes) El Campeon (18 Holes) Championsgate CC (18) OCN (36 holes)
  14. Hotel booked - Going to be staying in LBV. Planning to play Eagle Creek straight from MCO (unless anyone has a better idea). after that 1st travel day, we'll have 4 full days, an will try to play 36 at twice. Have gone through several of the forums and have the following list (We'll be there 2/22-26 so Bay Hill will be closed for API prep). Have eliminated Southern Dunes after some mixed reviews of the greens. Wondering if I've missed any "must-plays", and what the current conditions are at these courses. ChampionsGate Country Club Orange County National Juliette Falls Mission Inn El Camp
  15. Anyone have recommendations on where to stay? Just 2 of us going down, would like a little nightlife close by if that is an option.
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