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  1. Just bought a prior model ATV-60 while still available on discount. Not many left.
  2. JMO TO


    Not offended - at least it got a discussion going...I really enjoyed Quivira, but to each their own. I have not played a ton of courses in Cabo. I mentioned Hard Rock because it is all-inclusive which is not an option at Nobu last time I checked. Rancho San Lucas was not open when I last went.
  3. JMO TO


    Pueblo Bonito. Course is Quivira. Not cheap to golf, but the course is epic. I encourage you to bring the wives along as riders for at least 1 round. Free food and drink at comfort stations around the course and the views are spectacular. If you stay at their Pacifica hotel, it's adults only. There is also the Hard Rock "next door" which gives you access to Diamante Dunes and Tiger's El Cardonal, both great tracks, but access to the course in the mornings is reserved for members last I checked. These resorts have beaches that are non-swimmable due to rip tides though. Cabo Del Sol has a numbe
  4. https://www.golfwrx.com/645996/taylormade-expanding-wedge-line-with-hi-toe-and-big-foot-raw/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Blogroll_Home&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=unused Long time Hi Toe 60 ATV user. Does anyone know what would be a natural switch for me moving to the new line?
  5. Any idea of what grind would be a good transition from the ATV in the previous Hi Toe?
  6. Not in that file. I don't know if it's been mentioned elsewhere. 400 members should pay for the golf course construction assuming that residence sales cover the sand barren restoration and home construction costs.
  7. If you refer to my 2nd post they actually have reported the draft construction budget here: https://romewi.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/LIDO-PUD-PLAN-DRAFT-2020-11-2.pdf It works out to just under $20mm for the course, clubhouse and lodging (I did not include the housing construction costs in that total).
  8. Membership packet: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c0194bb5417fc6fd569eb69/t/6009dc23a5bc415d6dfa7714/1611258926670/The+Lido+Member+Packet+-+No+Application.pdf?mc_cid=3fbf65a886&mc_eid=77d3024392
  9. Found this as well. Limited public play on some days: https://romewi.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/LIDO-PUD-PLAN-DRAFT-2020-11-2.pdf
  10. I was listening to the Erik Anders Lang podcast with Mike Keiser, and he mentioned that his son was building the Lido with Doak. Article below posits that it will be a private course which seems to really go against the Dream Golf model. https://wiscogolfaddict.com/2020/08/24/sv_mammothdunes/#comments Does anyone have any intel or insights?
  11. Just moving from 2 ports on the face to 1 injection port off of the face (in the toe area). Not going away from speed injection, just a refinement (and an improvement visually IMO).
  12. Is there still a discount for WRXrs? edit: NEVERMIND, saw your signature...
  13. Just got the same information. Seems like a bit of a dice roll given the price of staying at Nobu. I'd hate to show up and find out there were no times available, or did I misread the policy? > @johntchow said: > i finally got a reply back from the concierge at nobu hotel. they confirmed they do have access to the courses at Diamante at the normal rates of $320. they said that diamante though will only take reservations once you have checked into Nobu, so if i wanted to book diamante earlier, i have to do it through the concierge at Nobu. > looks like they also provide access
  14. You need to contact them directly (as per their instagram). I may head down in December/Jan, so have time to figure it out. > @az2au said: > > @"JMO TO" said: > > The new Nobul hotel on site apparently provides access to the courses, I assume without having to do the presentation. Rooms aren't cheap, but the hotel looks fantastic. > > There seems to be some dispute about that. I believe that is likely true but if you talk to most of the sales team they’ll tell you no. > > FWIW, the website for the hotel doesn’t mention access. https://loscabos.nobuhotels.
  15. The new Nobul hotel on site apparently provides access to the courses, I assume without having to do the presentation. Rooms aren't cheap, but the hotel looks fantastic.
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