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  1. One thing today. Amazing condition Mizuno jpx 900 Tour 4-GW standard length and loft, + 1° Lie from Mizuno standard, which I was told is the same as Titleist standard . Jpx 4- pw + T7 52° Gap wedge. KBS C Taper 120 stiff Shafts have been professionally spined and are cosmetically perfect. labels removed since they wouldn't have lined up. Gap has dynamic gold wedge flex shaft. Used for a couple of rounds and a handful of practice sessions. No bag chatter, no gouges, no dings. Custom ferrules. New ndmc grips with logo down $650 obro. NOW $575 No real trade interests These really are as good as everyone says! And if I could keep these and my MP 18's I would, but for the sake of my marriage, one has got to go. And by that I mean either the irons or ME
  2. Just two items Diamana BF 70 TX 44” with Titleist adapter. Bought this on here a while back from another member who advertised that it was 44”in length, but it was actually 43.75. No big deal, but i did have a .25” extension professionally put in to play 45 in my 915 driver. Tipped 1/2 inch from what i was told. Great smooth feeling low spin, mid launch shaft. Just a little too stout for me. New GP tour velvet 360 grip with two wraps of tape under bottom hand. $140 now $120. shipped obro 2 new Iomic x grips, blue with red cap. $15 shipped Would consider trade for a Ping hoofer 14, or Sun mountain 4.5 14 way top. Thanks for looking
  3. All prices include conus shipping, all clubs will be shipped out within 24 hours Titleist 915f 16.5 fairway with Diamana Dialead 80g stiff shaft. Plays at 43.25". Gamed but well taken care of. No marks on crown or topline. $sold Graphite design tour AD GP 7S Driver shaft with Titleist adapter. Shaft was bought brand new, and measures 44.25". Shaft is untipped and in perfect condition. $Sold Ping Redwood Anser 303ss in very good condition. Hopefully the pictures tell the story. Plays at 34 inches. With the new iomic grip. No head cover but will be well protected $120 Now $110 Please feel free to make offers if my pricing seems off. Only trade interest would be a Taylormade milled grind 52° black wedge in new or like new condition or a Hi-Toe 60° in new or like new condition.
  4. Selling a near mint M4 with an AD GP 7X shaft. The M3 with the 6X just worked better for me. This is an amazing club, without a mark on it. Hit a few times to compare with the M3. If the 7X doesn't work for you, I also have a 7S that I can swap out. With the 7X driver will play at 45 inches, with the 7S driver will play at 45.25 inches. Comes with original cover $420 OBRO M4 Head only $Sold Tour AD GP 7X shaft $SOLD Graphite design AD BB 6X shaft with a Titleist adapter. Shaft from grip to adapter measures 44 inches. Standard Titleist tipping from what I was told. $SOLD All prices include shipping in the continental US
  5. Clearing out what didn't work, all prices include priority mail shipping in the continental US, if you don't like my prices, please feel free to make any reasonable offers Not really looking for trades, but could be talked into a ping hoofer 14, a glide 2.0 stealth 50*, or an AD IZ 6X Tour issue M1 440 head only, excellent condition, I don't have the spec stickers, weight is right at 200 g. Crown and top line is perfect, bottom shows hardly any use. Comes with original headcover. $SOLD Fujikura Atmos Black tour spec 7X. Measures right at 44 inches from end of grip to adapter. Was told this was untipped. Perfect cosmetic condition. Taylormade adapter $SOLD Graphite design tour AD GP 7S , measures 42.25 inches from end of grip to Titleist adapter, this is definitely untipped since I ordered it raw. $165. Now $145 Nike method 004 putter, 34" in excellent condition, with super stroke GTR 1.0. Does not come with a cover but will be well protected. $SOLD Diamana D+ 82 S three wood shaft with Taylormade tip see pictures for measurements. Perfect cosmetic condition $SOLD
  6. Selling off some stuff that has been laying around, or that just didn't work for me Open to trades for low spin driver shafts with Titleist or Taylormade adapters. Prefer Graphite Design AD's 915 D2 head in great condition. Topline is perfect, no cosmetic issues other than brush marks on the sole from normal use. $SOLD Diamana BF 60 TX w/ Titleist adapter. Excellent shape. Measures 43.75" from grip to end of adapter. Listed as a 60g shaft but actual raw weight is 72g. $SOLD Can work out a special price if someone wants the complete club All prices include conus shipping
  7. Perfect condition, just a little too stout for me. Taylormade adapter, tipped 1/2 inch. Measures 44 inches, so should play at 45". $TRADED Would love to trade for a AD GP 6X or 7S, Or would consider trades for another low to mid launch, low spin shaft
  8. Would really like to trade for a GP 6X, or 7S with a Taylormade made tip, preferably untipped but not absolutely necessary, Shaft is in perfect condition, but is just a little too stout for me. $180 shipped conus Also looking for an M3 460 9.5 head. Thanks for looking.
  9. Always wanted to try an AD. The feel is amazing, but in the end the GP gave me the best numbers. So I'm selling the others. would consider trade for M3 9.5 or 10.5 head, or Tour AD GP 6X preferably untipped, with a taylormade or Titleist adapter AD BB 6X 44" from tip to tip. With Titleist adapter. Great condition. $180 now $150 shipped conus AD DI 6X. 44" from tip to tip. With Titleist adapter. Great condition. $TRADED shipped conus. OR TAKE BOTH SHAFTS FOR $250 shipped Toulon putter headcover. Unused. $SOLD I'm assuming standard Titleist tipping which I believe is 1/2 inch Thanks for looking
  10. Shaft is in perfect condition, no marks on it. new tour velvet grip. I love the way this shaft feels, it just does not work for my swing. Would love to trade for a Graphite Design Tour AD BB, or GP 6X, or possibly a 7S, or a Diamana BF 60 or 70 X or TX w Titleist adapter + cash on my end. Diamana D+ Dialead 60x5ct TX. 44" with Titleist adapter. $SOLD shipped conus Proforce V2 7F5 driver shaft with TM adapter 2* version in mint condition. Standard TM driver length 44.5" . $SOLD
  11. Diamana D+ driver shaft 62 S with Titleist aadapter, excellent condition, standard titleist driver length 44”. $85. Now $75 Diamana D+ 3 wood shaft 82 S with TM 2* adapter, excellent condition, 42.25” from end of grip to end of adapter. $65 now 55 Golf pride tour velvet grips on both in great condition. Both shafts for $135 now $115. . I also have an extra TM adapter in case you want to switch out the Titleist. I can include for $10 extra All prices include conus priority shipping. Thanks for looking
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