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  1. These look great, which I'm not surprised as Mizuno very rarely disappoints. One thing I would like to see is a JPX driving iron or even 3 iron around 18 degrees. I'm sure they probably figure there isn't enough demand for it though.
  2. I realize you can't say much about this shaft (proto), but is there some new material or technology being used?
  3. That would stink if it takes even that long to try one.
  4. Another one who agrees. There is a real lack of 80+ gram shafts for fairway woods, especially among the major OEMs. If you are playing 115 to 130 gram iron shafts and then have to move down to 60 gram in your fairway wood, it is a huge tempo change.
  5. If a heat transfer decal that would be great. I'm not saying a sticker will keep me from trying them though, was just curious. It will be interesting to see how they feel compared to the regular project x, and also how they play. From what I've read and heard, each shaft is specifically designed for each individual iron.
  6. Thanks, I was just curious. Every shaft I've had where it is a sticker it starts rubbing against the bag when the club is taken out or put back in, and then the sticker eventually peels off.
  7. Those look great, I think they did an excellent job with them. Is the project X LS a sticker or is it like Nippon and painted on?
  8. Good video. Would have liked to see a higher spin player test it, as they mentioned.
  9. Great, thanks for the update. It seems like either fairway is a really good choice.
  10. Found this, fairly interesting.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKeZqWO3RZ8
  11. I have to think someone is going to have hit these sometime soon, and hopefully get some feedback.
  12. I assume your talking about the 125 wedge shaft, which don't come in any flex. I play the 125 wedge shaft in my 54 and 58, and probably the best specific wedge shaft I've played. I know many like the S400's, but I think these are better.
  13. Great, thanks. Pretty consistent, but would expect to see a little more spin from the Sim with the blue.
  14. Thanks, good to hear. What shafts are in each fairway wood?
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