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  1. Since I had an off year, I will defer to my son's best shot of the year, a 100+ yard 50* Vokey SM6 wedge shot at the 17th hole of Seven Oaks CC in Hamilton, NY (Home of the Colgate golf team) which is a is a gem of one Mr. Robert Trent Jones'. So what was so great about the shot...he hit it to about 8 feet and made birdie to get into the top 10 of the event and catapulted the rest of his summer season which culminated to a top finish on our PGA section's junior tour standings. Those headcovers would sure look great in his bag in 2018. Thanks Titleist and Golfwrx!
  2. Can anyone recommend a facility to do hot melt in the Westchester County (Hudson Valley area). They seem hard to come by. Thanks!
  3. After all the crap he has been through, he needs a comeback badly. Winning another major would be one of those moments in golf we will not forget, even the haters might appreciate it. Swing certainly looks solid and I think he is better off playing in events right away instead of pounding 1000's of balls on the range. Take some baby steps, make a cut, finish four rounds without pain, work your way up the board and eventually get back in the winners' circle.
  4. Yeah, I would go back to those fitters and demand a refund. Very poor work and I would let PXG know too. Fitters can calculate SW prior to irons being epoxied and they should check the specs again after they are built.
  5. All signed up for newsletter. 1) distance 2) feel off the putter blade
  6. If anyone is interested, plenty of eBay auctions for Kirkland golf balls. Most for double the amount of Costco's price. +1 on Ksig being the new Beanie baby craze.
  7. I would prefer the laser rangefinder so I can get accurate yardage to any spot I want.
  8. I like Golfwrx because of the endless resource of all things golf related. The members are willing to help and that mirrors the spirit of the game.
  9. Where are you located - New York Preferred Model (Blade or Cavity Back)? Why? Blade, have been playing blade irons and wedges since 90's and I use the toe to deaden certain chips. Preferred Sole Grind? Why? (feel free to post pictures of your local conditions) Two dot on all 3 wedges to allow for versatility around greens. I use all 3 wedges around the greens. Prefered Finish? Why? Tour Raw, soft feel and good looking Preferred Lofts? 51, 55, 60 If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing review thread? We require you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the we
  10. Love this site because I can find any information on any golf topic. Most valuable resource for anything golf related on Internet.
  11. We are outfitting our high school golf team and would like to purchase custom scorecard holders for the kids. Anyone know a good website with modest prices? I found Tinbox and EP but these are out of our price range. Thanks!
  12. Can't beat the look of an 009. Too bad my wallet is light to ever consider buying one.
  13. Great looking wedges, glad they brought back the notch on the back. Should help fly the ball lower.
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