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  1. Brand Never, Never seen the course or the range or any outside time. Only tried on. Size 10.5 G Fore M4.1 Limited in Ombre colorway. Lets say $180 Shipped Only trade interest would be some Jordans in 10.5-11. Cash on my end if needed.
  2. As title says, have to get rid of a couple of pairs Only trade interest would be other shoes in same condition in size 10 or 10.5 All prices include shipping and Paypal. OBO Please add $5 to the West side 1) Brand new in box, never worn Puma Pwradapt Disc. Mens size 11 Not much to say here, Brand new in box. amazing tightening system, same as BOA. Lets say SOLD. Shipped including Paypal. 2) Footjoy Pro SL Carbon. Gently used. 18 Holes Cart, 9 holes walking. Amazing shoe, beyond comfortable and stable
  3. You figured they could at least attempt to make a higher end and definitely more appealing after market cover. Take a. Ur from all the other manufacturers and make limited edition major covers. just a frustrated odyssey owner ranting here
  4. I would say so to certain degree. When it comes to OEM covers they all are pretty standard and boring. However both Taylormade and Ping have much better aftermarket and limited covers. Just look at the spider putter covers, some are highly collectible. Something that can't be said for Odyssey
  5. Does anyone on the inside have legitimate answer as to why the most used putters on tour have the ugliest headcovers? You would think focusing on after market or limited series covers would be a great revenue stream. Even when they bring out a limited series cover it never fails to disappoint. I would even say tiny companies like SWAG or TBC make a considerable profit on something that requires zero R&D. Why not the big name in putters ?
  6. Just can't get Along with this combo, not sure if its the head or the shaft or both. Mainly looking to trade for another driver with similar specs. The Good: Driver head is clean and shows very little signs of use, just normal tee marks on face. Crown is clean and free of any sky marks. There is one tiny small paint chip towards the hosel, barely noticeable . Comes with Fujijura atmos black tour spec 60 gram in X Stiff. Measures 45 1/4 inches. The Bad: My brother borrowed it for 1 day and when he put it back in his bag he got the alignment sticks stuck on the
  7. If the hosel snaps while trying to bend back. It coming your way to get welded
  8. Huge over exaggeration. It’s the same putter I already game. Just 2 inches longer and with some hosel modifications. Picked it up thinking it might work. Still might. just on the fence about changing it. Someone gives you tiger woods putter. Do you swap out the black ping grip for a super stroke?
  9. He is still using the exact same putter. I’m guessing this was a back up or perhaps he gave it away as a gift
  10. Not sure what the player was addressing by making the changes. He basically took a slant neck putter and bent the hosel to sit slightly closer to center. Making the blade putter face balanced. I kind of like it. It’s just the loft that’s really bothering me.
  11. All valid points. Forgot to mention that the putter is the putter I want. Right head style and hosel type. Just happens to be set up differently than stock. I know I like the putter since I own the regular retail version already. Just keep thinking that changing the putter back to stock almost completely erases what makes it tour issue. At that point it might as well just be another off the rack putter
  12. Recently picked up a tour issue putter made for a specific players. However I’m stuck on a decision. Really like the head just not crazy about all the modifications made to fit the tour player. 1) modify the putter to fit my eye and stroke better. Mainly cut the shaft down, change grip, adjust highly modified hosel back to normal and bring putter head back to standard lie and loft. 2) keep putter as is and just try to get along with it. Almost seems a shame to change all those minute details that make the putter tour issue and custom. Incredibly neat to see how a tour pro
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