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  1. Pinehurst area isn't known for the night life. Like Art said Myrtle would be a better destination for golf and night life. Vegas is also a cheap flight although golf is a little more expensive there are lots of other s*** to do in vegas.
  2. Poser

    Sub 70 Clubs

    anyone have the black finish in the TA3? wonder how it's holding up. I have the raw finish and about getting tired of getting rust all over everything lol
  3. Grandover, The cardinal, and Tot hill farm is cool little bit of a drive but, worth it
  4. I'm heading out this weekend. I've played TPC , wildfire courses, and Troon. Anyone have any other recommendations?
  5. At least he has that education to fall back on... Wait
  6. Buy the video and turn those 3 doubles into 3 triples lol
  7. Poser

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Yea it's very solid. The head shape took a little to get use too but, it beat out my apex pro hybrid I had in the bag for a few years.
  8. I live in raleigh some decent courses around the area and you can road trip down to pinehurst to play as well. Although If you want year round golf your best bet is jacksonville , fl or Orlando. I travel to jacksonville alot and some great courses as well as some good fishing.
  9. They are saying they have a new process and suppose to be really durable I guess time will tell.
  10. Also these are raw finish so they will rust and show wear alot more obviously. I was playing KBS tour 130 X and went with the modus 120 X this time having played the modus 130 S for a few years. Hopefully get out and get a chance to try them on the course this week but, launch monitor numbers from my Gc2 look great
  11. The sub 70 are to the left vs my apex pro. The sub70 have a slimmer top line especially in the longer irons. Also offset is about the same although the one photo makes it look a little different. 7 iron and 9 irons
  12. I'd say better than the apex not as good as pxg but, I really enjoy the feel of them very soft. The long irons is what I can really tell a difference in they feel great even the misses still feel pretty good
  13. Yea I'll get some address photos today
  14. Just got these irons in and I'm a believer. They look amazing form address just like a blade would but, are very forgiving especially in the long irons. My miss is usually a little thin and with the added weight low the misses are just about as good as the pure shots. I was playing the callaway apex 19 pro irons and these sub70 irons out perform and feel better than them. I was a little skeptical honestly but, with the 60 day trial I figured it was worth a shot. If anyone is thinking of about giving them a try I highly recommend them. Their wedges are great as well I ordered a couple to try because I was getting sick of paying $160 for a wedge.
  15. Sounds like George Gankas was trying to get him all scooby and instead he got all squamdow and skooshie. Maybe he took getting wet to hitting it in the water. Either way hopefully he figures it out or hell be giving lessons at the driving range with Gankas soon. He is fun to watch when he is on. Usually when pros start to struggle they start looking at new caddies and swing instructors so I wouldn't be shocked to see some changes coming.
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