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  1. I'm about 100mph swing and 240-250 carry with the M3 9.5 stock stiff. Would love to hear some opinions.
  2. The big box stores and their trade in section is the same thing. I mean, they are trying to sell clubs, right? I dont know how you could even put a club down to hit a shot with a dirty face anyway, much less sell or trade in a dirty club. Damp towel on a club after every single shot here.
  3. Have played the EF 60° for a few years and it’s been ok in the bunkers but left me disappointed around the greens. How would the Hi Toe compare to it? Would a high bounce Milled Grind be at the other end of the spectrum?
  4. [quote name='matchavez' timestamp='1432131062' post='11593236'] [quote name='Marengo' timestamp='1432104387' post='11591884'] Just curious but why do you aim your feet right and your shoulders left? Shouldn't they both line up in the same direction? [/quote] I know that answer. It's playing an "intentional pull". You can get some extra yards out of it, for sure. [/quote] Ha! I wish. It's the same reason folks don't just start hitting down more in the ball when asked to. It's one of my flaws. I try to correct and am doing better but it causes me to come across it sometimes with my swin
  5. Took out a 7 iron Speedblade in stiff, an AP1 stiff and a Callaway XR stiff.....compared all three to current reg flex Speedblade...Longer by 5yds or so with the XR but more importantly MUCH more consistent...Felt really good, too. I also took out my JetSpeed driver with same shaft in stiff, a 915D3 with the blueboard in stiff and a Ping G30 stiff..Love the feel of the D3 but Im not consistent enough of a ball striker to nut it every time so mishits suffer heavily with that club. My JetSpeed actually performed really well with the stiff shaft...Think I am headed to pick up the rest of the XR
  6. [quote name='Jeri6gt' timestamp='1431975291' post='11580296'] Can I ask why you switched to regular flex? [/quote] One of those fittings.....was told that i'd get better distance and accuracy since my swing speed was lower...FWIW, my driver ss is 95-100.
  7. [quote name='Jkellender' timestamp='1431973759' post='11580150'] Go get fit! Best thing you could possibly do but get ready to shell out some sweet coin. but if you use it well it will be worth every penny. I picked up a solid 30 yards once I got fit into a driver and learned how to hit up on it. Changed my golfing life for the better. Go get em. [/quote] I would love to do that but I have been fit by 4-5 people and every single person has fit me differently....
  8. I play to a 9 and played stiff flex since I started playing this game in 2004. Im a decent sized dude (6'3", 225) but can't get all the way back in my backswing. I made the switch to reg flex in Jetspeed driver, 3w, 5w, 09 Burner TP hybrid, Speedblades 5-SW and feel like I am still not where I want to be. This past weekend was our annual golf trip. We went to Ocean City, MD and played 36 Friday and 36 Saturday. In between Saturday's round and after a crappy 85 in the first round of the day I decided to go see the pro and have him spend some time with me. It ended up being the best lesso
  9. Excellent condition Titleist 15° 913F fairway wood with upgraded Tour AD-DI 7S ordered and built directly from Titleist. 43" playable length with stock Titleist Tour Velvet grip. $180 OBO shipped in US.
  10. [quote name='crazy8golfer' timestamp='1423618235' post='10928345'] [quote name='Itsjustagame' timestamp='1423593755' post='10925779'] Kingsmill [/quote]Excellent Choice [/quote] We did Kingsmill one year. Not that impressed and conditions aren't any better. Most of us belong to The Federal Club outside of Richmond. If you haven't played it, get there. That and Spring Creek are two of the top courses in a pretty wide area. My heart lies at Bay Creek...just looking at alternatives.
  11. [quote name='PGood' timestamp='1423594484' post='10925855'] Just booked my trip to the Pinehurst area. Lots of options there. We are staying at Pine Needles lodge and playing Dormie Club, Mid Pines and Mid South. [/quote] can you send me some details?
  12. [quote name='Gmen1204' timestamp='1423592749' post='10925657'] Is Oc Md. to far ? [/quote] yeah...we did that trip once and it's just too far...we are all about golf and beer...less travel time the better.
  13. The past few years 8 of us have headed to Bay Creek Resort on the eastern shore of Virginia....Perfect setup...great golf, good food all in one spot. Timing isnt working out this year for that place....requirements: - less than 4 hrs from Richmond - quality golf - decent lodging - decent food Bay Creek had 2 courses (Nicklaus and Palmer) and it just worked.... Would likely go up thursday, play 36 friday, 36 saturday and possibly 18 on Sunday. Fire away!
  14. Ok, I picked up the 35" version and really want to just lose the long grip and put a regular Odyssey grip on it...couldnt I put the 10g weights in the head? Wouldnt it just be a slightly heavier version as if this putter came without CB?
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