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  1. 612 is the model - basically a Newport 2 - and TCB = Teryllium Copper Billet - solid copper head; not copper plated.
  2. Thank you! It is a super rare putter - I’ve only lightly gamed it - possibly the most solid feeling putter I’ve ever owned.
  3. Thank you! Someone should buy it and hang it on a wall ? seriously both are sweet flagsticks - these get no play - I have other Bryons in rotation
  4. Two very rare putters for sale: Betti BB8 Tour Stock DASS 3 Slot - 350g 34” Nippon NS Pro Heavy Shaft, White Iomic Grip - many cool mill marks - $650 now only $500 - SOLD! (Thx GolfWRX!) Byron Morgan 612 TCB - 340g 34.5” Black Smoke Shaft, Best Grips Stitchback Black Perforated Leather Grip - deep patina - $650 now only $500 Take both for $900 Will include shipping FedEx CONUS Thanks for looking!
  5. When did Byron start making that headcover? It is sick! 303milled.com Jimmy is a fantastic gentleman to work with. Top notch customer service!! :) Yes, ordered it from 303... They have some really great Byron gear.
  6. Great thread. This is as close as I can get right now. Black + Copper Byron...
  7. Maidstone yesterday... The 14th: [attachment=3014376:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1446286008.232115.jpg] Looking west, back past the 14th green from 15 tee: [attachment=3014378:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1446286076.402600.jpg]
  8. The Course at Yale. View looking back towards #5 green "Short", down #6 "Burnside" fairway, from #7 tee "Lane". Such an amazingly perfect day for fall golf... [attachment=3004274:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1445619694.497002.jpg]
  9. [quote name='longleft' timestamp='1444743327' post='12449640']The other thing to consider: find a head that you like, then send it off to a putter maker like Tom Slighter. You can have him soften and round out the lines on the socket, the bend and the neck. This can totally eliminate the visual interference. Here's a link to a dh89 with some shaping of the neck/socket area. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1109499-new-byron-dh89-with-an-unusual-old-school-take-on-the-plumbers-neck/[/quote] That's my DH89. Just for clarity Byron tried to soften a stock neck and the result wasn't really right. He ultimately built my neck from scratch. There's 2 welds in it. The big issue is centering the connector on the shaft cup. Today most shaft cups are offset towards the heel. I guess because that flat 90* line across the front came into fashion. Also over the years necks just seem to have gotten more geometric and heavier and thicker. The old John Byron Dale Head necks are very soft and more centered. Might be worth taking a look at one of those. If head weight is an issue, maybe send off to someone for weight ports.
  10. Thanks, I think you're right. The S should be close. Much appreciated.
  11. [quote name='AThompson_3' timestamp='1442964018' post='12352794']If you really like the blue look of the wedges, check out the new Mizuno s5's. Haven't hit them but hit the T5's and they were absolute butter. Softer than vokeys. I would stay with Vokey though if you like to have a bunch of different bounce and grind options to suit your preferences.[/quote] Those look great. The blue finish is a nice to have, but I'm really more concerned about head shape and grind. Thanks for the idea!
  12. I had an Indigo Vokey 460•08 in my bag until this spring when I finally replaced it with a 62•08 T Grind (my 460 was bent to 62). The 460 was beat. I loved that wedge, but the grooves had lost much of their zip and I began to play the club allowing for a lot of roll out. I thought the T Grind was a solid replacement, but it's not as "magical" as the 460 was for me. Especially from deep, close bunkers. So... I am (desperately) on the hunt for a new (or like new) 460, (head only is fine) OR — any suggestions of a head/grind that is identical or very close... (doesn't have to be Vokey) Any help is much appreciated! Thanks! (image of 460•08 for reference)
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