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  1. typically it would be written xcg3 3 hy 18 deg, or something like that. I was also expecting an xcg hybrid, not xcg3. just an fyi
  2. Just buy them from Jay at Piedmont. Yes, you might be able to find them cheaper, but his are the best. I recommend the clear one, I have bought two and the first one is still going strong after 2 years. you won't be disappointed.
  3. I dont have a pic, but just superglue the shaft clamp that you can get at golfsmith or galaxy for $2 to an old iphone case (you know you have at least one case you're not using hanging around) and viola, iping cradle. I started using mine the day I downloaded the app, but have to say that the ping version is much better. Easier to get on and off, and much lighter.
  4. tour edge xcg hybrids, the originals, the cb2 hybrids, or the new cb4. Get the one that fits your swing best and it will be longer than anything else.
  5. spooky, do you complain about a womens long drive hole or closest to the pin at an outing? Lighten up, you can't win some free stuff, most of us don't win either. At least you never get your hopes up. Mod and admins, thanks for the sweet contests, and hopefully I will win one someday.
  6. I love spiders, but always thought they were too black.
  7. my experience has been different, these are all great drills, but cutting my putter down had disastrous effects. My eyes got outside of the ball, and that made my stroke all wonky, and made making any putt nearly impossible. I would say have your local pro look at your setup and see where your eyes are at. Once I found out that my eyes were causing all the problems, putting became much easier.
  8. anyone interested in selling one of these? I am definitely in the market. Thanks, Justin
  9. but the other ad was deleted due to that ad still being open. its a one at a time system. you add to the current ad, or close the current ad and start a new one with none of the items that were in the previous ad.
  10. just ordered from Mortons. Thanks for the link, great sponsor.
  11. golfworks grip size guide, caliper before and after, get a grip that is +1/32" and compare
  12. Cleveland and scratch only available on eBay now, about 5 hours left on the auctions. Good luck!
  13. I love that video, but I bet Bubba's watch sponsor loves hm wearing that $575,000 watch with no shirt and overalls. Really ties to the target market of 600K watches.
  14. No contact so far from simpleputter, so 9015 is still up for grabs.
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