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  1. X or Tx ideally and play to 45” or 45.5” in a TSi head. Thanks
  2. Can’t wait. Hopefully whatever I end up with they have in stock.
  3. How was the fitting? I’m going next week. Do they have these in stock to take home or do they have to ship them after the fact?
  4. Will ship as soon as PayPal is received. No trades at this time - trying to clear out the stash ahead of a fitting next week. Add $5 east of Mississippi. Will ship UPS or FedEx (whichever is better value). 1) Sim 9* head. $old Purchased on here to try out, only put a couple of rounds on it. Really good shape, no idiot marks, tried to show it as clearly as I could. 2) Honma TR20 440 $220 Purchased new. Gamed since last season. Has standard weights. Couple of marks on the crown that I had to shine really bright light on to show but I can’t see it from address. Comes with standard weights. Shafts: 3)TourAd IZ-6X - plays 45.5” in TR20. No tipping. Purchased it new. Gamed since last summer. Has Honma adapter on it. $old 4) Project X 6.0 - Callaway Optifit adapter. 44.5” from end of grip to end of adapter. $old 5) Hzrdus Smoke RDX 6.5 - brand new, unhit. Came new in TSi3. Standard stock length with Titleist adapter. $160 6) Aldila Rogue 125 MSI 60-3.2 TX, Taylormade adapter. Just a hair under 44” from end of grip to end of adapter. $100 7) Fujikura Fuel 70 Stiff. 43” from end of grip to end of adapter. Taylormade adapter. $75 8 - Fujikura Pro 73 X-flex. 43” with Taylormade adapter. $75 Any questions let me know.
  5. Been searching this forum but haven't found out - anybody know? Much appreciated
  6. It looks amazing for sure! Hope to get out there some time - even just to take a look in person.
  7. That would be lovely but no, I'm not local sadly. The photos just seem incredible and I’m a fan of other Doak courses. Read the dues are $18k per year so wondering what it's like in reality vs just what you read about it.
  8. Any members on here? Would love to connect and hear their experience?
  9. Pity! I’m in the market for one but in the SF Bay Area. Best of luck
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