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  1. That's because of the bromelain in the pineapple, it's actually eating you back... my DW told me that last year. This is what's happening when you eat the pineapple, what you can do, and maybe a little more about how it helps you more than it hurts you...
  2. My we have our share of good food here. Talking about sweet corn, we have a great sweet corn festival here every year on Labor Day weekend. Every year but last year thanks to COVID, what a bummer. Anyway it's one of those down home, outdoor things we have here (oh yes, we may be in the north, but we have our share of decent festivals). They have great sweet corn and other good food too. We sure missed it last year. http://www.sweetcornfest.com/ I suppose a lot of you are like we are around here, in season as Stu says, we have a few outdoor farmer's markets that are open and h
  3. I'm about like you Bill, don't get out any more than I have to right now. DW gets out and runs every day, however, right now, only (she says 'only') about 6 miles a day. She has snow/ice cleats which help a lot. So she says she can outrun Covid cooties... Actually she has a mask made for runners... Anyway, we did go out for vaccination #1, Phizer version last Friday. Pretty slick operation given by the local health dept. at the technical college here in town. They did a superb job of getting people in and out. Now a 4 week wait for the 2nd one. I know some may not want to get the shot at al
  4. Donald Ross, quite the golf guy. We have a course very near me in Granville Ohio, just about 10 minutes away called Dennison Golf Club https://www.denisongolfclub.com/ owned by Dennison University now, but it's still a public course. It's the most beautiful course in our area and great to play. He designed it in 1924 also, what a busy guy he was. For anyone who doesn't know, he was from Scotland, served and apprenticeship under Old Tom Morris, moved to the US, became Pro at Pinehurst, and began designing golf courses while playing as a pro. He probably would have been on the Grille too...
  5. Very cool story, and nice of Jeff Sessions, now I want to hear Cobi talk with a Netherbama accent...
  6. Most golfers don't do this of course, I guess it's from underestimating one's own power? Another thing that I have noticed that it seems lots of golfers do do (doodoo?) is when putting a putt from the left or right of the hole on a green that slopes down, they don't seem to ever figure enough 'height' (aiming more above the hole) for the roll of the ball, and it ends up rolling below the hole every time. I really began respecting that when I switched to the Aimpoint Express method and was amazed at how much more I needed to aim above the hole in order to give the ball a chance to go in. It's j
  7. Very good stuff. When I was last playing, #1 was critical to me, and amateurs have the advantage along with that of using a device to measure distance to the pin from where they are, and then know which club to use. That is if they have truly taken the time to work properly to know which club to use. Taking a quick trip to the range, using range balls is not the answer. Anyway, I found this invaluable in making the best decision in club choice, and getting as close to the pin as possible. Your other points then were also very important in perfecting the game.
  8. Because there the ball was going in the hole... And here, it's just about time to do taxes again, and again, and again...
  9. Talking about rolling back, I dreamed last night for whatever reason, that I learned how to do something in golf that no one has ever done, that even at my age made me a hit, and I was all of a sudden on tour. (dreams are weird of course) I somehow learned to putt with a backspin, like with a wedge, so I putted beyond the hole, maybe 20 or 25 ft., then the ball would come back to the hole and in. I have no idea where that came from, or why on earth it would appeal to anyone, but hey, stranger things have been dreamt about. Of course, there was no closure to the dream, and I didn't as always ge
  10. Oh, sorry. It's not our president... ha A sloppy Joe is taking hamburger meat, and adding some type of bbq sauce or recipe per this https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ree-drummond/sloppy-joes-2120434 to it, then putting it on a bun, see the photo...
  11. What a lunch, I think I'll put it on the calendar for next year to celebrate Australia day! I would call it persuasion day and leave it at that if that's the typical meal We have had nasty weather lately, that coupled with the health concerns and other issues in the country, we had Sloppy Joes yesterday. That was pretty fitting too... Actually DW made the sloppy Joes from ground beef from our local butcher, so it was angus, very good meat, she made the bread from pretzel rolls that she grilled on the cast iron stove flattop after cutting them in half first, then applied the Sloppy Joe m
  12. Wow, yes, this kind of reminds me of the great blizzard we had here in the midwest on January 27, 1978. It was devastating to lots of people around here, they just weren't used to that kind of weather ever. Our electric was out, no gas furnace for a few days, we finally congregated into one room which I ended up 'heating' if you can call it that with two metal Folgers coffee cans, one on top of the other with a large candle in the bottom one, and the other one upside down on it vented, it made heat... sort of
  13. Yes, snow removal was serious, I only missed 1 day of school the entire time I lived there. The city even had sidewalk snow removal machines, very cute, about the size of golf carts, see photo, this isn't NT, but the very same thing... ...
  14. Having gone to school in North Tonawanda NY, living in the snow belt, I can sympathize with you. We had the heavy snow off Lake Erie several times, you either learn to love it or hate it... I wish you well, glad the snow didn't keep you from the Grille
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