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  1. It's not as bad with white chicken chili although 3 days in a row I suppose it would still be a little fowl...
  2. We had a whole house generator installed a year ago this month (Generac). So glad we did that, I had been pondering it for years. It has kicked on twice for short power outages in that time, but with the windy weather Fella speaks of for tomorrow, which we are in line for as well, I expect some outages around here as well. It's a nice peace of mind to have too as I get older, heck, next March I may have to consider becoming SeventySomePing...may need a generator for some internal outages
  3. As always tol, so beautiful, and such a sweet little series of thoughts come to my mind. Did they start landing because of the middle one being there first, did they start scooting in until there was no more space to be had? Do they think there is food coming from the left or right (the current vote tally is obvious, but there could be a recount) Does having your bill up higher mean you have learned you will get fed first, or you are just aware you sit lower? Do the ones on the ones on each end know they are responsible to fly off first if necessary? All of that comes secondary to just admirin
  4. My DW makes it with basically the same ingredients except she uses chicken, calls it white chicken chili. She does the chicken breast first in the Instapot then adds it in, it's fabulous. We'll either have cornbread or split one of those Cheesecake Factory brownbread baguettes with a slab of butter all down it to go along with it... mmmm https://www.thecheesecakefactoryathome.com/bread/wheat-mini-baguettes
  5. We have run into 3 different couples lately (actually didn't run directly into them due to social distancing) that we know, which have recently been diagnosed with COVID and went through it. They said it was much like the flu. This seems very different than last spring when it was such a curse. Hopefully she will be fine...
  6. Probably so, bad to the bone, that's why we aren't playing at the Masters this week... well, I speaketh for myself
  7. Wow, I started playing golf the same year as you...!
  8. Hi Tol, (and all actually)... thanks Yes, it's been quite interesting. The best thing first off is no more advertising. This year even pesky texts and emails. But in my 69 years I've not seen such smearing and whatnot from both sides, but I guess that's what it takes to outduel each other now, kinda sad. I remember when I went to college and wanted to be a political reporter, yikes. Not sure if we'll get an outcome today, probably some antics will continue...
  9. It's obvious that a couple of beauties have been 'accidentally' overlooked...
  10. Wonder if any of the original gift costs are returned when gender reassignment takes place if the gifts were gender specific? I guess that's where gift cards come in so handily. They can be used for anything.
  11. I think it was originally another way for the Kardashians to come up with another much needed show subject, and their followers jumped on it. What a life, 'no talent' 'stars' with 'no clue' followers', and needing to have to come up with absolutely off the wall 'ridiculous show topics' to keep the 'unwarranted millions' flowing into their many investment 'cash cows'... ?
  12. Not at all disappointed as I got into quality assurance and became a manager myself, and that was my entire career for 45 years. I did get to use my voice for radio commercials and news intros and such on the side, so that was fun. But the quality side of it was much more interesting and I always recommend it as a career to young people. Quality Engineers are not necessarily a profession touted, as young person enters college. It's mostly 'Engineer', if they want to be an Engineer, electrical or manufacturing, and that's who we ended up drawing from which was fine. Then we taught them all abou
  13. Good answer tol... Personally, that's what I went to college for, starting way back in the fall of 1970 (I know, far out) I had hopes of actually getting into tv news broadcasting way back then. Anyway, all that aside, honesty is hard to come by, and that is not a new revelation by any means. Billy Joel made a great song of it being such a lonely word. For me, I like Fox, however I like to listen to what they all have to say, and I am quite amused by their different takes on everything. This also falls true for the political scene for me. Frankly, in this great nation with it's great history,
  14. I guess the improved water isn't that great after all, it has turned my hair and beard gray, and put some wrinkles on my face... ?
  15. Actually there is no water filter cartridge coming into the house. And it is not code for the pipes coming into the house to be plastic, they must be copper here where we are. So now I can't wait a hundred years from now to see how nice our water still is, I'll let you know...?
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