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  1. Are the club heads all the same weight and specs between men and womens clubs just the shafts are different? I am looking for a big bertha or big bertha os 6hybrid and cant find any mens but see womens available more in the used websites. Just curious if i could just swap shafts
  2. But whats the name of the sleeve? Taylormade had the fct then the loft sleeve? I am use to callway with optifit but callaway breaks out what shaft fitting type fits what driver. Looking at global golf shafts
  3. What is the sleeve type for the m6-d and original one drivers for taylormade? Also any good stores for used taylormade shafts?
  4. I have the silver spider tour from dsg with the black sight line. Can you do a dark grey and keep the black sightline? Can you paint the weight ports? Install black shaft? Do i send full putter or just the head? Any idean on pricing for all above
  5. Does anyone have any idea when the puttout trainer will be back in stock? I have tried multiple times to get ahold of company and no response.
  6. Anyone know when the #6 CS putter will be available to the public
  7. I will be traveling to Shanghai China in a few wks and was wondering if there was any good golf courses or equipment places to check out while there??? Anyway to buy clubs that are not released in the US?
  8. I am planning on ordering this but was wondering what length should I get? Should it be putter length? or wedge length?
  9. I have the 50degree uw for my karsten irons and looking to either pick up a 54 and 58 or i was thinking maybe just a 56. Any suggestions about this? looking at the new md3 or sm6. Would prefer to just do a 56 just not sure how well that gap would do
  10. Can anyone give me the specifics/ differences between the ust 450/460 and ust 660 and 680 recoil shafts offered with the Xr OS irons
  11. What are the differences in the regular speedblades and the speedblade hl?
  12. I got the S20 with some trade in credit , now after reading reviews kinda worried. I only want it for gps and scorecard if possible. Does it work good for that? Or better to return and get s2???
  13. I wont be able to hit all of them together. High handicapper, 35 yrs old, weekend warrior with little to know practice time. Just looking for most forgiving easiest to hit. Used to have g15's and enjoyed them but the wilsons and callaways intrigue. Just looking for other peoples feedback for the irons. Thanks
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