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  1. Be really careful putting these hollow heads in your loft/lie machine. The pressure when clamping can cause the face weld to fracture. It’s a very thin laser weld. I’m happy Titleist resolved it quickly
  2. As suggested, you should have it seen by a medical doctor. Mine has improved with special caution, ice, graphite shafts, but by no means has gone away. My doctor didn’t recommend surgery 5 years ago when mine flared up. The pain I had is almost exactly as you describe yours is, but only a proper exam can show the level of the problem. No golf club is the cause, it’s just our joints wear down.
  3. It’s repetitive damage to the thumb joint or wrist causing swelling and could be the onset of arthritis in those joints. Also could be bone Spurs developing in there. At least that’s what mine is and my pain is exactly as you describe. My suggestion, ice, anti inflammatories, and graphite shafts. According to my orthopedic doctor, my strength tests results showed every time I’ve hit a golf ball there is hundreds of pounds of pressure in that joint and after a million balls it just starts to give.
  4. 1. Willard, Utah 2. +1 3. Toads Fun Zone. Awesome driving range 4. No 5. Yes iPhone and iPad 6. Yes absolutely
  5. To the op…in my opinion COG won’t move much at all. Typically face rotation isn’t the issue it’s face angle. I’ve found that moving weight toe side or heel side can seriously affect the feel of the club as we swing it which can help or hinder depending on what feels best to the player. For me I prefer more weight in the toe if anything. I don’t know what it is but it feels better swinging the club. For the record my ballflight is very straight, so it’s not to change flight, it’s feel only.
  6. It’s very swing dependent but in theory a mid/high to high flex point will be more controlled at high speeds. With tip technology the way it is now there are many more flex profiles though that can match your swing and maintain better feel with all the control. I know it’s said often but try every shaft you can. Even if just to compare profiles.
  7. Sub70 JB wedges are very square on the lead edge
  8. You can still order any shaft, but who knows when you’ll get it. I think it’s good business for Callaway to only list what’s actually available now. And I’m no fan of anything Callaway but it’s an honest business decision to be up front.
  9. Now that looks interesting I may have to take a serious look at these
  10. They eventually made both. My 60 was the 12 degree model. Best lob wedge I ever owned. In college I was a machine with that wedge from 85 in
  11. It’s a scratch on the paint. I’m 99% sure based on the pics there is no structural problem here.
  12. Don’t overthink it. If you love the pitching wedge than go off of it. It’s up to you if you want to keep the 2/8” gap between the 9 iron or start the 3/8” gapping there. Is it that big of a difference, no. Don’t include grip in any calculations and honestly you can add headweight with lead tape to achieve any feel you want. Starting from the PW your 4 iron will end up -6/8” from standard. Remember the biggest thing with the MOI type setup is to create a set where it takes the same effort to swing each iron. In the end it’s up to you what feels best to you. Do not underestimate the importance of your feel. No formula will tell you what you feel. If you think this setup is best for you go with it.
  13. Lighter fluid lol…but it works beautifully
  14. I’ve always used a heavy putter head. Anywhere from 370-385 grams. I don’t subscribe to the putter weight having any effect on fast or slow greens it’s how the ball comes off the face. Some really heavy putters are dead and some light putters are hot off the face. Some people like lighter putters some heavier. It’s all personal. For me I just like the feel of some swingweight. It helps me feel the putter move naturally.
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