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  1. If that’s the driver you are set on I would stay with the ladies flex shaft. Then have it pulled and tip it 1”-1 1/2” and take the remainder off the butt end. This will essentially make it a full flex stiffer or more if you go 1 1/2”. If this doesn’t fit perfect then you can find an A/S flex or even R for very cheap and reshaft it. You can find very good new high end shafts that are a few years old for $40 or less.
  2. Those are gorgeous irons and I love the sentimental touches. Awesome.
  3. Not the ix...before those. The very first golf ball. You had two options. Red and blue. Ball flew anywhere but straight.
  4. I’ll chime in on this conversation real quick. I also think what we have seen the past say 5-10 years is that the young up and comers on tour all grew up on modern equipment. They’ve learned their whole lives how to move the club faster. When I started golf everything was heavy. The woods were wood, x100 shafts in woods. The swing required to move those clubs was different than the modern golf clubs, especially the driver. I was way long with a persimmon driver and honestly I don’t think it ever really transferred to modern equipment. At damn near 50 I’m just barely learning to use the modern
  5. Callaway first red and blue models were garbage! Oddly Callaway purchased the rights to Top Flite and their golf balls immediately improved dramatically. For all the rocks top flite put out they broke a lot of barriers with the Tour Edition, ZBalata and Strata lines that has a huge influence on the modern golf ball designs.
  6. The short answer is yes it can make a big difference even with such small changes. I’m a huge believer that lie angle shouldn’t be close to what fits you, it needs to be EXACTLY what fits you. Incorrect lie angles cause you to compensate even if you don’t realize you are doing it. Length affects feel, swingweight, overall weight anc comfort. Getting it right can make a big difference even if it’s that little 1/4” change.
  7. This ^^. For me I find I hit anything less than 3 degrees torque with the driver more left. The higher the torque the more likely I miss right. I hit the driver very straight with very little curve so mine are more pulls and blocks. Heavier and stiffer isn’t always the answer but it may be for you OP. Hard part is the trial and error. And the cost. I would recommend finding a cheap fitter to get to try as many options as possible.
  8. Sub 70 pro tour fairway is definitely fade biased. Toe weighted, 2 degree open and 56* lie angle. Added bonus it’s half the price of oem fairways
  9. Proof once again that golf isn’t played on launch monitors it’s played inside television sets. On a monitor you can hand me any club you want and I will get pretty similar numbers within a few swings. Can I feel the difference, yes but I can groove it to where the numbers stay pretty good. But on the golf course it matters. And it matters big time. Monitors don’t put a 20 mph headwind in your way or the nasty left to right crosswind. There are no elevation changes on a monitor and they’re are firm or soft conditions to account for. Shafts that fit me and perform the way I prefer enable me t
  10. That’s a really nice looking putter. Thank you for the response. I might contact him to see what he could do.
  11. Ok I’m late to the party...but I just searched their website and read through it. A few observations. They have no pictures of the actual shaft??? Their description of the shaft is basically a Wikipedia of if you searched graphite shaft. No specific information or tech to speak of. And to quote Tommy Callahan...I can take a **** in a box and put a guarantee on it and all it means is you have a guaranteed piece of ****. Based purely on the website I wouldn’t spend $1 on their product let alone $79...lol marked down from $300
  12. Srixon fairways are very easy to launch and the Cleveland launchers do just as the name suggests.
  13. mogc60

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I can’t wait til my wedge gets here!! 58/12 just like yours. It looks perfect
  14. Those turned out sweet. Well played
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