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  1. Because I can. And will. And why not. It’s a game not my livelihood so if I enjoy tinkering and trying new things so be it.
  2. It looks like the LTDX mentions the zero cg that they first touted in the Ltd
  3. They offer tour rack wedges where you can customize the lead edge and sole grinds.
  4. RTX4 mid bounce sole wedges are basically a vsole type of grind but a bit more heel relief.
  5. I’ve used both and they are both great wedges. With the Cleveland for me the sole wasn’t the best fit. I prefer a bit more bounce toward the toe(just how I learned how to chip) and the Callaway fits me better that way. I actually prefer the look of the Cleveland more but I’ve got great results from the Callaway.
  6. The CT took a bit to get used to because the ball never seems to jump with it. But it’s very consistent. If you like a more lively feel with shaft play though it’s not the best choice. It is quite stiff.
  7. The CT is stiffer and for me produced more click. The one step is smoother and a more muted feel and sound. It’s still plenty stable but the feel is just noticeably softer.
  8. Those look awesome. I appreciate the feedback. I’m thinking I’ll be leaning towards the finer milled options
  9. Oh definitely. I’ve used the CT tour and one step in the same putter and it’s a big difference. Haven’t used graphite yet but I’m sure it feels much different. Shaft flex matters as well
  10. Those are sweet putters. That totally makes sense. I don’t want it too loud or clicky but I prefer a little click to a little mush feel. A little sound helps feedback for me as well. Thanks for the pics as examples
  11. Thanks Matt. Great info. Part of why I posted, I see a lot of really cool looking mill work but I don’t want to waste my time, or cash. I prefer a putter with a bit more pop, that comes off the face a little hotter. I don’t like feeling I have to kill it, and I do putt on faster greens most of the time. Sounds like I should look toward the fine to mid mill options. I’m pretty confident in my loft and lie specs.
  12. Hey guys. For the guys on here that have used different milling options, I’m looking for your feedback on performance and feel and sound. Fine, mid, deep…I want to hear your pros and cons. Are some hotter or more dead off the face? I’m looking to order another custom putter and I don’t have a ton of experience with different mill techniques. Most likely will be 303 stainless. I’ve kindof made up my mind that I’ve earned the right to build my putter vault, and I plan on gifting myself to one (maybe two) custom putters per year. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  13. That looks in incredible!! Well done man. Hope it rolls a bunch in for you.
  14. Very nice. I’ve usually soaked mine in Coca Cola
  15. Love the look of these although it doesn’t look like a big change from the Radspeed line which is a good thing. Hoping for a slightly deeper face. Like the heel toe adjustment on the ls
  16. Honest question? How many Stealth drivers do you think would get ordered sight unseen if they offered pre orders with shaft options online? No pics, no info, no specs other than loft. Just it’s coming and you can pre order. I would order mine today and I would guess there would be an astronomical number that would do the same.
  17. If I were to grade my clubs Driver A- woods/hybrid B irons. B wedges. B putter. B Commitment to my shots D+ My driver is the best part of my game now days and I don’t have a club or area I really struggle with consistently but I throw away so many shots by just not committing to what I’m doing. Back in my younger days I didn’t waste a lot of shots. It drives me crazy
  18. It’s darn near the same. They are all chasing numbers and tour usage. The level of support for every player out there is very high. Obviously if you’re Tiger or Phil it’s a different level but they all get the full welcome mat. Years ago my dad qualified for several Champions events, and he was a total unknown out there. Any manufacturer he talked to got him anything he was looking for and treated him like his usage was way important to them.
  19. I love the feel of the Catalyst shaft and to me it has all the characteristics of the Project X steel without the weight and vibration. I used them in my wedges for about a year and liked them but they were just a little light hence the switch to the MMT 125 in my wedges. They are very good but being honest I haven’t been tempted to switch my iron shafts to them. My son has the 125 in his irons and I’ve hit them and they are a great shaft as well. Very well balanced and great feel. I’ve gotten used to the lighter weight in my irons and prefer it now.
  20. I remember 30 years ago when 300 yards was long. Way long. Long drive guys hitting it 330-340 was deep. I could hit it over 300 with persimmon back then and was longer than most. Fast forward to today and I hit it further than I ever have and straighter at age 47 with less play and practice. Long drive guys hit it 425 now and every guy on tour laughs at the 300 yard mark. Maybe some of these claims have been more spot on than many admit.
  21. I honestly didn’t look at a Titleist club seriously for 10 years. I’ve just never been a fan of anything they do. But I’m looking for a 230 yd club and I landed on a U510 that I’ve liked so far. Still haven’t looked at anything else from them though. My disdain for them goes back along way though.
  22. My guess…many of these “younger” tour players grew up using vokey wedges and it’s comfort more than anything else. Full shot wedges aren’t as personal as the do it all higher lofted wedges. A lot of guys don’t stray to far from their roots when it comes to the highest lofted wedge
  23. Since it’s a wedge…put it on the ground(a rug or something) step on the face to secure it and twist the hell out of it and pull it out. Great way to get some leverage. Golf clubs are not fragile, put some muscle into it
  24. ^^ This is pretty spot on. Both are very good shafts but the feel on the one step is unique. It’s stable but not board stiff and the feel off the face is a bit more muted with it but not in a bad way. Very little vibration. I’ve used both in a 390 gram putter head at 39” and they work great. The CT is noticeably stiffer but has good feel and is very consistent.
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