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  1. You will have no issue removing it from the carbon. If you feel you need some fade bias, put it more on the toe side of the sole. You can’t really add it to the wrong spot. It’s such a small amount of weight it doesn’t move cog much but can definitely change the feel.
  2. I use the M4 black tie in my hybrids and just went back to it in my driver. For me it’s a perfect fit. I’ve found nothing better for my game. I have multiples of every weight from 60-80 wood shafts and 95 and 105 in the hybrid. I keep buying extras when I see good deals on the bay
  3. Forged enough. I mean honestly most forged clubs nowadays are stamp forged in some form. Very few true forging anymore. 8620 has been a very popular wedge steel for a long time. I actually prefer it to 1020/1025 in wedges.
  4. Just received my new Seemore putter last night. Just wanted to post a few pics and I’ll get a full review once I get to use it a bit. This putter is beautiful and looks incredible. Platinum Reserve M5X Mallet 39” 120 gram 15” grip 380 headweight after 20 gram internal hosel. 67 degree lie angle Thank you Seemore and GolfWRX again for this great opportunity.
  5. But after you do those half dozen once they really shouldn’t happen again. Just sad guys pay good money to get repair work done and it ends up like that.
  6. Honestly boggles my mind how many of these experiences are posted on here. Reshafting a golf club is one of the simplest things to do and yet these “shops” continue to screw it up continually.
  7. It’s not just bounce it’s the location of the bounce. More forward, further back, toe side, heel side, more central bounce all contribute to how the grind matches your chipping motion. When you get it right it makes a huge difference in the versatility of your wedge game.
  8. One thing that would happen, I still wouldn’t buy one just like the rest of his putters.
  9. My wife works for Walmart...makes 75k a year plus 6k in stock each year. Not bad.... and the toilet paper at my Walmart and the great value brand tp is made in my hometown. My milk and cheese is made in my hometown too. Shop wherever you want but get your facts straight. Your tables, chairs, kayaks, basketball standards at Walmart are produced 15 miles from my house. Worldwide producer of those products. Back to Costco, they pay someone to produce that golf ball for their branding. Quality product at quality price.
  10. Cleveland launcher woods do just what the name implies. Large footprint but very sharp looking fairway woods that are so easy to get Max carry from. Stock shafts are great in the riptide or the Miyazaki shafts. I would suggest you try a senior shaft as well, just makes it easier to swing and adds height.
  11. They didn’t stop...they just say Srixon on the bottom now.
  12. Oh boy...it’s a lot. I owned probably 15 persimmon drivers and at least 30 metal/titanium drivers. I don’t have the brain power to list them all. All I can say is I’ve always loved tinkering and trying new things.
  13. I had my zoom call fitting with John Higgins from Seemore yesterday. We discussed my putting stroke and history and concluded it was best to stay close to my current specs in a Platinum M5X mallet. Gorgeous putter and can’t wait to put it in play. Although he was very complimentary of my stroke he offered advice about my head movement in the stroke and weight distribution in my setup. These things are almost undetectable yet he is very knowledgeable about putting and pointed them out to me which I will work on going forward. I have used Seemore putters in the past and they have incredible cust
  14. I pull shafts using the gray all the time. Never had an issue with graphite shafts using a shaft puller. My current driver shaft I’ve pulled 6 times using the gray epoxy. And used it for 5 years. Pulled my set of Catalyst 100 graphite shafts twice and no issues. Best part of that epoxy is I don’t have to preset my thermostat in my house, create mood lighting, close the curtains, whisper sweet nothings, spend $100 on dinner or bring roses. I just mix and set the shaft and can hit it in 30 minutes. Never had a failure either.
  15. This current version of Hogan is after several ownership changes, Spalding, Callaway and after a disappearing act came back as DTC. They’ve been on the thread for 20 years.
  16. That’s been my experience for two years now. They just check every box for me. The ballflight and ability to control the ball flight is the best I’ve found in a graphite iron shaft.
  17. When we think of Cleveland, what do we think of? Wedges. Not really much else. Srixon thought the same thing. Srixon used to market wedges, now they don’t. That’s Cleveland’s role. That and SGI woods and irons and putters. Srixon is all forged models and premium wood offerings. I think it’s been a very successful model for their company and I don’t see Cleveland being in any trouble
  18. I am also very honored and excited to have this opportunity to work with Seemore and share my experience on GolfWRX. I have a zoom meeting with the Seemore team tomorrow and can’t wait to get started. A very sincere Thank you to Seemore and GolfWRX.
  19. mogc60

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I think they sent that to the wrong address I can’t wait to get mine. Should ship any day now.
  20. For me, what I’m looking for is an iron I can get into the turf and the sole helps get it out quickly. Some irons now you really have to fight to get the lead edge into the turf and being a thumper/pincher type this doesn’t work for me because shots end up thin.
  21. I tinker a lot and like trying new stuff. I probably spend a thousand a year but also sell off close to that amount. I sell while clubs still have value and in the end I don’t actually spend that much
  22. I personally score better hitting 12 fairways and 16 greens...I mean not every golf course has 14 fairways on the stat sheet and not even the best hit them all. But we all score better in play. The op asked driver or irons...I think the driver is more important
  23. Doesnt forgiveness add distance on slight mishits. My point was get a driver you can hit that helps you drive it more accurate. That in itself adds distance consistently. Get a wedge you can score with and a putter you trust. Irons are only so forgiving anyway.
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