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  1. I started scoring a little better on weekends once I stopped teeing off with the dew sweepers at 6 or 7 am. If you don't have the option to tee off a little later and the range is closed when you get there your hands are kinda tied no? You play with what you have on number 1 and thats just the way it is. I tee off at like 930 now. I hit a small bucket, warm up, stretch, hit some long clubs and actually get ready for my first shot/hole of the day. I used to roll out of bed, race to the course and brag about being done before 10 AM lol. It was never great for my game.
  2. Ex hockey player at my club started golf last year. Absolutely beautiful action and a ton of natural skill. He is I think a 12 a year or so into his golf career. I assume he will be an easy low single digit once he learns the game in another year or so.
  3. I was gonna say maybe its a distance issue but if you had 200 in on a par five that can't be it. Maybe you press too hard knowing its an eagle look? Eagles for me are mostly luck. I have some years I get 20 in a season and other years only a couple. My home course has 2 reachable par fives and 3 reachable par fours (280-300 yards). The course and tees you play probably change your odds.
  4. The whole 8 iron distance things or "stock shot" you talk about seems weird to me though @North Butte. "It would be crazy to hit a 7 iron if its 8 iron distance". I just watched Jon Rahm hit his 8 iron 163 yards on one hole today and 203 yards a few holes later. Gotta be able to pivot, adapt and change on the fly. Even as a 1 capper I've worked hard to be able to hit certain yardages with 3 different clubs. Just how I was taught growing up. I could hit my 7 iron from 140 to 180 depending on what is necessary on a particular shot or where the flag is or trouble around the greens e
  5. This guy just won on the Japan tour carrying his own bag without a caddy and removing the 8-6-4 irons LOL. I've done the same thing and shot the same scores for fun. Cool to see a guy on tour do it. Made it to the British Open next month with the win! 2021 British Open: Juvic Pagunsan gets into the field using 11 clubs to win Mizuno Open | Golf News and Tour Information | GolfDigest.com
  6. I have no doubt I could remove 3 clubs and my handicap would stay the same or improve slightly off of where it currently sits due to not trying the odd silly shot with a club I rarely use. I hit my 3 wood once every 2-3 weeks at best. I much prefer to hit my driving iron off the tee. It's actually a surprise if I end up considering it on any given day. Its never been a club I liked much and it just takes up a spot in my bag because its allowed. Typically I hit my GW softer instead of my SW so the 55 rarely gets a ton of work. Dropping one or the other wouldnt even regis
  7. I'm on the West Coast! Just the very Northern west coast. Where is your home base?
  8. I feel ya. The 3 or 5 shot variance thing to me is something that has been rare from my 100+ rounds per year with all the guys I play with. I know one guy actually who probably shoots from 76 to 82 almost every round. But I have seen him in the nineties plenty. So far this year my variance is 66 to 86 as a one capper. I would venture to guess this is typical for me from the last 4-5 years. My trend line does go down hard in the summer though (No golf up here in Canada for 6 months lol).
  9. Obviously I'm not as analytical as many here. My goal was always to be around 30 putts when I'm playing great with zero 3 jacks. 32-33 puts is solid for me. I average right around 31.5 last I checked. I used to average closer to 34-35 and then I worked on my lag putting and inside 3 feet putting for hours and hours and hours. Now I'm a good putter.
  10. I love it and aspire to do that. Just being a scratch or plus and that’s the end of it. I’ve laughed before when guys have asked my +2 buddy his index before a round out of town if we are on a golf trip. “I have no idea I haven’t looked in years. Something with a plus in front of it”
  11. Year to year it probably averages close to 1k but it spikes and settles depending on the plan for the year. I'll go 3 years or more before replacing wedges or I will keep a driver for 5 years and then buy a brand new one. This year I replaced all my irons and wedges so it was closer to 2k. I experiment with putters probably once or twice a year. That is a weakness of mine haha. Sometimes those are free as I'll trade with someone here. Other times like this year I'll buy a 400+ dollar putter I hate and instantly regret. Last year I bought a SIM driver which I love but be
  12. My thought process usually goes like this as I'm walking up near the green and assessing the lie and pin location. Can I putt it? If so putt. A great putt or great chip ends up the same (In the hole) My bad putt is always better than a bad chip though haha. If I can't putt it can I bump it with a hybrid over the collar and roll it to the flag? This is a simple and easy shot I've worked on that typically minimizes any big time errors. Its a putting stroke for me. If I can't use either of those shots and its a runner type shot I'll go with a 9 iron for a basic chip a
  13. Nice post. I have noticed something as I get older (Not so much wiser haha) I've been chasing scratch for years. Tracking my stats, constant work, lessons etc. Low of 1.2 but typically hover between 2-5 depending on the time of season up here in Canada. The handful of best players I know, legit plus handicap studs who play events all over my province care less about their handicap then anyone else. I have 15 handicap friends all worried about posting a score or losing a low score off their number or worrying how many strokes they will have to give up in an interclub ev
  14. I love everything about it except the insert...Its very soft. I'm getting used to it and prefer center shafted putters for short putts. I am a putter hoe who changes a lot. Recently a 2 ball center shaft and a Seemore.
  15. I'm rocking a Ping Tyne C right now.
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