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  1. Being a good near scratch junior golfer who decided to move away from his 'ugly fade' and play a big power draw during the peak Tiger Woods power years. I ended up battling an ugly quacking hook for a decade or so. I've neutralized my path a lot since then but there are still some issues in there from that season of switching to a draw.
  2. The correct answer is @caniac6 amigo. You take time off and you decide if the the grind is worth it. Plenty of us have been there. You sometimes need a break to see if its worth it.
  3. Actual swing advice? I try to avoid it like the plague. I'm not a professional. I might point out to my closest golf buddies "Oh hey man I noticed you were aimed way over there on that last shot" if they are struggling but thats about it. I know for a fact I have cut 5-10 shots off my wife and best buddies caps the last season or two by teaching them basic course management. My wife went from a 27 or so handicap 2 years ago to a legit 14 cap that can beat a bunch of my buddies. Teaching them about A/B/C windows for punch outs and chip outs. "A" being safest and most con
  4. I've had rounds that I consider my best or most fun. But only one special round. That special round was winning my first club championship in 2017. My mom had terminal cancer, a long battle. Many of us have been there, I'm not looking for sympathy on that. She was always supportive of me as a junior golfer. Pick me up, drop me off, pay for everything. One of her last requests was for me to add one more trophy for her. I had taken years of golf in my early twenties as many people do (work, marriage, life, money etc) Unfortunately I was a year late. I just re
  5. Same for me. 10.5 cranked all the way down and open. Height seems great and its very anti-left for me.
  6. Honestly if it was increased to 15 I would add my Niblick chipper back in! When I battled the chipping yips for a couple years I didnt realize how often I used it LOL. Bad lie with rocks around? Chipper. Tight lie chip with my "issues"? Chipper. Rescue punch out? Chipper Need to hit a low runner? Chipper. I beat the tar out of that thing.
  7. I tell people I'm around a 10 and just leave it at that even though I'm a 1.4 index lol. If its a tournament or a match or I'm playing with a quality player that genuinely wants to know I say my current index. That is relatively rare though. I can count on one hand the amount of scratch guys I joined up with who gave a crap what my index was in a casual round. The wife and I travel a lot and play 100+ rounds a year, and in my experience a typical weekend golfer that you pair up with tends to get nervous or male ego kicks in and it gets uncomfortable if I would reply "I'm a 1.2 inde
  8. LOVE my SIM. But this one looks a little more busy up top. I don't love it.
  9. I mostly remember playing 9 shots on the range in competitive junior golf (Low/Mid/High with Left/straight/right) or hitting stinger competitions on the range etc. We would spend all day at the course and there was a half dozen quality young players so it was a way to make contests and bets on the range etc when practicing. Nowadays I fade my driver and can't hit anything but a draw with all my other clubs. I lost that shotmaking ability years ago haha.
  10. No joke they were department store Northwesterns that had never been hit! I bought them all for five dollars. I still have them now with one round played haha. They were literally still in a box. Look like this: As far as the my game goes etc I would say I'm a pretty capable near scratch golfer and that day I played smart. The 3 iron was a bullet off the tee on short holes, I actually hit the driver off the fairway a few times for fun. The 9 iron loft was probably 50 degrees so like a standard modern wedge. I chip with that loft the majority of the time as
  11. I'm good with whatever color ball. I like yellow but as long as its bright and stands out and less golfers are using it on a certain day. I posted my story before but I had my standard white Pro V1 that every golfer in the world uses every day scooped up while in the lead in a local tournament and that was literally the last day I ever played a white ball haha.
  12. I usually have 4-5 dozen on hand at home with maybe 5-10 in my bag at any given moment. I don't lose more than one or so per round, but I do tend to get picky with scuffs, scrapes and blemishes. Those go into my shag bag. I also like to play only 1-2 types of ball per season. I played the RZN black for years, moved to the AVX for years and just switched to the Snell MTB-X this year. (I only play yellow)
  13. I wasnt getting the performance I wanted on my first couple dozen but then I figured out you had to scream "booooom" or "pooooooow" at impact. I'm averaging almost 360 per drive now.
  14. Only 15? This is the big leagues here bro. I think you need to own at least 50 to be a member here...
  15. Heading to the course with my new set.
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