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  1. Golf is my main hobby and passion. I've noticed I'm happiest when I'm playing often and playing well. I do tend to get depressed and cranky during a slump. I spend more time reading things, watching videos, analyzing why I'm playing bad and thinking about it constantly. I usually have to step back and play less/practice more (I think not posting bad scores helps me mentally)
  2. You could always go with some hillbilly hotmelt... I've stuffed many a Ping drivers with broken up/split apart cotton balls to help deaden the noise. On my G400 max I purchased a lighter back weight and made up the difference by using a whole bunch of cotton in the head. It really did help. I live in a small town and wouldnt even know who could do hotmelt unless I got it done on my order.
  3. Its mostly male ego with a little bit of cluelessness sprinkled in. I've noticed over the years that nobody who is really slow ever really wants to admit they are slow. Our foursome was waiting on every single shot a couple weeks back at our home course and these four dudes in front kept repeating how they were sorry and there is nowhere to go and its the group in front...Who were 2 holes ahead by the 8th tee box. Sorry fellas...Its you guys. You guys are slow. One guy was taking FIVE practice swings before duffing it each shot.
  4. I've used that ebay knuckle/plumbers neck conversion posted above on my own Ping Ketsch. Worked great and the guy was easy to deal with.
  5. Played against a good player about a month ago (2 capper) and he looked at the hole for his putting. Rolled it great too. He said he started about a year ago because he had gotten really technical and was worried about his stroke every time he took the putter back when he went conventional style.
  6. The US team is just a group of 12 mercenaries coming together hoping to play good for a few days. For one week you have to change your routine, schedule, practice routine, meeting habits and friendships and attempt to play for something other than an individual trophy. Brooks is saying what a bunch of them probably believe whether they admit it or not. I appreciated the candor. Its always been this way. The Euro squad is tighter, it means more to them. It is what it is. Guys like Colsaerts have said it plenty that the Euro tour dudes all hang out together, have close friendships, play practice rounds for fun on off days and have deep and strong friendships travelling each week. The US team is 12 guys all with their own PR staff and private jets, with trainers and coaches all over you telling you to play as a team for 3-4 rounds every couple of years. You don't get to fake it out there unfortunately. I personally believe the US would be better off picking all 12 guys and having a say in who goes or who wants to be there. Koepka should give his spot up though citing injury. Its clear the Ryder Cup isnt a big deal for him and we will never get his best. Give it to a dude who wants to be there.
  7. Just about to type the same thing but you said it better. I can play all sorts of courses, the ones I remember the best challenge me on a whole bunch of different ways each hole. I get to use various clubs off the tees, into greens etc. My home course tips out at 6000 yards! But it has two 230+ yard par threes and two driveable par fours. Trouble and hazards and water on almost every hole. I could play it in a different way every time.
  8. -5 is awesome no matter what length! Nicely done sir.
  9. For our Western Canadians: My favorite course and also the toughest for me. Tobiano from the Iron tees. (Tour tees have never really been put out often when I played) 74.1 131 but I think thats way low. Wind off the lake, forced carries, deep gorse (Although they trimmed it this year to speed up play). Roughly 7100 or which isnt the longest I've played but its a monster. I played it as a 1 cap and was happy to break 80.
  10. I have an add on question for you guys, my apologies for piggybacking on this thread. I have never paid attention to net scores at our club. I contend for the gross and flirt with a scratch cap etc. My best buddy let me know one guy who is a current 18 handicap has not posted a score in 2 months even though we have personally witnessed him shoot his 'career low' 77 and then a 75 in a tournament in the last 3 weeks... Do you put that in manually? Bring it up with the club? Talk to the guy personally? Contest it with someone?
  11. That is a great story! It reminded me of one of the winners of my small home towns open tournament many years ago. Late 90's. Not the most high powered lineup out there but we get our fair share of scratch and plus cappers from our region and it is almost always full. Some college golfers, accomplished amateurs etc. Decent prize pool, good food and the owner of the course would let people camp or stay on site in a motorhome etc for the event so we did get plenty of out of town players. I'm a kid working the proshop getting everyone checked in for the tournament.This guy comes rolling into the parking lot in a motorhome that looks like its been put together with duct tape and superglue. Definitely from the 70s. Think cousin Eddie from National Lampoons. You can literally feel the eye rolls from all the golfers as they see this thing rolling in the parking lot. Out comes this guy with long greasy hair, haggard looking clothing (beat up camo cargo shorts and a T-shirt). He checks in with me and says his name is Otto and he has a tee time for the tournament. He's also a scratch handicap as he shows his handicap card (Back then you had a handicap card that had to be verified and signed by your head pro. I dont even remember if there was an online system back then?). His club listed on the card is from one province over and the city is at least a 10 hour drive away. No big deal just odd. Anyways after all the bullets have been fired over our 2 day tournament this guy who had never played our course before wins by just about around 10 shots. Typical winners are usually around even in this event. Every now and again we see a guy fire a really low round and the winner is -4 or so.... Otto's two day total of 134 stood as the tournament scoring record until 3 years ago LOL. Just drove into town and obliterated our track. Stories are flying all over the patio after the winners are announced. This guys story is growing by the second! This is the late 90's and he had a Persimmon driver and a persimmon 6 wood. Super fun to play with, he's telling stories on the patio. I didnt play with him at all but the guys who did said he had a mis-matched set of irons that was missing the 8 iron (He had apparently left it at the last tournament he played in and was going to pick it up on the way home. Was not worried about it) I watched him sell his first prize to another guy in the parking lot so he could get enough money for fuel and his next tournament entry. I dont know if anyone remembers the Ping Tisi Tec but I want to say it was worth 500 or so back then new? I don't know what he sold it for but it wasnt 500 lol. It didnt matter to him. He was good with his persimmon driver and wanted the cash instead. He hops in his motorhome after things wrap up and trucks his way to the next tournament lol. From what he told the guys he played with depending on which province he's living in he would take a portion of his summers off and just move around the province he was living in playing golf tournaments. Total legend. Did not give one crap what anybody thought of him.
  12. I've been fooled by fancy forged blades, premium clothing, scotty cameron putters, names on a golf bag etc before. I cant comment on a dime sized wear mark as I've never creeped a guys clubs that closely haha. Usually I can tell within a hole or two what type of player a guy is by how he swings, handles his short game and acts around the course. What I have noticed as far as equipment goes is usually 1 or 2 true things over all these years. 1) Dont bet with a guy who is playing ping eye2's. I've never seen a hacker use those clubs. They have always been players in my experience. They know the clubs are amazing and indestructible and havent changed after 30 years. 2) Stay away from guys with mostly new clubs but an old fairway wood in their bag. They know whats up. They might have a new putter or a fancy new driver but the 3 wood trusty fairway finder is old and never leaving the bag.
  13. Weight lifting is awesome for my general health and confidence on the beach etc. I gained more distance by working on speed, flexibility and golf specific explosion drills than I did when I was doing heavy weights in the gym. Getting my shoulders, hip flexors and core more flexible has helped me hit it further at 38 than at 18.
  14. An orange headband and cargo shorts! The audacity! We need to go back to the good old days.
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