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  1. Things I didnt like about Arccos (which came with my new cobras) I had to keep my cellphone in a pocket. No go for me. I got a 3 month trial and then it was 120+ a year after that. No go for me. It had a difficult time in my 4-5 rounds reading putts or close chips around the green etc. Did not seem efficient in this area. When I went to cancel the subscription (even though I was still in the free trial) it took 3-4 emails and 2-3 phone calls before they finally let me out. I remember the last guy asked me why and I said I didnt like carrying my phone in a front pocke
  2. I pre-ordered it. Since have sold it and took a 100 dollar bath. Just on a personal note: I found the head really light and the insert way too soft. Couldnt get used to it or like it at all.
  3. I was today years old when I learned about green density and its effects on my golf game.
  4. All time fave was the Nike RZN volt color, but I play the yellow AVX or PRO V1 now.
  5. I loved working on the grounds crew growing up. Weed eating, cleaning bunkers, cutting rough, trimming trees and flowers etc. The veterans did the fairways and greens where I worked but I loved the job and outdoors. Loved finishing at 1 or 2 pm every day in the summer. On the flip side I hated the pro shop grind. Slinging tee times and folding polo shirts. Listening to angry members or green fee payers whine about their slow rounds or the expired coupon they wanted to use on a green fee.
  6. I had six birdies, six bogeys and six pars on a men’s night at my home club a couple weeks ago (with three deuces lol)
  7. Chipping. I would rather have a short sided flop shot over a bunker than a basic bump and run from the fringe. Its embarrassing to watch considering my handicap.
  8. I 100 percent agree. I skipped all the new stuff and always re-buy the P2 classic.
  9. Good point on pitchers. Another factor is that golf is a lot less taxing on the body so your GM and team might take issue to you going rock climbing or playing pickup basketball or surfing on your days off but most are gonna sign off on playing 18 holes without much issue.
  10. I actually kinda agree about the fitting point. Might be a TL:DR but here is my fitting horror story. Book my first one ever, wife approved a full new bag. I rush home from work, get changed and show up at the course expecting a launch monitor setup and the full meal deal. The dude does a wrist to floor measurement, sticks a lie board on the turf and has me hit a bunch of different 7 irons. My swing wasnt feeling good and I was just off. Everyone has those days. Anyways I get fitted for a set of irons and I hated them from the first round.
  11. While I totally agree...I did find it fun having a blast from the past weekend from my POV. Like 3 of my all time favorite grinders up at the top of the leaderboard working hard. Glover, Na and Ryan Moore. Fringe guys grinding to keep their card. I really enjoyed this tournament.
  12. Amen. For a tournament or a match or an invite to a private club? Sure I'll bring the best I've got. Pants and a nice polo. I've been rocking tennis polos lately as they breathe well, fit nicely and I don't have to tuck them in during a 30C summer day at my home course. Also who freaking cares. I couldnt tell you what one single person was wearing when I played today including my playing partners...Because I don't give a crap.
  13. He looks like an iron byron with a flesh coating on it hahaha. I think the guys chasing are almost out of holes. I hope he hangs on.
  14. Lucas Glover is among the greatest ball strikers I've ever seen. Good to see his putter there with him this week. Whaddaplaya.
  15. I'm not super old yet so the last 20-30 years would be when I watched the Ryder cup. Everyone I know loves to watch it and its must see TV as far as I'm concerned. Like you said though opinions are all different.
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