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  1. Practice rounds will give you a feel for the long lag putts, where not to hit it, certain areas to avoid (Hard up and downs etc). How much space you have on a blind hole or to carry a certain yardage. Certain tournaments will even mark some of the flag positions with a paint mark so you can putt to them or hit some chips to get confidence in those reads. You dont have to spend a week or two pre-grinding but there is a successful blueprint out there for being ready to shoot low scores on an away track IMO.
  2. Lowe shot +7 Mirim Lee was +20, Wie was +20, Nordquist was +16, Ernst +11. He tied Mel Reid. 15 of 30 golfers shot over par. It was tough conditions and Lowe put together a high quality string of golf. Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions - Golf Leaderboard and Results - ESPN It can, and it did happen. His final round in those conditions was impressive and he took down a handful of the best ladies in the world for one round.
  3. Derek Lowe is a scratch. (0.2) Like I said, so many dudes get so offended over this idea lol. It is what it is. We got to watch it for 4 rounds.
  4. Lowe beat some. It’s possible. This topic always goes crazy but here we are watching them play the same tees and a scratch dude beat six or seven of the best.
  5. Sour grapes. Hatton whining is not a new or crazy story.
  6. HZRDUS yellow for me too. Its the shaft I have had in my last 3 drivers.
  7. I have single length irons so I can stretch a good 55 out to 125 or so relatively easily. I hit it from 105 or so though and can count on one hand the amount of times I step on a full wedge per season.
  8. I 100 percent hear you on that. The price was the sticking point for me too haha. As far as non traditional, I have a mix of a couple flashy items and some standard stuff. One of my polos is just a black polo with no pattern etc. Its as traditional as it gets. It fits nice and the quality is top tier though. How I justified it (And I'm not trying to sell you on it lol) is that I could have spent 50 on a solid Nike dry fit polo and 25 on a cheap old navy work polo. Maybe another 30 on a nice dress shirt for going out. I'm at 100 bucks or close to it, the closet is more full and the quality of some of the items is lacking. So I decided to try one Rhoback instead and its worked out well. I rarely get compliments in my office about my shirts but I usually get at least one when I wear the Rhoback quarter zip. And I love that I can meet my wife right after work and know what I'm wearing will work fine. Dont have to change on the fly or keep a car dress shirt or a backup polo if I meet the buddies for nine holes haha.
  9. I checked my mailbox this morning and I still havent got my exclusive club and apparel deal sent yet. Until that day I'll buy whatever clothing and apparel is on sale or looks good on me haha.
  10. Another thing I do like about Rhoback (And it might not matter to many others) is that it can go from office casual to golf to a decent dinner and be completely versatile and look good for all. I thought of it because I'm wearing my 1/4 zip for work today and got a compliment haha. You can do that with other stuff but some of the nylon/polyester golf shirts dont look great for work or dinner, some pullovers from other brands are a little too flashy for the office etc. You can pull it all off or maybe not even care at all but some of it just doesnt look or fit right for certain occasions IMO. Rhoback has a ton of versatility there for me for all sorts of uses.
  11. I mean its funny to me because before strokes gained was cool I remember arguing with folks here that I would rather have a wedge in my hand from the rough than a mid iron from the fairway. The closer the better. For me to take this deal as a near scratch it would have to be 270 every time. I wouldnt even take the 250 original deal for my club championship. There are 3 driveable par 4's at my home course that I can get close to and I'm not even true wrx long anymore. I think a tour pro would accept...Maybe 290? Slightly below average on tour. Possibly 280. The 250 number is just too low. You are throwing long irons into a majority of tour greens most rounds. Sure dudes will find a guy from 1986 that did it or a random course somewhere that it could work but I thin 280 is the minimum.
  12. Golf is my main hobby and I really didnt have anything else. I took up disc golf this year and had a blast. Free where I live and it was fun to play a new sport that I am terrible at and get to learn from the beginning. Wife and I also picked up pickleball recently which is I believe the fastest growing sport on the planet. That is fun.
  13. They definitely did but the 250 number was more relevant in the 90's and early 2000's when those guys were competitive. There is nobody competitive on the PGA tour right now that hits it near 250. The question was if anyone would take it right now and that list would be close to zero. If 250 in the middle of the fairway would win a bunch in 2022 Bryson could hit a 6 iron off every tee and do that. A guy hitting it 250 would be able to make some cuts on certain courses, never get invited to the Majors where the accuracy plays better and likely loses his tour card in a hurry. Best case Brendan Todd worst case David Hearn as far as 2021 and beyond goes.
  14. Here is one of golfs most renowned analytics guys blowing that to smithereens. "Angles schmangles, literary edition. I open my DECADE seminar saying “stop trying to make birdies”. Technically you are trying to make bird w/ur tee shot on a drivable par 4 or your 2nd shot on a reachable par 5. THE KEY is having discipline once greenside to reassess ur position" The further you hit it the less angles matter. Guys can hit wedges higher and spin them more than others who approach with 6 irons from a perfect angle. That's why the best players in the world hit it really far. Aint nobody choosing to hit it 250 nowadays otherwise you would see guys hit 4 irons all day. They could choose to be 250 in the middle all day...And yet they dont.
  15. The original question: "If a tour player could place their ball 250 yards out would they take that deal" The answer is no. Not even Furyk, not Langer, nobody. Especially not in 2021. I simply said I doubt anyone would take the deal even at 275. Maybe a couple could scrounge out a living there. There is always 1 or 2 that can make up for the disadvantage in other ways. David Hearn is essentially that guy right now.
  16. Langer averages 272 now and he was a 280 guy up until recently.
  17. Furyk averages 280 or so no? Thats still a 30 yard difference. Nobody hits it 250 on tour. Not even close. Maybe in '86
  18. You are probably right haha. I just checked and 250 puts you a nut hair behind Fred Funk in last place.
  19. Not a chance. That literally puts them 50 yards below average nowadays on tour. And distance trickles through the bag so from 7500 yards that poor pro is running hybrids and long irons into greens. Even if you gave them 275 down the middle every time they might not have much of a chance except at a handful of stops a year.
  20. You wont be able to fix him. He can only fix himself. Coming from being :::that guy::: years ago it took some crazy life experiences and perspective to change my ways. I always think about how I was with shame but I am proud of the golfer/personality I have become now.
  21. My lowest rounds and my best out of town rounds always 100 percent start with driver being on point. For me that means going under par and putting a really good one on the board. If I hit it long and straight I have more wedges and shorties into par 4's which I will almost always statistically hit closer than mid or long irons. I can attack par fives and possibly make some low stress easy birdies and I spend all day with no pressure on my game having to chip out or reload or punch over/under/around trouble and waste shots. From there if I can get up and down reliably the times I do miss the green I will escape making big numbers. Chipping #2 for me. Finally its the putter, specifically the 10 foot and in range. If I am rolling it good I will make a couple birdies, drain a few par savers etc. Drive-Chip-Putt for me.
  22. He had a non conforming attachment on the face of his club (Even though it was a stupid trackman dot). It is what it is.
  23. Big time fan as well. A little expensive but good quality and the collar is top notch. I actually like the logo quite a bit.
  24. When there are two tee boxes involved fill your boots. That seems easy enough to handle. Ill still play whatever tees the others are just so we arent standing around separated on different boxes with someone possibly in a line of site or one cart is tucked in front or behind or still moving etc. Or the back box guys are trying to figure out who hits first or if the group in front is reachable etc. It’s all so silly and unnecessary hahaha. Seen it plenty in my 120 rounds a year.
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