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  1. Sweet backyard! my only question is if you are interested in adopting a 37 year old man? I have a Ton of golf clubs if that will sweeten the deal.
  2. Maybe this will be better for him in the long run? He can use this as an excuse to finally quit the sport that was destroying his body without people crying about it.
  3. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2021/02/23/tiger-woods-car-crash-golf-tournament/
  4. Looks like Tiger Woods has been in a pretty serious car accident. Not sure if anyone’s posted on this yet Hope he is okay. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.tsn.ca/tiger-woods-involved-in-serious-car-accident-1.1597753%3ftsn-amp
  5. I looked at the hole when putting traditionally. I found this helped my distance control. For some reason I almost never missed short of the hole when looking at the target but mostly missed short of the hole when looking at the ball. Fast forward roughly 40 rounds of side saddle and I am now thinking about reintegrating this method. At first I couldn’t do it because I would literally hit some putts FAT! lol WTF?!? I’ve recently changed the way I grip my top hand and haven’t hit a putt fat since then. So, now I’m slowly trying to reintegrate looking at the target. For those
  6. It’s almost a sin to make a post like that without pictures or at least a link to follow.
  7. I own the a** kicker shaft in my F22 and like it quite a bit. I first tried a shaft like that with an Odyssey Back Stryke. Not side saddle obviously but enjoyed it. Since I can’t compare with or without I would hazard to suggest that it doesn’t make much of any difference at all. Either choice you would adapt to well enough. The magic is first in side saddle style then in the head design then in the putter insert and by the time you come to the shaft just choose what looks good to your eye. If you are unsure of the shaft go normal. Just my fleeting thoughts.
  8. @Finaus_Umbrella the evolution of my golf?
  9. A pro can have it done in 2-3 days but will cost you a few grand. You could probably get it done in the better half of a week without experience. Generally a random visitor probably won’t be able to tell the difference but you will see the flaws and if inspected with a critical eye most people would be able to tell a non professional did the job.
  10. I’ve never used a GP putter before but his whole deal is to hold the shaft vertically which in this picture you are not. If the shaft was vertical the line would go through the Center of the ball. ive always struggled with this aspect of side saddle. Holding it vertical makes the strike easier and more pendulous but Holding it vertical means the heal is off the ground and the small amount of loft will point the ball slightly to the right for right handed putters. Vertical side saddle causes a smaller sweet spot on the putter face. This is why I have adapted a method of only going vertical w
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