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  1. 87 rounds in 2019. Here are my stats.
  2. You will be fine at 45”. I’m 6’ but even in a niche style I’m an odd-ball standing so upright. I would say I putt with the shaft at 85*. My tendency is to want the shaft vertical but the f22 is quite large and I find somewhere in between vertical and 80* Like anything in life it’s more about preference than anything else. Some say left hand knuckles pointing at target but I find my left wrist wants to bow a little and it’s more of a “punch” facing the target with my left (fulcrum) hand. Keeping your left hand as loose as possible without having your grip slip will al
  3. I started side saddle with a 42” and loved the technique but thought the putter was too short so I got an adjustable length side saddle putter. Cheap price to experiment. I now own an F22 @ 48” and love the upright putting position. Now both Bryson and I game a 48” club lol. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/153852806269
  4. Beautiful clubs, fugly toes, great find, good job!
  5. I’ve always been surprised how well an iron mark blends into a white ceiling. No true horror stores. I’ve accidentally chipped a couple balls into a pane glass window without consequence. It’s only a matter of time, I guess.
  6. Grips cost more than the clubs. ......I hope I don’t lose my tour card
  7. Is that a 10 club bag with a 5hybrid, two chippers, and a 48” putter? lol
  8. I chortled when I read start on wednesday and end on saturday which is exactly what nlu guys said about champions tour. Its just a pass down effect. Since i have zero interest in football i would prefer pga ending on sunday lpga ending on monday/tuesday and champions ending on thur/fri but who cares what i think? I would speculate the poor ratings had very little to do with who won and more to do with the steady decline in quality of broadcast across the board. Fox was ok but the unending cycle of commercials, the boring repetitive talking heads, the budget cut on the graphics and
  9. I wonder how many people had no idea what the specs on their clubs were back then? 50* wedge and a 49* 9iron. Not like they had easy access to precise measuring tools. I mean the variation in hickory alone would be huge by comparison. Hell I had a friend with a set where the guy installed the 7 and 8 iron shafts reverse where the 8i was a longer club. He played for 2 seasons before he noticed lol
  10. It’s true. You can’t expect to be the longest when you miss so many fairways. Not getting much run out in 6 inches of rough
  11. I smile thinking about all the haters out there having an aneurism today. The bulging eyeballs and spittle coming from their lips as they mutter to themselves and whoever will listen; “It’s just not the way the game was meant to be played”
  12. If you golf long enough, are open to golfing with new people, and take your game seriously you will experience this. Its a great feeling, especially if you are golfing well for your standards and not just theirs. And, every now and then, you will be paired up with a 13 year old girl who beats you up and stuffs you in your locker from one tee farther back. As a 37 year old man I was out driving her. Albeit not by much. I think it was the crowd. We were the only two golfers but both her parents, her coach, and three other people who never introduced themselves watched all 18 holes.
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