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  1. I doubt they will forgo memberships all together. Probably just Jack up the price of memberships and not worry about membership shedding. Just like running a ski hill running a golf course requires a ton of upfront capital just to start your season off. I would be surprised if businesses said no to the upfront money that memberships inject.
  2. Oh nice. I had these as heads years ago and never shafted them up. Regrets You had them stripped by someone else or did Epon offer that?
  3. It’s just such a damn good looking iron
  4. Hmm. I have to think about this more. I think maybe you are right.
  5. I hope when they re-release them there will be 90% less stamping on the back. Especially when “Forged” is stamped on a club.
  6. Hmmm. Maybe driving wasn’t the greatest analogy but I guarantee that you have 100-1,000x more driving time than golfing so your skill level is much higher at driving and thus you are able to adapt faster. Maybe parallel parking a rental truck when you own a Fiat 500? Your comments above about just trying the grips and bringing lead tape to the range ring true. I agree there. In fact I think we agree on 90% of this topic. Sure there are outliers and mileage may vary. The only difference is that I believe in your abilities Stuart, and those of the people in the forum, which is arguably more important. There is no swing weight “between the ears” Golf is a mental game first and swing weight is mainly a mental block IMO.
  7. No, I still disagree. A better analogy would be driving a new car for the first time. If you’ve been driving for a while and rent a car on vacation it won’t take you too long to adapt to the new car. I think the same goes for golf clubs an arguably less dangerous pursuit. But, if swing weight is important they make a light version of their grips that weigh the same as a normal grip but are still large.
  8. Jones bags are 100% form over function. I don’t think anyone ever bought one because they were concerned about function.
  9. I can’t comment too much on the science behind swing weight but I can tell you that most people don’t give their abilities to adapt enough credit. Guaranteed, after 5 or so range sessions or rounds of golf you will no longer notice the difference. Your mind will adapt and then ignore the feel change. Think about people who play golf and baseball on a regular basis. Are they incapable of playing golf in the morning then baseball in the afternoon? The swing weight of a batt is a lot different then a club.
  10. Oh damn! Haha Not what I was expecting to see lol
  11. It makes you wonder if we’ve been spoiled for so long with, what feels like, subsidized prices for a round of golf. Sorry to say but $17 for a round of golf is a massive loss to the course that will have to maintain 50 acres of land. The munis are a perfect example be cause they are subsided by our tax dollars.
  12. Cool. Those turned out way closer to the digital than I thought they would.
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