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  1. Do you play them on course or are they collectors only?
  2. The Utopia guy, didn’t he make the side saddle that was clear? Made of plexi or something like that? Maybe I’m listen and thinking of something else. Ice putter.
  3. I doubt the badge weighs very much. It’s essentially an advertisement. It would probably be hard to tell the difference in swing weight. I’d go for it. You could always put a bit of lead on the sole of the club to counteract the loss and still keep the club looking aesthetically pleasing.
  4. I own the HD and I just can’t hit it. It’s too light. Weird sound for sure. The original Ryoma had a super hollow sound as well. Would turn heads at the range like I broke it. lol
  5. If you hit low on the face you’ll benefit from a low profile (pancake) wood. These are also my preference. Ryoma are king in my book but Maruman Conductors are a great easy to hit titanium wood. Slightly closed face for ease of use.
  6. Baby oil soak is very effective way to preserve the looks. can’t wait to see some pics.
  7. I think any technology claims on a badge, that is glued into place, is probably BS to begin with. You’ll probably not notice a difference.
  8. Yeah, I mean you can’t exactly blame the course for not wanting your membership. It would cost that place money to have you lol. Now that the courses are in a position financially to choose they are. I remember working a pro shop in Vancouver 10 years ago. The booking software would always request a credit card on file so the people who booked the tee time would be financially commuted to show up. My boss at the time said they didn’t collect because they couldn’t afford to lose the customer. People not showing for tee times and members paying 5 bucks per rounds was not a recipe for success. We were all lucky and didn’t know how good we had it.
  9. This is all well thought out. Not many people truly understand how expensive it is to operate a golf course. In fact it’s so unprofitable to run a golf course that most courses get half their yearly revenue from weddings and events.
  10. Worst golfers I was ever paired up with was a group of three doctors. Literally their first time playing outside of the range. Hilariously, one of them blasted me in the chest with a massive divot while taking a practice swing on the tee box while facing me. Best part: six years later one of them removed my appendix and remembered me. He was a much better doctor than golfer but told me the three of them still play and are much better. lol
  11. My response to comments. “You must have been awfully popular in high school to think a complete stranger gives a s*** about your opinion” On the long ones my miss isn’t topping it but hitting it fat! lol how the hell do you hit a put fat?! Hahah
  12. C’mon people. You live in Vancouver. Time to get over your rain phobias. I’ve lived here for 38 years and have never owned an umbrella.
  13. That will get tiresome pretty quickly. Sick looking clubs.
  14. I doubt they will forgo memberships all together. Probably just Jack up the price of memberships and not worry about membership shedding. Just like running a ski hill running a golf course requires a ton of upfront capital just to start your season off. I would be surprised if businesses said no to the upfront money that memberships inject.
  15. Oh nice. I had these as heads years ago and never shafted them up. Regrets You had them stripped by someone else or did Epon offer that?
  16. Hmm. I have to think about this more. I think maybe you are right.
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