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  1. I have pretty much cleared out all my Nike gear in the last few months, but will probably keep this setup for a long time: Driver: Nike Vapor Fly Blackout, AD-DI 6s 3 wood: Nike Vapor Fly, AD-DI 7s 5 wood: Nike Vapor Fly, AD-MJ 8s Irons: Nike Vapor Fly Pro (4-PW), Modus 3 105 Wedges: Nike Engage 50 Square, 54 Toe Sweep, 58 Dual sole Putter: Nike Origin B2-01 Ball: Nike Tour Black Volt Bag: Nike Air Hybrid I've also added a few things that I haven't had the heart to let go of: Nike Vapor Fly Pro Driver Nike Vapor Speed Volt Driver Nike Rory Method 006 Putter
  2. Funny, I was about to post the same question about mine as well as they look slightly different.
  3. I have the same two clubs I play the 3+ at 13 and only hit it off the tee and the HL at 16 and hit it mostly off the deck HL Go's about 230-245 3+ around 255-265 so enough of a gap for me to justify playing 2 clubs with only 3 degrees of loft difference. Yes this is exactly what I was thinking about doing. What does the rest of your bag setup look like?
  4. Thanks for the response Airmail. The reason I ask is that I somehow ended up with the following: Nike vapor fly 3+, stock loft @ 13* Nike vapor fly 3hl, stock loft @ 17* Haven't really hit them side by side yet, but seemed like an interesting experiment.
  5. Just curious, anyone bag a 13-14 degree 3+ Strong fairway and a 3hl fairway set around 17-18 degrees?
  6. Beautiful irons, thanks for the opportunity! Been visiting Golfwrx for 5 years and it just keeps getting better!
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