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  1. Can't even bring myself to hate-watch this crap. Watching low-level WTA tennis match re-run instead. Sorry for the negativity. I'll be gone soon enough.
  2. Tiger and Rog were counterparts for a while. Both were beloved, both chasing all-time records. Then Tiger got in some trouble, stopped winning, became uh, less beloved. Meanwhile Roger continued to win, became the statistical GOAT, polished his already squeaky clean image even more. They diverged you might say. Roger is kind of the Jack Nicklaus of tennis now. Rafa is the #2 majors winner, struggles with injuries all the time, as well as hair. He sweats a lot too. Him and Tiger seem to have more in common these days. Both hugely popular but somewhat controversial.
  3. I don't like y'all's attitude. Nobody is holding y'all to a deadline. You're the ones who set these deadlines, then you fail to meet them, then you get super defensive and offer up a bunch of excuses and technical jargon that most people don't really know. Try being cool for a change, people will understand about the software. In other words what is up with all the antagonism, is my question to you. Is this how you really feel about the membership? If this post spells the doom of my account, then so be it. I am done here. But thanks for the memories.
  4. We can't even say that word? What are we going for here, a preschool-level environment? Maybe this is not exactly the right place to make this request, but management, please delete my golfwrx account. I cannot take this anymore.
  5. > @Argonne69 said: > Gyeol Park > > ![](https://dl.dropbox.com/s/9bccvlprl5esw05/2019082713434206901a24cf2d09d112169213231-1.jpg "") > Here in the west, Footjoy stands for shlubby old white guys. Whereas in the far east, Footjoy is for sexy babes, evidently.
  6. > @Redjeep83 said: > funny how he hides this stuff until surgery. Golf isn't team sports, golfers are independent contractors and don't have to disclose jack squat if they don't feel like it.
  7. _"Jin Young is the Queen, don't ya think?" I was like, "Hell yeah, that girl can swing"_
  8. This is Jin Young's tour now. Where is The Maria Show this morning? Her -2 round yesterday should've landed her the starring role in today's telecast.
  9. Whoa, Jordan is like a phoenix, rising from Arizona!
  10. Such a treat this morning. I have always loved Mijung Hur's golf swing. Actually three good looking swings in the final group. Plus really nice scenery and perhaps best of all no stupid American commentators and yes I am talking about Tom Abbott too.
  11. > @NJpatbee said: > If Tiger had even a minor injury and was so far behind after the first round I think he was wise to call it a day. I think he will play next week and if his back holds up make a decent showing. If he doesn't play, the injury may be more serious than he is admitting. This sounds reasonable. I'll step off the ledge, for now.
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