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  1. I have been caddying at Oakmont for a number of years, and we get to see the latest and best equipment. This past season the preferred driver was the TaylorMade M2. Other popular brands were Titleist, Ping and Callaway, in that order.
  2. I have 20 putters, 10 of them Ping's, in my basement and my wife, a lefty has 2. Each putter has it's own story. There are 4 putters that I use on a rotating basis. When one goes into a slump, it goes to the basement and another emerges. (All of these putters are 33" with an oversized grip.) • Ping B60i • Ping Anser 2 • Odyssey White Steel 2 Ball • Odyssey White Hot X9 I've been golfing more than 55 years and only have three remaining from my childhood: • Acushnet Bullseye • Northwestern 200 • Gary Player Shakespeare More Ping putters: • Ping B60 • Ping Anser • Ping Zing 2 • Ping Zing 2
  3. Years ago I experimented with a Tiger Shark jumbo grip, but quickly changed back to the normal grips. My putting got so bad at the end of last year that I thought I would try again this spring. I prefer Lamkin Crossline grips, so I tried their jumbo putter grip. I started out the year by putting it on my Anser 2 putter. I liked it so much that I now have a Lamkin jumo grip on my B60i, G2i Piper H, and White Steel 2-Ball. This time I don't think I'll be going back. I've tried the Winn and Superstroke grips, but I really like the way my hands setup on the Lamkin.
  4. [size=4]I have a Fairway Driver in my bag right now. I remember buying it because I was playing an 8° Callaway Big Bertha Driver which came out in 1991. This particular club was endorsed by Gary McCord. My best guess is that it came out in 1993.[/size] I recall it having a loft of 12°.
  5. I recently bought a set of Ci7 irons (4-pw - 2008) on eBay for less than $100, to be used as my irons during the winter months in Pittsburgh. My summer clubs are Ping i3+ (2003) and my current winter clubs are Hogan Edge (1990). After three rounds I did not find the Wilson Staff irons to be quite as accurate or have the same feel as my current favorites, so now they sit in the basement waiting for the snow to thaw and get a second chance.
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