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  1. Just FYI for everyone, I can have the lofts/lies adjusted on the wedges if you need prior to shipment. Probably adds a day. Adds no cost. Updated Ad.
  2. Thank you for looking. All prices include 2-3day shipping USPS in lower 48 and PayPal fees. ***Update- if you need help getting the wedges set at a different loft/lie please let me know. I'll have adjusted for you at no additional cost. 1.Make: TaylorMade Model: My HiToe 60.10 RAW Loft: 60 (61) Lie: 1.5 degrees flat Bounce: 10 Head Only: Shaft not included Condition: 8/10 Used for about 6 months Price: $85.00 2.Make: TaylorMade Model: Milled Grind RAW Loft: 56.12 SB Lie: 1.5 degrees flat Boun
  3. Through retailer/custom fitter. Mine came from CoolClubs. Just call their 800 number.
  4. Got mine yesterday - 10.5 Speed TD, not LS. Has anyone hit the Mav SZTD next to this one and how similar were the speed/dispersion/spin results? Thanks Robert
  5. Looking for some guidance from wedge grind wedge expert. Nah has a low balance K with what looks like a T grind. Can someone help explain the adjustment he’s made to his low balance K grind and would benefit it would give him/playing characteristic would change? my apologies if this question has been asked but I did a search and couldn’t find it. thanks robert
  6. Thank you for looking. I attempt to reward volume deals with solid discounts. Trades Considered at this time: Raw Vokey T Grind 60-62 Tour issue or Wedgeworks, SM6,SM7, SM8 Fujikura 757 Evolution VII X flex Fujikura 757 Evolution VI X Flex Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 TTH hybrid cover 2. Make: Jordan V Model: Fire Red Size: 10.0 Condition: Used Gently Price: $209.00 3. Make: Jordan V Model: Peace and Love Size: 10.0 Condition: New in Box Price: $239.00 7.Make: T
  7. I play the VI (6) 661 in my driver, and was just fit for the 757 VII (7) for new 3 wood by Coolclubs. Sick accuracy on the 3 wood, and I'll be moving over from a Tensei Blue CKPro 70TX. My suggestion to all of you- go to brand agnostic fitters.
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