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  1. Current atoms black Classic speeder Evo Is I would love a 70x TM tip 45” ! Let’s do this!!!!
  2. Washougal, wa 10.5 2015 Scotty golf 5 11 35” I absolutely will! I will use photos and video to document the comparison. In addition I will recruit some of the guys at my club to provide feedback to include a Canadian tour player.
  3. Current handicap : 10 City, State: Washougal, WA Do you currently use any tracking device? Nikon easyshot, golf buddy platinum How many rounds do you play per month this time of year? 4-6 I would be happy to review this product.
  4. Where are you located (City, State -- U.S. Only Please)? Washougal,Wa How many rounds of golf do you play monthly? 6-9 rounds What’s your golf apparel brand of choice? Why? I don’t really have a brand of choice although I do have more adidas than anything. Primarily due to fit. Have you reviewed items for GolfWRX before? If so, please explain. No If chosen, do you agree to participate in an ongoing review thread? Participation includes but isn't limited to: quality photos yes full initial review yes ongoing participation/feedback through follow-up posts. Yes Will you be able to play/test mid of October (yes or no)? Yes Last, tell us why in 100 words or less why you'd like to review Callaway Apparel. I’m interested in participating in this review because I have little experience with Callaway soft products. Being in the Pacific Northwest keeping warm and dry is important, otherwise your golf season will be very short. That being said,I like to try new products that keep my butt comfortable. October would be a great time for me to test since I have a tournament in the wind, rain and cold (usually). I would like to review Waterproof coat Waterproof pants
  5. This is awesome! With the teaching environment changing to a globally connected one via apps and the like. This product would make for an easy way to tap into the new tools without having grainy out of focus video you can take alone. Plus with the editing feature lets you help yourself by ensuring you are practicing correctly. I love this idea!!
  6. Where are you located (City, State -- U.S. Only Please)? Washougal, WA How many rounds of golf do you play monthly? 6-8 What’s your golf apparel brand of choice? Why? No favorite: all about the the garment performance. How do you hear about new golf apparel products (Tour players, social media, TV/print/digital ads, etc.)? Internet/golfers What outerwear features do you prioritize (comfort, fit, material, price, style, etc.) fit, I tend to be between sizes and sr, lengths adidas does the best from a basic perspective. What do you wish you could find in an outerwear piece but haven’t yet? A great temperature control ( I run hot) with real ability to be utilitarian. What is the average temperature while you are golfing in your area? 53ish 40- 100 Have you reviewed items for GolfWRX before? If so, please explain. No, I have never been selected. If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing adidas Go-To Adapt review thread? Yes Will you be able to play/test the jacket before the middle of October (yes or no)? Oh yes! Finally, we have an essay portion of the application. Please explain why you'd like to review adidas' new Go-To Adapt Jacket. I should be selected because this is like the 30th item I have attempted to review and I exclusively use reviews to make my purchasing fir it were not for reviews I would not have the bag or game I do now. I loving hearing the opinions of others users of products and I would be delighted to do the same for others. I feel I am level headed and fair. I like most things to start, but am definitely objective when needed. Please pick me.
  7. 1. VJ Trolio, 2. John Tillery, 3. Hal Sutton I wonder if it will help my back pain.
  8. All signed up. Wanna test them because I struggle with consistency with the irons and theses look like they would help. Plus when I first started golfing I remember grips having a raised ridge.
  9. Current rain gear: Sunice jacket and pants both Edison I think. Favorite Galway product: all season jacket for sure in black Why I want to win: I live in Washington State and play at least 25 rounds a year in rain, it sucks! But hey! Gotta do it to play!
  10. Current setup: Vokey sm5 50.12, 54.10, 58.04 Handicap: 9.8 Location: Washougal, wa Test club: 58.04 stingray TT
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