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  1. This design seems to be a departure from the the apex designs. Does anyone play these or has played them? I was wanting to get some feedback on opinions of this design and playability. Its hard to to find any opinions or any information, for that matter, on the channelbacks. Any feedback would be great! Thanks.
  2. I am curious to know how the 1988 Redline compares to the 1999 Apex. I had a set of the 1999 blades but sold them a while back, regretfully. I am going to buy another set but was curious to know how the Redlines compared. I have heard that many think it's Hogans best iron made. The 1999 is buttery smooth and has a fairly generous sweetspot for a blade. Do these clubs have the same feel and is the sweetspot size similar? I can hit the 1999 Apex but it does have a generous hitting zone for a blade. Will striking the Redlines prove to be more difficult? Any input would be very appreciated
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