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  1. Yes, this is still available. And I also know Robbie well, he just refit me into another one in my new driver. You know he has an amazing product when Bernhard Langer has hit his shaft in his hybrid for years and years.
  2. 9* Sim driver with RT Technologies x-stiff shaft. I used this last year, and some of this year. In great shape. Includes headcover. $260 obo shipped to the conus. pin 8/31
  3. 1. Bettinardi BB8 303 SS Limited Run - Registry # RJB8158. This has never seen the course. I rolled it on my putting mat in the house and thats it. $900obo 2. Bettinardi BB0 short neck "Dust" putter. 34". This has a Fujikira Motore Speeder stiff flex graphite shaft in it. It also has a lime green Bettinari deep etch grip. This is in 9.5/10 shape. SOLD 3. Bettinardi KM1 Counterbalance Dass Armlock putter. 40" long. In perfect shape. $700obo 4. Kuchar Model 2 Arm lock. 39 3/4". SOLD 5. Bridgestone Bettinardi "Tour" Logo Four pack of balls. $125obo 6.TM M4 3 Wood w/ Tensei Blue Stiff shaft. Is still in great shape, I hardly used it. SOLD 7.TM M4 5 Wood w/ Atmos Stiff Shaft. Also in great shape. SOLD 8.TM M3 5 Hybrid. Extra Stiff shaft. Like new SOLD 9.Odyssey Metal X 7 Arm Lock. Like new. 43". SOLD 10. Edel E-1 Putter. This was custom, so it has 'JLB' on the sole. Like new. $200obo. All prices are shipped to the conus. NO TRADE INTEREST AT THIS TIME****
  4. As the title says....Sim Rocket 14* 3 Wood with a factory installed Graphite Design Tour ADIZ -7 Extra Stiff flex shaft. I hit MAYBE 10 balls with it, so it is basically brand new still. I am sticking with my other wood setup so I am selling this. Its an absolute bomber, which is really why it doesn't fit in my club gapping. $550 obo, shipped to the conus. NO TRADES AT THIS TIME. Thanks
  5. See your pro, or find one, or even find an online coach to get some help on this. IMO, usually the toe hit/miss is caused by the right shoulder ( for a righty ) or trail shoulder getting to quick at the top and opening your shoulders to early, as opposed to staying closed and bringing the club into the ball inside and on the correct path. If the right shoulder gets quick, you have got your upper body in front of the lower and you pull the handle inside, thus the club path is inside, and you hit the toe or outside of the face. It usually isn't a super difficult fix, and it will make a massive difference in ball striking. I am guessing you hit a lot of thin and low shots? A good coach can get you straightened right out.
  6. P790's have been played for two seasons. These are the first generation. I had Lamkin Cord grips put on the 5-AW at the beginning of this year, the 4 iron was never really in my bag, so it has the original grip on it I bought on the set. I purchased these directly from TM. They are standard L/L/L. SOLD Scotty Cameron TeI3 Terrylium Long Neck Putter. 34". This has a new traxion 1.0 pistol grip on it. It was refinished by the putter spa and is absolutely mint. $650obo shipped to the conus. NO TRADES AT THIS TIME. THANKS
  7. Jordan V Low, Size 10.5. I have never even taken these out of the box they came in. $325 OBO shipped to conus. New Level 902 irons. 4-PW in mint condition, as the pics show. These have Nippon Modus 3 Tour 125 Shafts in them. They are standard L/L/L. $550 OBO shipped to CONUS. In great shape, I have had it for maybe six months, which were mostly winter months. Brand new Lamkin tour cord midsize grip. Mitsibushi Tensei Orange stiff shaft. NOT INTERESTED IN TRADES. SOLD Bettinardi BB0 short neck "Dust" putter. 34". This has a Fujikira Motore Speeder stiff flex graphite shaft in it. It also has a lime green Bettinari deep etch grip. This is in 9.5/10 shape. The "dust" name refers to the finish Betti put on it that gives it a little but of a natural dusty look. $500 OBO shipped to CONUS.
  8. I had these installed last week. Went to the range and realized I made a HUGE mistake. So these are basically new and were professionally removed. 11 grips total. 10 gray and 1 blue $100 obo shipped to the conus.
  9. Totally depends on your foot type and size. I recently got some Puma Ignite nxt lace shoes. SUPER comfortable but spikeless. If you can find any of the adidas tour knit 360, they’re also very comfortable. I feel like most major brands probably make a super comfortable shoe now in some style. It’s all about getting what fits your foot the best.
  10. > @jogle4 said: > After doing a little sleuthing and trial and error, I figured out my problem. I use a 3rd party ad blocking app called Purify on my iPhone and iPad. When I went into Safari settings and disabled Purify the comments showed up. I then added forums.golfwrx.com to the whitelist in the Purify settings and the forums work as they are intended. THAT WAS IT!!!!!!!!!!! I have a popup ad blocker on my phone. I went in and whitelisted golfwrx and BOOM, it worked perfectly!!!! I can't thank you enough. If anyone else sees this, this is a HUGE help! Thank you friend!!!
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