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  1. Thanks so much for all the info everyone. It’s going to help me out planning our day and trip.
  2. I have had no issues in the past, global golf is a good company
  3. I agree with previous comments. The end results are close on similar strikes, but I do feel I get away with more when the G410+ or G400max than the LST
  4. Are there posted tee times for the practice rounds at the Masters or is it just you see whoever happens to be out that day? I have Tuesday tickets this year and have never been. Thanks for any info and tips!
  5. The Cobra F8+ is a great driver and you can usually get really good deals on them. My personal go to recommendation for someone looking for what you are looking for would be the Ping G400 reg or max. Both of those set up neutral and like the new G410, it can actually be set a little flatter with adjustments to the loft, which would help with misses to the left. I have always used the Ping Tour shaft on my drivers and it performs just as well as anything.
  6. Here are a couple, difficult to show the whole number
  7. I bought this Portland style putter of ebay with a flow neck in a sea mist like color. My question is about the serial numbers, it has a serial number on the stroke lab shaft 6T.... and there is a serial number laser engraved towards the heel of the putter. Is this normal for a garage putter or even a tour issue. Anyone else have or know of this. Reached out to odyssey but they would not help. I was just wondering because this combination is not available to order online. Thanks for any info.
  8. Yes they were authentic, I have also bought items from ksouth without issues.
  9. $750 shipped, need to get these sold, Orange dot but can be bent to any lie angle needed.
  10. **** For sale New Ping I 500 irons 4-PW with project LZ 5.5 shafts. I hit the pitching wedge a few times on the range all other irons have not been hit. Standard L/L. $850 shipped OBO SOLD Ping G 400 3 Wood Stretch with Ping Tour stiff shaft (75g), Golf pride midsize grip
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