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  1. Mid 90s my Ping isi wedges worked,bunkers were a breeze and i didnt know any better.2010 sold Ping,bought cool looking forged Mp t10 mizuno wedges,skull skull and more skulled balls.Found cleveland 588ta......and vokey 200s with wider soles.....wedges DO matter
  2. Sometimes you have to buy complete wedges to keep the shafts you want long term!
  3. With the std 110 mph golfwrx swing, a 4 degree gap too the 3i is AOK.
  4. Cgasucks,same Jacked Lofts as my MP33s! Thanks for posting!!
  5. Good save! With ping putters, i have pulled 3 shafts too Coke the heads and been unable too pull shafts on many others.So well done.
  6. Great video...265+...smash over 1.5...Yup,hot face!
  7. Ping Created, Others copied. Theres the Anser. Play you best. See ya latter Pal!
  8. Specs,weight,torque,price on the NS Pro? Im ok with stock shafts,but keen on a kbs ct tour or similar affordable alternatives!
  9. Ok,well they are 1.5 inches short,and i note the pictures from GG Team Member, trade them in,learn from this, read up on the Ping Colour Code System.Are you std fit eg Black? Knowing this helps, just look on ebay for Ping Black Dot plus 1 in the future.
  10. Eye Line,where is straight etc too target line,may i suggest find a field, get 50,9,8 and ten balls each.You may have too just set up too your wedge with a closed stance too get it flying straight,vs open as many are taught. Find a 100m target and clarify where you are aiming/actually hitting them.
  11. Well,around 2011 they had some really great replacements,Cleveland Classic,a fab cool lookin driver.But,.....they went lite weight on the shafts...46,50ish with those myazakis,and the follow on models lost huge market share vs more conventional 913,g25ish competitors that were at and stayed at the Top of their game! That was also the Cg16 eragreat irons and wedges.
  12. Faldo was sort of genius back then...so hes probably in a backhanded british way...in aw of Bryson and his achievement,physique,and higher IQ than the Commentary Crew
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