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  1. Possible yes,but ruin resale value.Checkout Suitable Vokey or Cleveland low bounce,usually 58 or 60 degree. Vokey M are mid bounce,with wedges its best to buy and try and sell if dont like.
  2. When your at 10.5 and Solid Feel,its likely your shaft has a good Spine match at that Quarter Turn.Simple as that.Only by swapping to another shaft can you check this. Good rollout is the bonus yardage......I just sold on i20 that i knew i wasnt maximising distance with...the 915 3wd at 15.75 was almost as long yesterday...thats who we buy sell here on golfwrx
  3. Weight,Face Angle,Lie Angle. Flatter lie angle and non closed face,then weight of the Head.I buy sell a lot,even iron sets with MP on them can have a heavy or lite head in the set eg +8 grams. Need too know real loft for that tweener fwy eg 16 16.5 17 17.5 and 58,57.56 degree lie angle. ps just repainted and reshafted my TM Vsteel 5... nice sqr face..same turf interaction as TM SIM i am told...
  4. Search Callaway Great Big Bertha..i think that started the faster updates....then TM got the Bubble Shaft and that was cool...and my PingZing metal woods were suddenly old...but the TISI tec responded...what a Winner ! memories.....
  5. Interesting you chose 6 iron via OL set.I read these OL threads and seems many seek easy too hit 765 irons.I was hitting beautiful 6 irons and good 5 irons last sat, my first range session for NZ Summer so looks like i will be happy as is.Buy a used OL Cobra full set then you can rebuild any combo you need?Clearly,there are members who Love this OL setup.Enjoy the journey!
  6. Had J33cb 5 years ago,rebuilt,regripped,a great set.Moved to MP63 and MP33 sets so i dont chase distance! Bidding on 695cb's today.....plenty of great classic gear out there that will look great with a new set of GPTV's....
  7. I could be wrong,only sold my mint sm2 red a year ago, i just didnt think they or xtour spun as much as xforged. But the xforged i had were short.vs a similar Vokey. Just my experience.Happy with sm7 54 and rtx2 60.Both Superb Feel,ok spin.
  8. Congrats on finding the extra 17 yards? The sldr S was a long time favourite with ex wrx member Bobcat.Looks like Sim is worthy replacement for V Steel!
  9. So a week ago in nz..716mb 4..pw sells $1300nz,say 850us...4 years old...so string demand.. a set of T100 ex demo similar price,so i can agree with ex demo price...
  10. Will be very similar.Ferrules from Golfworks,24hr epoxy,i use 2 tubes of Araldite,have digital scales,helps if you buy a swing weight scale.
  11. Cost was like $3... so give it a go next time.I cut 1 and a quarter inch pieces,3 years ago on some Mizunos.1 to 2 grams each.
  12. Impact. Where you hit the ball on club face.I didnt realise so many struggled to hit in the Centre.Im a Simple Person,i dont overcomplicate.I got golf lessons from Great People.All these Coaches,3 over 25 years said the same thing...wow You Listen too me.My swing thought...nothing.Im with Pinestreet,Bryson has put a huge effort in too golf,and just happens to use SL.Thats Cool.Great too see Cobra winning.Im from the Greg Norman era.Carisma,Style,etc.This is WRX, use whatever makes the best IMPACT on your confidence,smile,score,funfactor
  13. Just spend an hour chipnrun practice each week for a month....have that skill at say 90% then a ReFresh Putting lesson then Sand lesson...then ready too Go.Get a NEW bag for the Great Old clubs....others will ask..heyy..new bag...ohhh...so the clubs didnt change i am picking up a classic white Ping bag 10am today!
  14. Love WRX...the OLD ST180....in NZ thats still new...great club!!
  15. Just buy one and get going.Every Summer i buy 3 putters too test vs Gamer Scotty. Others opinions are not the same!
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