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  1. SM6 still good,and SM7.SM8 sorta werent as..umm..popular.My guess is SM9 will revert back to a cog like 6,7. The next model has actually been sighted via JDM sites so do a search. You could just keep your sm6 pair and try one FullFace,HiToe specialty wedge,new Mizunos in 20 days if you have been a Mizuno guy in the past.RE Losing wedges, i run straight back..300,450 yards and get it.
  2. Around 42 inches is a good club length on 3,4,5 woods.43 is way too long for me so 42.25 makes a big difference in consistency.
  3. Zipcore has TheEdge my 52regular my 58fullface What if Santa let me strip them and CopperDip them like a Mizuno...hmmm
  4. Possibly they realised people like Classic Design, hence less lettering, non insert,great BRG cover,i can see me buying one of those!!So where is the Rossie 11CS
  5. DgS200 would be softer,DgR300 softer again.The latest releases,2017 on of DG120,the Dg120S is 116? grams, 8ish grams lighter,should help.
  6. 945 always looked a Beautiful Iron..like Z Forged The i5's are a suprise, G5s were a favourite! Plenty of great Classics out there to rebuild and Love again.
  7. Well, if you use your wedges as often as your in the kitchen,shouldn't wear at all
  8. Rossie 11 love them,went to a 2 hour putting class 7 years ago,two of us had them...while being video,d i tapped in a 25 footer in front of Class and Coach..great memories!
  9. 54,60 were my go to last 18 months,with 60 really just in Sand.Got a mate plays 60 so often...and it looses him shots often..i am confident my new full face 58 will be good enough in sand and drop n stop.
  10. 5 balls each... the 47 to 50 may not be much gap so check each.Do you like,love hitting any 1 or 2 of them?....thats your initial Test to try out.
  11. As always,look to buy when there is a Seasonal Change.Right now demand is greater than Supply...so wont be much discounting on Desireable Products.My recent 2 wedge purchases were because those folks bought other similars and dumped what i bought! I then sold two older but Desireable wedges so i upgraded no cash out.
  12. Welcome,great bag. Watch the 2ndSwing video test of Titleists 910 913 915 916 ts tsi..12 minutes of education and 7 yards...Wedges, reward yourself with a fresh set,Cleveland,Callaway,new Copper Mizunos ,October,very soon...Again 1ish degree flat keeps them anti left 3 wood options are endless..search Callaway Mavrik,and loft up 4wd 16.5,its neutral,non hook.. Irons,great combo set,regrip and Play. Hybrids, i just grabbed a Ping G410 22,this can be set Flat Lie eg no hook.. and lofts +-1.5 so 3 degrees variance vs no adjust. Best regards,Roger
  13. Don't File it... Actually, you need a hammer..there have been threads here on how to refurbish wedges with say 200 smallll taps from the hammer.You do need to practice this first though on a less important club.3 years ago i bought a gouged up Callaway wedge and did a 90% fix on it! But it took a lot of hits,say 20 at a time to slowly spread the soft metal,bit by bit...practice on another older forged wedge first.
  14. Breezy Congrats on the fresh irons and Happy Face,we all know that smile and confidence that a Complete set of irons brings....may i ask your iron swing speed and how far that 4i is going please. Your comments on head size vs mmc interesting,and Nixhex,s reply always interesting.I genuinely think the 2021 T100 is to be the Camry/Accord go to.....
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