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  1. Putter Ping and Scotty..classic Newport and Anser, Irons Mizuno. Just grabbed a 905T, may repaint and reshaft in a year as getting Timeless and have a spare ex 915 diamana..just bought a TM200 3 wood again..mint....thats me for this week,
  2. Mizuno shafts 0.335 fwy,driver.
  3. Sell stuff 50% of the time...isnt it obvious..than diversify..all Callaway...all Ping...all Mizuno..etc so after ten years on wrx your back to where i started..Mizuno and mp62 and mp100 being 33s. Was it worth the ride? Of course!
  4. Anything anytime...i just saw an as new 56-9 rtx 4 forged....bend to 57-10,58-11 and match with denim copper 53.......hmmm so im always looking
  5. Buy used set you know you like. Play these and then decide next step, can you buy heads off ebay, assemble yourself?
  6. Many Mizuno iron are around 1 degree flatter,thats how they do it and as im Ping Red Dot thats just fine for me!
  7. A good wrxr would buy both and report back.I have zipcores 52 and 58ff and very happy with them.Still got the 900 and rtx2 spares.. Denim Copper by next Xmas in 54 or 58 if all goes well....they just look Special..
  8. Theyve gone too far this time...... Literally! So 255yd carry average,delivered the Lowlow target spin,met the Design goals for the Ad,Marketing guys.....last xmas i bought an as new new ts3 3wd...that someone else couldnt hit.,couldnt launch it,sold it.I still Love Titleist..just bought a 905T 10.5 with easy launch ys6 yesterday
  9. Trust Mizuno... mp60 mp63 mp52,53 mp59 These are cheaper older great intro to Mizuno options with no flyers! Grab a better Putter? Ping anser, old scotty newport two,odyssey rossie 11, and yes!, only hit outside off the turf! Well done!
  10. Also if you want the set pw to look new, replace it early...but, as a used 5 year old 50F sm5 is over a third of the price of my 2009 mp62s, i sold the sm5....actually 45% ....in NZ right now! ps a nice SM5,6,7 feels just as good as the MP wedge!
  11. Beautiful,thats the wrx spirit and Labels are Superb.
  12. Love them Obans...what are the chances 80% of clients neeed them to maximise profits..sorry..carry and spin
  13. Loved the 2010 Vr420cc, theres no way i would be seen with that Nike in my bag...
  14. Just come back from testing my old tired mp100's..eg 33s 7 iron is 36 degree as per cga and yardage is entirely predictable,accurate,with nice forged feel and they im Happy trampolines are for Kids i was told...
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