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  1. Well done for starting this, lets talk Spin.For a 100mph player, whats a good spin level in 2021? eg 2600 rpm? for a likely 255yard drive with a slight fade or draw so no major issues....(so a rare fitting...)and lets say ts vs tsi or 917 to tsi with a Tensei Blue 65. Im keen too see how these popular options can be optimized.Cheers,Roger
  2. As a NewZealander, we just want her too Win again.If it takes a CS too get her Centre Stage, yeeha. Love the Video.............
  3. GDI Pershing would be the miracle find!! YS6 smooth and midhi.The duamana illima 61 ,in red, may also work,915 pull?? cheers
  4. I herd the old Pings went too PXG and made Sandwiches..springy clubs with no Feelings the 410/425 fairway/drivers look superb....im in Rapture but not trading up!
  5. Srixon/Cleveland/Mayazaki too me was a dead duck..2012ish they had huge range then they went Lite..43 is all you need they said...how may driver sales did they loose 2014 to 2020....now fwys drivers are back too 60 65ish grams and its a Happy WorldYes the Irons are superb,but they threw away all those 2yr 3yr replacement sales on Cleveland Classics.....(and i loved the Style!)
  6. Try a shorter back swing..stop at 10pm..and get some lead tape, try 3 grams tape on the 6,5 irons.If your struggling on 8,7 irons you need too start again!There is always one special club,and it may not be possible to have the others feel the same! Been there done that.Wedge Flex around 120ish grams, my dgr300 125ish,your dgr105 a lot less.
  7. Would the ball make a difference?What are you using?What shafts are you using?
  8. Nike Vr Tour 2011 420cc..i miss you....fairway finder and cool styling!
  9. Demand for used raw is high in NZ..just saw a very used raw 60 rtx2 go for $70nz,50us..i have black 50sm5 and black 54sm7. May look at Sub70 new raw offerings..
  10. Last march i bought an old Rapture,subsequently sold the i20...and im reaching good distances and in the middle some days also...its a good smooth combo,just saw a real tired one sell for double what i paid !
  11. Pickup at the Freight Depot only.......no boxes, wonderful partner......
  12. 917/tsi lets say 8 to 15yards.over xmas i spent 6+ hours doing putting practice,learnt a lot,i became a lot more automatic at putting...especially from 5 yards!My best gains are putter then 19 and 16 degree fwys.
  13. Congratulations on taking the time to bring it back too Brand New.That amount used too be a lot, but not now vs other lesser products brand new.Enjoy!
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