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  1. 12 + 2=14 of weight so 14+14 is a lot more.A mate bought the normal Mavrik 10.5 lefty a week ago,its 46.5inch delivered.I chopped to 45.5 and has 4gr weight. Try lead tape from Golfworks.1 check length..eg 45.5. 2 total weight in grams.. 3, what shaft 4, add pic of club face so we can see impact marks.
  2. 5 years ago i was on top of a hill that runs down 170m to a green,big trees right to catch you,and im next to a guy with AP1s, big wide sole,and he slams it 3 feet from the Pin....so i learned to shut up..play what works.The added mass,central mass, toe weights,be it 5 grams etc,its tech that works for us,a bit like ElectricCars..its the new world..so embrace the change.
  3. Hollow head gives Trampoline Effect,bounce,so its been discusses 4 days ago Taylormade P790hollow vs P770 less hollow, thread.Its genuinely worth more time spent on say 8iron practice,but be wary of GolfRange time creating elbow issues.
  4. Had one 5 years ago,superb club,9 degree,but i needed 10.5! Buy one if you have opportunity to.
  5. I got 58Zipcore FFas it was like ex demo,and normal 52,like them both,but you need your opinion here....so many great choices tm,cally,clevo..
  6. B60,Anser,Pal Rapture V1,G5 10.5 MP60x2 MP33x2 now MP100 TmBurnerTp 17.5 now with gdi Pershing 917 10.5 also... HoganApexPlus irons so im a good Wrx,r,no guilt, if you like a club,always buy two,compare,keep the best weighted,feeling,or lofted one.No two are identical!
  7. Ping G410,flat lie option,its Automatic,smooth shaft.
  8. What Irons,what shafts please? and remember normal sized 100kg guys tend to snap 85gram ClevelandTraction shafts eg in CG16 irons
  9. 140 to 175 yard midhi fade to Pins hence 4,22 G410 hybrid. Putting,Chipnrun,Sand play,Fairways hit,im ok there....
  10. Congrats! I only have 13 more to buy..so a few weeks in WRX land...
  11. Pink BiMatrix... great shaft,im just not too good with Pink...
  12. Yes,and around every 2 years they get updated....
  13. go to that tourspec link re Japanese Titleist further up the page.
  14. Royal Grip PerfWrap,i have put these on my spare sets for 3 to 4 years,nice grip.GPTV still my no1 go to.
  15. mp62 are easier to hit,semi gi Then,go thru your bag slowly and work on other gear,make all areas of the bag work,gel well.Overall aim to improve the scoring ability of every club in bag,plus have as close to an Automatic Swing ready for all clubs,howzat?
  16. So on tuesday i bought a mint 11 year old 3..pw set of MP62 irons,fresh m31 grips,just got to my field on sat,sun to test.Remind me of J33cb with more mass and thats just Fantastic.Also 3 iron 620Cb to be shafted. Got 20 degree 7w V steel and 22,4hy G410 also.Over xmas i spent 10plus hours putting practice,grip,pendulum,ball forward,centre,back of Centre and i practice up to 25m putts as i have EyeLine Alignment issues.Had both cataracts and fresh glasses over last 4 years ping pal and Newport 2 both at 34, 340ish grams.917d3 or rapture v1 10.5,nothing low spin.......last summer my best was 4 pars in 9 holes,i do 1hr practice, play 9.Out season just starting and just hit balls first time in 2 months because of covid restrictions,swing seems okIf i can set my 4hybrid to a High Fade,thats what i need to get to the greens where i play
  17. Read the threads,congrats for putting the time,effort,thought into this Combo,thats the WRX Spirit
  18. HallieDog,yes,the Ping G10,G15,G20 Extra Thick Sole..
  19. So my 62s i bought on Tuesday are looking like a well timed Great Buy...
  20. Its just about which one you Love Using..i just sold a 50 sm5 that was Superb.I dont buy in to the water repelant coatings spiel...but i know a Solid Pw,W when i hit one.Loft,Lie can be adjusted,as can shaft,sw wt, grip etc to blend in the gaps you need.I practice early on dewey grass,its just another swing to me.Just bouggt a near mint set of MP62..so its a HappyWeek.The latest Mizuno wedges may be a Defining Benchmark for this Decade........
  21. Thanks Howard, Your comments much appreciated re Gold Standard +-1.5gram and 0.89 gram 1cpm,1 foot higher Apex,Soft Step=4CPM and Club2Club 6.35CPM Time to PIN your comment for Reference
  22. 3Iron 620CB So i bought it with snapped shaft,pulled shaft,tip weight stuck....eventually watched WRX video,added Olive Oil, heat,success..HoganApex shaft ready to go,thanks to Ryan Barath Video
  23. heyhey i just bought one for practice 90 days ago! Cool design.
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