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  1. I asked on a FB post about walking. They will allow it. IMO it's not too hard to walk. There are a few shortcuts if you know where they are. There are a few tough walks though like 4 to 5, 8 to 9, 9 to 10 just long but easy, and then the walk to 18 tee. You have to walk it IMO to REALLY appreciate it, because you can take in the beautiful views that much more.
  2. Played this morning. What used to be... Lots of weeds now, and the greens are still true but slow..maybe ran 9 today. Used to run 11+. Greens were inconsistent in terms of firmness. Still worth one last play, but don't get your hopes up too much.
  3. Just have to clarify. He paid not a cent for our round. I don't mind paying (though this course isn't worth the guest fee). I ALWAYS reciprocate when he takes me there by buying the next round for us. We have done that twice now, fyi. So you've played with him before and came back for more. We have never had a situation this this before. By the way I'm in for the poker game. I'll go all in blind every 5th hand, too, lol.
  4. Just have to clarify. He paid not a cent for our round. I don't mind paying (though this course isn't worth the guest fee). I ALWAYS reciprocate when he takes me there by buying the next round for us. We have done that twice now, fyi.
  5. Agreed, he hasn't really gotten upset about the responses. My problem is he responded to one of the few people who agreed with him with "Appreciate that you got the point", as if the rest of us didn't get it. We all got the point. Sorry if I came across that way. That's the last thing I want. I should have said "I appreciate that at least some other people agree with me". I also appreciate those that don't. We are all flawed and I'm very open to improving upon my own flaws. What I've learned here is that not everyone thinks about situations in the same way, and I'm glad to hear about all the differing opinions. I'll be sure to consider that if I'm ever in a situation like this again. I think the best answer so far is if invited again I will opt out of any "games".
  6. Appreciate that you got the point. And thankfully this guy is not my boss.
  7. If you didn't really care about anything then this thread wouldn't exist. I said I didn't care about the consequences of ignoring business hierarchy concerns. I do care if I'm being overly inflexible, or even selfish by wanting things to be fair. I care about being an honest person. I care about what others on this forum whom I respect think about the situation.
  8. I wonder if some of this has to do with time of day when you play it. Or maybe I just wasn't around when it was truly firm and fast. But when I play it it's always in the afternoon and it plays pretty firm and fast. I can use the slope on 6 and my drive if hit will will make it down the hill on 9, as 2 examples.
  9. Good point. Just reiterating he paid nothing for this round, but your point is well taken.
  10. When I lived in Scottsdale I would rotate between Prescott and Apache Stronghold. I like Prescott Golf and CC, but it's not a course you play on a vacation. Stoneridge is scenic and kind of fun. Very target oriented. Sedona would be a good call - lots of good reviews of Oakcreek CC. Sedona golf resort is enjoyable. Apache Stronghold is by far the worst condition but the best design. Aside from Southern Dunes it's my favorite course in AZ that I have played. The greens roll well out there and everything else I can look past as fsr as conditions go.
  11. golfandfishing, you are right about my flaws. I am aware of them. I've learned to accept them and frankly if I was supposed to be flexible in order to give him an unfair advantage, I just can't process how that is acceptable. The biggest issue here is when confronted, he simply stomped his feet and demanded his way.
  12. You are right. Also, that picture is quite old now. I need to update it with a new one that includes both of my little ones.
  13. Are you implying that due to my opposing a person who ranks a little higher than I do in the company, I will be sent to the North Pole to do research? That might be fun :) (aside from the cold weather) edit: spelling
  14. I figured my position would be mostly unpopular. I'm just going to reiterate that I don't care about the money. I also don't care about impressing the VP with my golf game or personality. It's just not important to me. I would rather be disliked at work than stand for people who think they can make up their own rules. I'm comfortable with my skills and my position currently. In fact, I recently made a lateral move out of a management position for exactly this kind of crap that would happen in the office. In my opinion, people should try to be fair and follow rules in competition. Rules in other areas of life....not that necessary. But when it comes to measuring something and deciding who wins something, rules and standards need to be followed. Honestly, if I never get invited again that's fine. I don't care. I can play golf by myself or with people who I have a good opinion of instead of slogging through what was mostly a tedious and intense day. I was so mad, then just totally focused on trying to kick his arse that it was more like a tournament round (completely draining) than a casual skins game. The only good thing that came of it was the satisfaction of hitting tons of good shots with that focus. I appreciate the responses in this thread - it helps me understand how others would think about this situation and shape my politically correct actions. When we see each other at the office, I won't mention anything about it. I'll be sure to thank him again for having me. I know how I'm "supposed" to act and what I "should" say.
  15. So a VP at work had a free foursome to give away at his country club. It's not a great course, but good and it's private. He set up a fivesome skins game with himself, myself, and 3 other guys for this afteenoon. The deal was 1 dollar per hole, we all play the blues and he plays the senior tees (he is about 62 IIRC). The other day I texted him that I calculated his course handicap at 19, and due to the course rating differential he gets 15. He objected and demanded 19. Then today he again demanded 19. Then, on hole 5 I found out he also doesn't have to pay into skins, but can win. He made a number of comments today rationalizing his "rules". He ended up with 8 skins. I hit 15 greens, shot 72 on a 72.3 course, and I walked away with 1 skin. Had he played by the rules my birdie on 13 holds up (a 200 yard par 3 that I stuck my 5i to 4 feet on) and I end up with 6 skins, up $12 instead of down $14. The results don't matter, but it adds to the sting. I came away from this experience with the decision that he thinks he can make his own rules up instead of following the usga rules. I also decided he is not the kind of person I want to play golf with anymore. I realize it was nice of him to invite us, but that doesn't erase the egregious character flaws I saw today. What do you guys think? Am I overreacting?
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