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  1. Well I do have the newest boxes on the bottom. Gotta keep the stock rotated right !!!!
  2. The 1-plane swing didn't make me drastically better as I would hover around 8 - 12 handicap. What it did for me is make me WAY MORE consistent. My bad shots aren't near as bad and I very rarely have any penalty strokes now. Handicap hovers between 5 - 8 now.
  3. Funny, that's exactly what I did. Did there Bryson swing with pretty good success for probably a year or so. Problem is there isn't much detail or in depth teachings on his swing anywhere. So when I was off for any period of time I had to figure it out myself by watching his swing videos. While searching for that I came across Todd Graves' websites and started learning / following his swing methods. Watched everything I could on him on You Tube and did buy the book as well. Pretty consistent with it now. Only thing that gives me trouble from time to time is the driver.
  4. Man I love the deep face on this and I'm sure it will be in my bag at some point in time here in the very near future.
  5. This is there case with me as well. I normally swing relatively hard anyway. But I always get the best results from the Autoflex when I really go after it. I just have to remind myself of this before each tee shot.
  6. Well for me it was looks first, the milled look and the back design really look sharp. And then feel for sure with a little bit more forgiveness. To be honest there was no performance gain or loss, still hit all irons the exact same distance. With that being said the XP's are about 5 yards longer than my "P" series. I believe the lofts are a little stronger on them.
  7. SEP1006

    Pearland, TX

    Man, Sweetwater used to be really nice and I loved playing there when I got the opportunity. If I'm not mistaken ( I am old though ) years ago they used to host the JC Penney classic for the LPGA.
  8. Luckily for me I fell into category #1 with the SF505. No swing changes or adjustments at all, basically and plug and play!!!
  9. SEP1006

    Pearland, TX

    That may have been misleading. The neighborhood that surrounds the course is now called Silverlake. The Course itself may / may not be called Southwyck anymore. I'll have to confirm with my buddy at the gym next time I see him. Main thing is whatever it is called the course isn't well maintained at all and pace of play is pretty slow.
  10. I swapped out my 10.5* ( lofted down to 8.5* )Sim Max head which weighed 194 grams. To a Sim Max 8* ( play at 8* ) Head weighing 199 grams and it has made the driver even better. I've never looked forward to hitting my driver as much as I do now.
  11. I've had this putter since they came out. The white circle definitely helps and the alignment aids make lining up both short and long putts so easy to line up. I myself really don't focus on either, just the whole putter in general.
  12. SEP1006

    Pearland, TX

    I've lived in Pearland since 1981 and still do. Southwyk ( now Silverlake ) has gone a little downhill. Also the pace of play out there is really slow. One of the guys I work out with is a Marshal there and says they basically have no control out. And the Pro Shop will not back them up. Clear Creek stays in pretty good shape for the amount of play it gets. I haven't played there in a while but do have a couple of buddies as well as my son that does.
  13. I played the Adams Pro A12 Hybrids for years and the PXG's are the only ones to ever knock them out of there bag.
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