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  1. Why is this a thing?? Because it's Golfwrx and anything that's as little different gets "flamed". Whether its DeChambeau, PXG, Stack and Tilt or whatever!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I've never seen that 4 iron before, curious if it was made especially for him or what.
  3. I have played every generation of the PXG irons until the next Gen came out. I will say that there is a significant difference between the Gen 2 and the Gen 3's. With that being said and even though I play the Gen 4's I do not think there is a big difference between the 3's and 4's. Maybe a hair more forgiveness and a little softer feel but nothing significant. If price isn't an issue and you just want them ( my case ) then get the 4's. If you're looking for value then get the Gen 3's. You won't be dissappointed.
  4. I had always ( and still do to a point ) not liked the look of Hybrids for whatever reason. Played 2, 3 and 4 irons and hit them relatively good the majority of the time. Finally about 10 years ago ( 63 now ) I couldn't deny the fact that they were more forgiving and easier to hit. Got a set of the Adams Idea Pro A12 and haven't looked back, got the 17*, 19* and 22*. A few years ago replaced them with the PXG Gen 2's. Believe it or not TO ME they are even easier to hit than the Adams.
  5. Signed up and thanks for this opportunity. Ball - Tour B XS Score - obviously a little to late on this one but I would have loved to see DeChambeau win again.
  6. I would say why wait, get the graphite shafts now before your aches and pains become chronic. That's what I did back when and have no regrets. Today's graphite shafts are every bit as good as steel.
  7. The MMT's are great shafts. Very smooth and great dispersion, I never thought I would find a shaft as good as the Accra Tour i series but these are every bit as good.
  8. A 4-cap couldn't beat any pro for 9 holes anywhere. These type of post (and we see them all the time) are really ridiculous. The Golf Pro is so much better at the game than an average low capper it's crazy.
  9. Mainly because it has a texture to it. So it helps keep the grip from twisting so you don't have to add more layers. Also comes off very easily if/whenever you have to remove it.
  10. I've installed the Jumbomax Ultralights on mulitple sets of clubs many times. I use 75 - 85psi, mix up a little dishwashing soap and water. Apply one wrap of the white medical tape to the end of the shaft. Then suds up the soap mix with a small paint brush, brush over the entire section of the tape and blow the grip on. Never had an issue with this process and they are very easy to remove when needed.
  11. While I would love to see this happen I don't think he will ever win another PGA Tour event much less the Masters.
  12. While there is a difference it is marginal a TO ME. And I played the Gen 3 from the day they were available to the day I got my Gen 4's. If the price difference is significant and that is your guideline then go with the Gen 3's.
  13. I agree with this 1000%. I live just south of Houston in Pearland. The morning humidity with the sun baking the water off the fairways is like playing in a sauna. TO ME it's much more ( still hot ) comfortable playing after lunch when the course is dry and there may be a slight afternoon breeze.
  14. That's funny but true, she dresses like a grandmother. Like a few here have said she is very knowledgeable on the game. if they truly are coaching her on her voice I wish her success on that. But she stills needs to be honest and able to criticize when needed.
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