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    Sim 2 Guys

    Tested the following: Ventus Red Ventus Blue Haz Smoke Yellow Ended up with an KHT Autoflex SF505 at D2 swingweight playing at 45"
  2. Been using the Jumbomax Ultralight XL now for probably 2 years. Will NEVER go back to a standard or midsize gip again.
  3. Well in fencing you're not trying to hit anything. Basically just sticking or jabbing someone.
  4. I have been using the Jumbomax Ultralight XL grips now for almost 2 years and love them. I switched originally when I went to the DeChambeau 1-plane swing and hold the club in the palms of my hand. FOR ME it ( along with the swing change ) was a game changer. Much more consistent and even picked up 5 - 10 yards while at the same time increasing my dispersion. Obviously from reading all the post above this is a subjective topic and definitely related to ones personal experience. However with that being said. Think about it. In no other sport where you hold the apparatus in your hand do you use a skinny grip. Not Tennis, Raquetball, Ping Pong, Baseball / Softball, Hockey, Badminton or whatever. Just don't see the reasoning for the standard golf grip. Even if I were to go back ( which will never happen ) to the conventional 2-plane swing I will never change my grip size.
  5. BirdieBob - how long have you had the "darkness" irons and how is the finish holding up??
  6. Funny, I've played all Gen's of the irons. I would say TO ME the biggest improvement in looks, feel and performance was from the Gen 2 to the Gen 3. Very little difference TO ME from the Gen 3 to the Gen 4.
  7. No issue at all, same as the Accra's and very happy with them. Just as as reference my Driver swing speed averages 96 - 98.
  8. I've been playing the MMT 80's in my PXG Gen 4's since I got them. Had been playing the Accra Tour 90i's but due to Covid they were unavailable. Went with these because they are pretty close to the Accra's in feel and dispersion, they actually weigh 86 grams. The MMT's will definitely feel soft compared to the two shafts you're playing now. But "soft" is subjective. To me they feel smooth and very easy to swing. For reference I hit my 8i 155 yards and have a 98mph swing speed with a driver.
  9. At one point this year I think she went 144 holes without a bogey as well!!!!!
  10. I've been gaming the 505 in my driver for a while now and it is by far the best shaft I have ever played. So with that said I bought one for my 3wd as well. From reading here and my personal experience 196 grams at D2 is the preferred weight to get the most out of this shaft. From those that have it in a 3wd. What head weight seems to work best?
  11. Foe ME the PXG Gen 4 0811 driver couldn't beat out my Sim 2, it was close but that was it. Now as far as the Hybrids you're not going to see hardly any brand on the mens tour much less PXG. The guys just don't hit them. But they are money and from what I have read on here that is the majority of opinions.
  12. Yeh I really feel for her. Getting to be where she is mentally scarred and will never get over it. If she could putt she would dominate the LPGA. I agree with post above though. Get rid of the practice stroke!!
  13. Believe it or not but they do for a fact pipe in the bird sounds, they are not real. They do at least play the chirping sounds of the native birds in the location they are playing.
  14. PXG's and still gaming them. On Gen 4 now!!!!!
  15. Easy choice for me because I started using his 1-plane swing a couple of years ago. Would love to have him watch my swing as well get get some tips.
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