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  1. Been using air for my grips for years now, never used any solvent and there really is no need to. I just mix up a small amount of soapy water and stir to suds it up real good, then put on with a small paint brush and the grip will blow right on with no issues. Used this same technique for the Jumbomax grips as well. BTW I use the white medical tape instead of masking tape, the texture of it keeps the grip from slipping.
  2. Well I'm certainly no fitter or expert when it comes to club fitting. But I think the "swingweight" measurement is worthless. I've used the JUMBOMAX Tour series that weigh in around 100 grams and am now using the Ultralights that weigh in around 50 grams. No difference at all in performance, just go with what feels the best.
  3. Back in the day when I used to play blades the MB2's were money. By far one of the most forgiving blades that have ever come out. I played the "satin finish" version and man were the sharp looking!!!!
  4. Yeh I bet Koepka is one of them. Has always seemed to find anything and everything about DeChambeau that he could make a snide remark about.
  5. I did catch that but as much as I don't like his announcing I honestly think it was just "off the cuff" with no intent. Man I miss Johnny Miller!!!!!!
  6. I never said or implied he is one of the best to ever play the game or that he was going to dominate from here on out. I only said your statement wasn't accurate. Again congrats to Bryson !!!!!
  7. Well he was #9 in the world BEFORE the Open, so saying "but he isn't doing anything any better than anyone else." isn't very accurate.
  8. Bryson is great for the game of golf. Showing that there is a different way than the standard conventional golf swing and equipment. Sure he is a little slower but he is definitely not the only one. Doesn't care what people think about his methods or strategy just goes about his business. KUDO's to him for sticking to his guns!!!!
  9. Totally agree. I mean c'mon, the shaft doesn't flex, no kick point, all it does is connect to the putter head.
  10. Well I can tell you this for sure I will never sell it for $200. Will do a price drop today but that will be it. Non-Velocore is "made for" for Taylor Made clubs. The Velocore version is an aftermarket and significantly more money.
  11. As the title states. In excellent shape. Standard L/L/L with a regular flex Ventus Red ( non-velocore ) shaft and a brand new NDMC Plus 4 Midsize grip. Comes with new headcover as well. Lets go $275 $250 $225shipped to CONUS ONLY pin 9/18
  12. I have the Jumbomax XL on ALL my clubs and have for almost a year now. Just do a search here as there are several post related to your question. My answer would be YES, most definitely you will hit the ball straighter. But keep in mind the grips are not a fix for a swing fault, not saying you have one but just saying. Are you hooking all your clubs?
  13. Same here ( see signature below ) as the OP, regular flex in Driver / 3wd and stiff in everything else. Funny thing is both times I got fitted he put me in stiff flex. I tried the Driver first as an experiment and it worked so well I did the 3wd as well with the same positive results.
  14. Man that's awesome and congrats. As I posted above I have never been more consistent since going to the DeChambeau 1-plane swing. Even though the set-up and stance are different from what Grave's teaches there are obviously a lot of similarities. Just curious, did you go to bigger grips as well??
  15. You should try the Jumbomax Ultralights. They weigh right at 50 grams, same as a normal grip.
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