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  1. I had the Gunboat H since it came out and loved it. Tried the Blackjack and really wanted to like it but it's a little on the small side for my taste. Got the One and Done mainly because of the alignment aids, best of any putter out there TO ME. Changed out 2 of the weights for 15 grams and absolutely love it. Rolls smooth, hit the center of the putter every time and putt it right where I am aiming!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. My advice, don't do it. Let someone else coach her. You may be giving her the best advice ever but it's still coming from her husband!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I switched to it a few years ago with great success. Very comfortable stroke for me and totally takes out the "hit" in the putting stroke.
  4. Doesn't have anything to do with the test as your numbers are impressive for sure. But it looks like the MAX head is cracked on the bottom.
  5. I didn't see that he stated which Jumbomax Grip he uses. But if they are the Ultralights he will be fine on that end, they are right at 50 grams. Pretty much the same as a standard grip.
  6. No way that's legal, a very obvious push and not a stroke. Doesn't matter which way the clubhead is facing.
  7. Man that's awesome and congrats. Wishing you continued success. I don't use the Graves method for chipping or putting but everything else. My short game has always been my strong point and I'm not messing with that!!
  8. I use the Jumbomax 17" Flat, perfect grip for any type of claw / pencil grip motion.
  9. Referring to #1 - I never could get used to the overlap. I stuck with the inter-lock and TO ME it isn't hurting my swing at all. Feel like I am still getting the right tilt and going through the ball staying centered over the left knee.
  10. Well checked tracking# this morning and it still said "Delivery Date Pending". Got home from the gym about 10:30am and the clubs were on the front porch. Never got a notice or email or anything. But Damn glad they are here.
  11. Yeh this is my second time within 2 months. Ordered an 80" OLED TV and 1 late day led to 2 and then 3. Finally they sent me a notice saying it was lost. Had to have the vendor send me another one.
  12. Well lucky me!!!!! Got a notification from PXG last Tuesday that my Gen 4 irons would be in Saturday. According to the FED EX tracking they were to be delivered by the end of the day. Anyway they never came so I checked tracking, now being delivered by noon on Monday (yesterday). Didn't show and now the tracking info shows delivery date pending, which from past experience with a TV means they lost it. Contacted PXG this morning and they are working with Fed Ex and supposed to contact me by the end of day tomorrow with the results.
  13. Agree with this 1000%. My PXG fitter has never tried to sell me anything.
  14. I've been playing the Accra Tour 90i graphite for the last 4 years and loving them. When I went to get fit for the PXG Gen 4 irons I was told they haven't been able to get them since Covid. Anyway hit the MMT 80 and they are just as good if not better than the Accra's, which is saying a lot. And the MMT 80's actually weigh 86 grams so I would think you would easily be okay. Just for reference my 6i SS averages 85mph with a distance average of 175 yards.
  15. Exactly what I did and the AF is a fairway finding machine!!!!!
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