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  1. I ended up just keeping it at the same length and put a leather grip on. The old grip was screwed into the wooden plug. It didn’t look like it would be worth dealing with for a half an inch or an inch.
  2. So just heat it and pull it like normal? And should I dowel it or use a Steel or plastic one? Thanks.
  3. I bought a very cool looking Bullseye Slant Neck a while back and it needed a new grip. The leather was flaking away. After taking the grip off I noticed there was a wooden dowel extension in it. It plays at 34 now and while that isn’t bad, I can’t help but wonder about extending it to 35. I’ve a got a new leather grip to put on but the question is, is it worth pulling the plug? Adding another inch in a piece of dowel glued and then screwed in? Or is the best advice to just clean up to old muck off the shaft and throw the new grip on and keep it at 34? Thanks in advance gentlemen and ladies. I
  4. Watching Duval win his Open was my favorite. Liked Tiger’s chip in where the ball paused in the Masters too.
  5. The wedges are up in the air. There’s a Hogan Special Grind that looks like an early Sure Out and a Wilson R20. I may carry both just for the fact that the R20 has a narrowe sole than the Hogan. As for the putters. There are two Bullseyes, one huge and one normal. There is also a Snake Eyes Viper Tour 8802 style. I know it’s modern, but it’s as much of a blade that exists. I may end up rolling my old Stainless Anser 2 as well.
  6. My uncle and a good friend of mine just read the post about modern equipment wrecking the golf swing so they decided to throw some older gear in the bag. We took a look at the Traditional Rules Golf website to get some ideas and moved from there. Best part is, my buddy didn’t have any qualifying clubs so he had to eBay them. I think he’s in them just over $100. Mine are a mixed bag. I bought the Apex IIs like a year ago. I had been watching them on eBay for years and finally found a cheap enough set that my wife wouldn’t care about. It was missing the 8 iron but I managed to find one with simi
  7. > @endlesswinterco said: > How it all started for eagle. > > Did that outfit get played in? Didn’t it mess with the swing? And what about the water retention properties it appears to have? Either way, top marks for wearing that even at the bar. I’m impressed.
  8. > @TheCityGame said: > I just told wife there's' a "Triplets" coming out. I go "guess who". She goes, "the rock". > > me : good guess, but no. > > "vin diesel". > > "No. black guy" > > "denzel" > > "no" > > "kevin hart" > > "no". > > I would watch every one of those movies, though. > > Also, in 2 years we're getting "quadruplets" and it's going to be Awkwafina. I just made that up but you know it's true. I heard they were working on redoing Twins with Jason Momoa and Peter Dinklage. I like that ide
  9. Note to self, do not hit the Project X Hzrdus Yellow. If it’s similar to the blue, I do not want it. The Blue was a harsh mistress. Now the Blue Tour, I liked that one. Exactly opposite of what you’d expect a Tour shaft to fell like.
  10. > @TheCityGame said: > [Henrik Stenson is dead to me. His corpse can rot in hades. ](https://www.pgatour.com/equipmentreport/2019/10/08/golf-clubs-equipment-henrik-stenson-changes-3-wood.html "Henrik Stenson is dead to me. His corpse can rot in hades. ") > > > Are we sure he didn’t just cave in the thing? Or is it now too hot because of “creep”? Dude is a Viking and swings like one. And being that Project X is the current label for Grafalloy, it looks like an updated or resprayed Blue. The color looks consistent with his old one.
  11. > @MountainGoat said: > Rattlewood Member for a day is $50? It was $35 last year. Maybe that was the senior rate. I didn’t even know if was Member for a Day when I paid. I offered to buy the range balls and she told told me what it included. Love that place.
  12. Played Rattlewood today. To answer the question from earlier this week, only one course to play, it’s Rattlewood. I like the layout. Only a couple holes I can’t stand and the greens were solid. Member for a day today so 18 holes, cart, range balls, and lunch at the turn for $50. That works for me. No birdies, 5 pars, and only 4 lost balls. A good round for this guy.
  13. That’s terrible news about the beverage cart. I hope she’s okay.
  14. > @MountainGoat said: > > @aiyyer said: > > Worst Course - Falls Road. > > > Apparently, you’ve never played Frederick Golf Club or Maple Run. > Agree about Frederick, but man is it cheap. I actually liked Maple Run the one time I played it.
  15. I’m a big fan of Clustered. Love the layout. I know it’s on the easier side but I am not a good player at all. And they have pretzel buns on their hot dogs. I remember liking Rattlewood a lot, I’ll see how much I still do Friday. Worthington is just too much course for me. The people are great, the conditions are solid, but that course punches me in the giblets. Not interested in paying for that. Whiskey is just too much. My favorite course in MD all things considered is Eagle’s Landing. Nice views, decently cheap, and both times I’ve been there the course has been in great shape.
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