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  1. I’ve had the hybrid for a few years and can’t find anything to replace it.
  2. I think the i25's blend nicely. I didn't keep it in the 5-6 iron in the i25 because i switched to a 5hy and I hit the 6i better in the s55. I may mess around with it more in the off season to find something a little easier to launch in the 6 iron.
  3. I've been experimenting between these two shaft weights and flex and didn't know if anyone else had experience with this? I have some stiff KBS shafts and am starting to think that moving down a flex may produce better launch numbers. Is there a noticeable difference between soft stepping the 120 or just straight inserting a 115 besides the weight? I've tried various shafts and it seems like this weight range is right for me was interested in anything else I would expect to see. Thanks WB
  4. I was the same with being done with them but they fit so nice for my swing. I’ve had I think 4 replaced sets across 3 different models but I keep using them. it’s not the end of the world for me. I do my own club work and pulling out a c taper and putting a new one in is pretty straightforward.
  5. I have both but it’s not an apples to apples comparison since head types are completely different. I have a seemore fgp and a sik flo. I’m using the sik now. Really like it, great feel. The first thing I noticed was distance control got so much better. I didn’t do a fitting but an interview over the phone to get it figured out. So far it’s worked out
  6. SIK flo putter. Great balance and feel. I’m about 8months into mine, with the last month being locked up, but this is going to be around for a bit.
  7. 913 for me. It’s probably older and not as desired by many but that thing is amazing. You really do need the right shaft for it though. I have the 910 also but prefer the look of the 913 over the 910. I rarely change hybrids and fw woods so haven’t tried anything In the 800 or ts series
  8. Waterboy

    3/4H - 7w

    I have a 7w and 4h. Both cover what I need. The 4h is the 190 -200 and the 7 is anything over 200. ive been in this setup for a few years now and won’t switch it.
  9. If I remember right he usually uses a face balanced blade. I think the huge offset makes it play more face Balanced rather then with some toe hang.
  10. they all look like plumbers necks which typically gives a varying amount of toe hang. Some of the putters in the picture looks like they are able to move weight to eliminate that toe hang but keep the plumber neck look. Its interesting as some have the truss that goes only back towards the heel and some have the weight that goes both towards the toe and the heel. I'd be interested if they eliminated some of the weight from the sole, making a cavity and reinforcing it with, i don't know, a truss type frame, to re position some of the weight on top. Otherwise that could be a pretty heavy p
  11. It was working but I noticed it wasn’t working last night. I did the same. I searched modus and nothing. at first I was worried that I was accidentally posting a bunch of new topics called “modus,” and was going to get shredded for doing that.
  12. Does tour v come in a 120-X? I thought X was usually 130 weight?
  13. I really like the sik flo he is using right now. I ordered one for myself then it snowed when it got delivered. Just rolling it inside now
  14. # **PING G410 Driver Like New - No Headcover** Stock Length, 10.5 Deg Used for 4 rounds and some range time Grip and club in amazing condition Sweet spot was barely used so tons of life left 75g Evenflow 6.0 Shaft Asking $SOLD or best reasonable offer ##
  15. > @Tdsjfb said: > > @DYOS4 said: > > I can't stand KBS C-Taper but KBS Tour 120 is awesome to me. $-Taper 120 was good and close to KBS Tour 120 but with a bit more stiffness and backbone. > Been playing the Tour 120s for years. Love them, but would like a more piercing flight, but have to accommodate by aging frame. Anybody have experience in going form Tour 120 Stiff to S Taper R+? > I soft stepped some 120 $taper. I like the weight of the 120 and didn’t think I would notice anything going that route instead of buying another set of $. Launch and spin went up
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