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  1. I have rules to live by when it comes to this. Maybe its out of line but it gets the point across. 1. If you do it on nearly every hole for the first 4 holes you hit driver on, its a player issue and stomping through knee high grass on a 90 degree day isn't something I want to keep doing. 2. you don't return the favor if one of mine goes off line 3. you are lookin at a location "you swear you saw it land" which is 40 yards ahead of your provisional "because you caught it good" even though in reality you hit a wipey fade that was 40 yards short of your provisional, wher
  2. I declared to my buddies that it was 9 wood season before the season started so I'm committed to it for now and I don't see me dropping it even when the season ends. Really easy to launch and hit straight. Can play it out of the rough without any issues. After the 9wood I go to a 5 hybrid then 5 iron since those distances don't lineup for me. I may drop the 5 iron though to add another wedge and start at 6iron. I need to play with the 5hy a little more the figure out what I can do with it first.
  3. Used for half a year Titleist 818 H1 Hybrid Head - No adaptor, no head cover, just head. 23 Degree Two small paint scuffs in the paint on the crown. I've touched up with paint and circled on the photo to show as best I could. Asking $sold shipped within 24 hours of payment.
  4. Up for sale are several, several months of shaft trials that didn't work out. I have pulls of the following that I am looking to get rid of. I can provide additional detail and photos if you need it, just PM me. 1. KBS $-Taper 120 – Stiff Flex, Black Finish– 3-PW - Lengths range from 38-34.5 inches - $sold 2. KBS $ Taper 120 – Stiff , Chrome Finish– 4-PW – Lengths range from 37.25 – 34.25 inches - $sold 3. KBS C-Taper 115 – R+ 4-PW – Lengths range from 37-34.5 inches - $Sold 4. Nippon Modus 120 Stiff Flex 4-PW – Lengths range from 3
  5. Paypal sent for: New Pulled 4-PW Tour Issue Dynamic Gold S400 w/ Lamkin Crossline Cord Grips- $150
  6. Flightscope Mevo Numbers are pretty accurate. Used for a few months and has been sitting in a cabinet. Comes with everything in the photo. - Charging Cable, Case, Box, manuals, metallic stickers (less 4) Shipping USPS usually within 24 hours (assuming no Sunday/Holiday) asking $sold
  7. Make someone happy for the holidays and give them the gift of aligning putts with a like new Scotty Cameron Ball Tool and yellow pouch. Probably has never been used, but it’s open so I’m not calling it brand new. It reminds me of my ex wife so it has to go. $SOLD and I can ship it within 24 hours of payment, Sunday excluded.
  8. I just switched from the 910 D2 that I put back in the bag to the 917 D2. I know its not the full upgrade to the Ts but I noticed a lot more forgiveness on the off-center hits. When I hit it in the center, minor differences for me between the two heads.
  9. Looking to move a used 3t o-works putter. Used for 1 season. 34-inches lamkin etched grip minor wear from regular use comes with headcover I live and work near a post office and can ship quickly $SOLD
  10. Tour velvet on the 60 and 56. The 52 has the align.
  11. Same with the line on the ball. I think you get more out of that then static.
  12. Used MP 32 Modus 5 - PW with Modus 120 Stiff Flex and Tour Velvet Grips Still plenty of life left in them. The 5 iron should be 38-inches, but since there are now 90 different ways to measure a club, it might be + or - 1/8 of an inch. The sole of the 7iron has the most wear I'll sell the heads alone or with the shafts. SOLD I can ship pretty quickly via USPS. 5-6-7 top to bottom 8-9-PW
  13. I’ve had the hybrid for a few years and can’t find anything to replace it.
  14. I think the i25's blend nicely. I didn't keep it in the 5-6 iron in the i25 because i switched to a 5hy and I hit the 6i better in the s55. I may mess around with it more in the off season to find something a little easier to launch in the 6 iron.
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