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  1. Not sure if you actually read the article....but I covered the Bauer sisters in the article.
  2. I agree. I thought she very conservative again this past week on Sunday. Has to learn to put people away when she is out in front. Needs to take lesseons from Sei Young Kim.
  3. You won't have to wait long...Nelly will win a major this year!
  4. ARE THE KORDAS GOLF’S BEST SISTER ACT EVER? The LPGA has completed the first two tournaments of its 2021 season. In case you haven’t been paying attention, the first tournament was won by Jessica Korda and the second one was won by her sister Nelly. How unusual are sister acts on the LPGA you might ask? From its inception, the LPGA has had the presence of sisters. Alice and Marlene Bauer were among the 13 women who founded the organization.
  5. Agolf1 - Thanks for the comment. What I meant is that there are only a certain amount of golfers that get to keep their playing cards every year. It was always based on the year end money list...but that changed this year and it now will be based on the race to the cme points. There are so many players good players now on the LPGA, many coming here from other countries, that it is very difficult for rookies to keep their full time playing cards. I think the numbers speak for themselves.
  6. HOW GOOD ARE THE 2021 LPGA ROOKIES? Before we get started here, I would like to start something new. My LPGA question. Who were the only two LPGA golfers to tee it up in all 18 tournaments in 2020? (The answer is at the bottom of this article). Last year’s Louise Suggs Rookie of the year race was no race at all. Because of the pandemic, Commissioner Michael Whan and the LPGA made the decision to do away with any rookie awards for the year. As a result, all nineteen 2020 rookies will be rookies once again in 2021. The 2020 rook
  7. Yes looks like the astericks should be for the player above the asterick.
  8. I have been asked many times how the LPGA constructs their field lists for tournaments. The Priority List is what is used to fill the required amount of spots for any given tournament. Without me getting into the categories, which is potentially confusing, here is a brief explanation. Most full field events have a field of 144 players. Usually, 140 of the players come from the Priority List ranking. Two players are Monday qualifiers, and 2 more are sponsor exemptions. So to keep it simple, if your Priority Rating is #150, you have to hope that 10 players decide not to play, or you are probably
  9. Jin Young Ko was not givin an exemption either. The second exemption went to Sarah Kemp. Ko had to finish 4th or better to get into the CME...which she did.
  10. 2020 U.S. WOMEN’S OPEN PREVIEW Tony Jesselli previews the 2020 U.S. Women's Open to be played December 10-13 at the Champions Golf Club in Houston, Texas. byTony Jesselli Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, this has been a very strange year for the world of golf. Who would have ever thought that the U.S. Women’s Open, originally scheduled for the first week of June, would be played in mid-December? Yes, the U.S. Women’s Open will be played th
  11. Thanks. Yes it certainly is. They used to provide us with an alpha list.
  12. 18 Majors.....where did you find the alpha field list? I checked the LPGA site and only see the link to tournament entries which is not alpha.
  13. My field rating for this tournament id 49.5%. Twelve of the top 25 players from the LPGA Priority List, and ten of the top 25 from the current Rolex Rankings will be teeing it up. Ihave a 56.5 rating from the LPGA Priority List and a 44.5% rating from the Rolex Rankings. It was advertised as a full field event, but the field is just 108 players.Jodi Ewart Shadoff has just dropped out and is replaced by first alternate Bianca Pagdanganan.
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