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  1. Getting on the same communication level is essential…
  2. Golf is a target game... The player needs to identify the best way to get the ball in the hole in the least amount of strokes... It appears you are finding areas on the course that don't give you the best opportunity to find your target... Start exploring new ways to navigate your home course!
  3. Walked away for a few months back in high school… Missed the challenge and chose to embrace the ups and downs as part of the challenge of the game…
  4. "Shoulders turn in a circle on a tilted plane"
  5. Is it starting at target, or left of target?
  6. Keep trail arm straight like a steel rod, see how "short" your backswing becomes...
  7. That is how I describe it… chipping is putting with a lofted club…
  8. Is your miss a pull draw, straight draw, or over draw?
  9. I always ask the question “do you hit it far enough” for the level of play you desire?
  10. I view a basic chip shot no different than a lag putt. Goal is inside 3 feet.
  11. Subtle adjustments… - Ball Position - Handle Position - Face
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