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  1. It is getting better... An understanding of why... Hard and smart work...
  2. "a basic understanding of the basics" and those are?
  3. Based on what you have said, I would choose the one who keeps it simple.
  4. Congratulations on your success thus far! Enjoy the journey. In regards to lowering scores... Consider that "bogey golf" on a Par 72 course requires making 90 strokes... Consider getting your 2nd shot on the green on all Par 3's... Consider getting your 3rd shot on the green on all Par 4's... Consider getting your 4th shot on the green on all Par 5's... then... Consider two putting every green... There's quite a bit to consider when you view it in this manner... It's my contention that most people ca
  5. How often has it happened? Is it a straight push, push draw, or push fade? Are they only occurring when there is a forced carry?
  6. Improve smash factor through improved mechanics... How many more yards is going to make you happier? Are your scoring goals more important to you or is hitting it further more important?
  7. Me personally... Very simple approach and/or mindsets... - Distance Control always first priority... - Develop Confidence Inside 6 Feet... - Same Routine - Relaxed Over Ball - "Big Picture" Visualizer. Don't like spots or lines.
  8. Simply putting with a lofted club with the handle slightly leading...
  9. Get familiar with the greens at Clovernook. Keep tee shots in play. Not a long course, with some very short par 5's.
  10. A little further south to New Braunfels with David Ogrin...
  11. Improve Centeredness of Contact... Tighten Up Face to Path relationship...
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