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  1. Stump has been gone a while now. Covid didn't do it justice. Prob one of the reasons I dont post as much. I am in the hunt for a new one.
  2. I def miss those huge heavy a... boxes showing up at my door. some of the best mail days ever. you need to shoot me a text with some goodies.
  3. Thank you Bob, house hunting has been put on hold for the next 2 years. Have to wait for my youngest to get a bit older. I hope to make it down your way for the Pga show.
  4. Hey Wrxers, here are some goodies looking for a new home. Everything is obo. I am open o trades for the following swag dgap covers Hatch covers Machine m9/m11/m12 putters Machine m4 putter with custom milled copper plated DB3 flange stainless head. $650 Bettinardi Special edition BB1 44 Magnum paired with Matrix Prototype PZ with Honeycomb patterns. comes with original headcover and the cover pictured. The headcover has seen 15 rounds but the putter was only displayed and has only seen an indoor putting green at my office/shop. $1700 Recoil 95F3 5-Gap. Used about 10 rounds. Pulled using hydraulic puller on low hear. 5 iron length is 37” $SOLD Tyson Lamb tool/Marker no box $Sold each Hotmelted 210g Cobra rad speed 9* head only has sole light scratches in top from my alignment sticks cant see them at address from certain angles. Comes with cover. $200 Headcovers new -swag Queen blade $160 -swag Guile $120 -Bettinardi Tokyo $130 -taylormade mallet $140
  5. I am looking for an old putter I had customized.
  6. Hey wrxer’s I have some cover I am looking to let go but mainly looking to trade for some blue birdie/ Hatch golf covers. All covers are displayed only. Bettinardi Eagle USA cover $ Bettinardi Wizard stand Up Jet Ski & Sink It! Headcover $ Bettinardi 3D Bettiboy $ Blank Group 1/5 Cinco de Mayo cover Bettinardi 90’s fat cat $ Bettinardi Tokyo Olympic cover $ Bettinardi aid Betti Blue Raz Swag Canadian skull $ Swag £20 QUEEN BLADE COVER Taylormade mallet $
  7. Mizuno HMB 2 iron kbs $taper black 120 39.5” $150 Mizuno HMB 4 iron KBS $taper black 120 39” $150 putter head covers displayed only -sealed Quarantine queen special $SOLD -Canadian Released skull $250 -sunset skull $SOLD -Camp Betti Wizard Stand Up Jet Ski & Sink It $SOLD -OG Feels Good Cover $250 - Bettinardi 3d sunglasses SOLD -The Blank group Miyagi $SOLD
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