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  1. I’m trying my part to be courteous whether it’s a good idea or not. That’s all! I have the wedge and like I said before, I won’t keep anything without paying for it.
  2. Thank you all for your input. I’m not here to argue with the seller or take advantage of the situation. all I wanted from the seller was a response and maybe a resolution (whatever that may have been). I invited the seller to tell his side of the story, but no response. I offered to send him $60 (I’ve seen a wedge shaft for $20 here a few times and asked to split), but no response. So I PayPal $60 (friends and family, I would incur the PayPal fee). I hope this will close the case so we all can move on.
  3. So I should have sent the wedge without hearing from him or before getting a refund? I got my refund yesterday from PayPal and accused of keeping the wedge from the seller yesterday. it’s would not have been a big deal if the seller and I would have been in communication. I’m posting this here because I don’t think I was warranted a negative feedback, when I tried my part to resolve the issue. I have no intention of keeping the wedge without paying for it.
  4. Only reason I filed pp was because I didn’t hear anything from him after a few attempts to reach out to him. I would have loved to just talked to him and somehow resolved the issue. and just to note, he did tell me the butt end of the grip was punctured and didn’t know why it was like this, which I didn’t think any of it.
  5. I didn’t ask if it was cut or extended. if it’s not mentions in the ad, don’t we all assume it’s standard length? 1/4” may not make much difference in other (long, middle) irons, but I can clearly tell it’s shorter when I address with the club (wedge 58 bent to 59) i get a response from him almost a month later after ignoring my messages (same day PayPal refunded my money), telling me he generally orders 1/4” shorter for all his wedges. he said that’s how it came from titleist, but the pic show me it was cut jagged.
  6. I purchased a wedge from a member on May 8th. I noticed it was shorter than my other wedges and I cut the grip to maybe try to put in an extension or something. I found the shaft is damaged. I immediately contact the seller to see what’s with the shaft (damage and the lenght). No response from him for a week. I tell him I’m going to escalate with PayPal. No response from him. I get my refund from PayPal today (almost a month later) He leave me a negative feedback today saying I got my refund and kept the item. he also now mentions generally orders his wedges 1/4” short! (This is not mentioned in his ad) I write him back I can send the wedge if he send me the shipping cost. Am I in the wrong?
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