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  1. You made me learn html this morning. with no prior knowledge and some googling, i got it to work and put in an order. I made sure to use a different email address and credit card as my other order for the wolf greys so that if this order doesn't go through or gets cancelled, hopefully it won't mess up my other order.
  2. thanks. my order went though. hoping they ship. this was the color i really wanted.
  3. This has to be Nike building up hype. I’m really hoping they restock after they release at other retailers. I got the white. Really wanted the grey. And the shadow weren’t even in stock in my size.
  4. Seems like most places will be selling them. So I’m going to predict that resell will drop a lot after release. Like to under $200 for resell value and maybe lower. And I’m hearing they will be readily available throughout the year, so I’m hoping ndc restocks them. but good luck to everyone tomorrow. I want every color to wear on the course, but I want to dior most. That is until they finally release the Chicago colorway.
  5. I’m holding out hope. It seems like all the pairs on eBay are from physical stores that sold stock early when they weren’t supposed to. So those early pairs always go for a big premium. I’m hoping stock is high when they release online.
  6. I guess I am lucky then. Because the zoom infinity tours in normal width fit me snug but comfortable. And the Jordan 5’s felt roomy but comfortable. All other Nikes are somewhere in between.
  7. I still don’t understand how people vary sizes so much. I’m a 10.5 in every Nike sneaker I’ve worn since high school.
  8. You had some restraint. I would have walked out with at least one of each color way. Maybe 2 of each. Lol
  9. I know. I feel like mids are starting to come on strong though. Some great mid color ways for sneakers released lately. People always knocked mids saying the leather wasn’t as good quality. But I don’t think that’s the case lately. And I think mids are more comfortable than highs. and does anyone know how to rotate a picture? Not sure why my photo posted upside down.
  10. I love the lows and mids that I had made. Mids are a little high on the ankle for golf. I can’t imagine playing in highs.
  11. I learned that ADG stands for All Day Golf. Pretty cool and makes sense since it's the spikeless line. Hard to tell from the photos, but i will probably pass on these like I did on the ADG2. I loved the original ADG and the ADG3. I'm disappointed that the chicago colorway of the 1 Low isn't showing up in the catalog. That makes me think it might be a limited releases which would suck.
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