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  1. I have the denim Roshe. The denim is a little firmer than the leather versions, but still really comfortable. I have the matching floral hat. I break out that combo occasionally on dry days.
  2. That would be amazing. One of the girls competing in the ANWA had what looked like ADG1 in custom masters colors. They looked awesome.
  3. Pat Perez is a sneakehead. I’ve seen photos of him with all his golf shoes laid out after cleaning with the laces taken out. Just like we do. He is just lucky that he gets tons of pairs since he is a Jordan sponsored athlete. His story is awesome. He grew up a sneaker head and only met Jordan after he was on the pga tour. He became friends with him and then became a sponsored athlete.
  4. I have the purple and the grey pair of the first adg and love them. I think the adg3 are just as comfortable and look even better.
  5. Haha. The adg3 definitely do not look like nursing shoes. They look great in person. It’s like Nike said let’s make a golf shoe using the Jordan 4 styling.
  6. Wow. You have me interested now. The infinity react are the most comfortable sneakers I have worn.
  7. I saw that today. That color way is better than the one they plan to release.
  8. Best way to know is have notifications set for this thread. And follow J23app on Twitter. I also paid for the J23 app, but it’s not necessary.
  9. I don’t think there is any regularity to it. If I was to guess, I think the ADG3 will pop back up. But when would be a complete guess.
  10. I’ll buy if there is a Jordan 4 masters pack. If not, I’ll pass.
  11. Golf shoes are never on SNKRS app, only Nike. It was a surprise drop, so checking here is the best way to know they release. I have a feeling that they didn’t actually sell out. I think Nike is trying to hype them up and pulled them from the site. I would be shocked if they do not release again. So keep an eye out.
  12. I get mine tomorrow. I can’t wait. LD was definitely wearing the ADG3. I asked him about them and asked if they were the ADG3 and he said yes and was shocked that I knew that. He told me how they made them with a spiked sole for him. He said he just switched to them. This was about 3 weeks ago.
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