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  1. Cobra Rad Speed Driver Cobra Rad Speed 3 Wood Cobra Forged Tec Irons Cobra Mim Wedges Cobra Rad Speed X Vessel Stand Bag PXG Gunboat putter
  2. I have tried a multitude of the newest drivers for multiple rounds and have settled in to the Cobra Rad Speed, I will say I never thought to try this driver not really sure why. I have gamed this year 95 MPH club speed play 5-6 days a week. TSI 3 Epic Speed Epic MAX LS TM SIM 2 Ping G425 Cobra Rad Speed Longest driver on the course TSI3 Oban Devotion 6 Most forgiving on the course Ping G425 project x hzrdus smoke yellow Best mix of both Cobra Rad Speed fujikura motore f1 The epic MAX LS was a close contender to the TSI3
  3. Stop and drop on the greens I don't have the numbers but I get very little roll on these which I wanted
  4. Longer term follow up on my PXG 0211ST set I have a little over 25 rounds played with the 0211 St irons and I will say for me I am striking them better than any other set I have (Callaway X Forged CB 21, Callaway Apex 21) a close second would be the Cobra King CB/MB Combo in black. They fly high go long and sound exactly like I wanted. 6-GW plus 56 0311 forged and 60 degree 0311 forged wedge. I have owned 0311 multi generation and for some reason these just feel right.
  5. OK finished 18 before the dark and so far so good. Current gamers are Honma P747V At first I was a little concerned with the 0211 ST as they are considerably thinner than the 747v irons but that was all erased after the first hit. How they made these forgiving is beyond me but they felt great, nice and soft very workable irons and even though the lofts are the same as my 747V I seemed to get a little more out of them. They stopped well and just all around feel great and I am so glad I got them.
  6. On the course now will let you know
  7. Ordered on Monday received today super fast the solvent wasn’t dry on the grips lol
  8. The TD looks shorter heel to toe I was using the same shaft I just got back from first 18 with speed it is so much better for me it is straight to slight draw bias I had zero right shots also brought the LS out to compare and again at full draw settings it still wanted to go right. The speed really did feel faster and ultra forgiving. I had in the speed the HZRDUS Smoke iM10 6.0 and really got along with that shaft I cant wait to get back out Thursday!
  9. I have the Max LS 9.0 with a project X evenflow black 6.0 I've now played 6 rounds with the driver have had it for a little over a week I have a flash TD 9.0 and right now the flash TD is a clear winner both in feel and depression, what I have found is the LS seems to have a right fade bias even after I put it in the draw settings both adapter and weight. I picked up the Speed today so I will start playing that tomorrow and see if it throws the TD out the bag.
  10. I couldn't help it I placed my order for the 0211 st's this morning will switch out the shafts with my Nippon 1050's
  11. A little about me 53 year old 5'8 150lb average athletic ability playing seriously for about 5 year. My swing speed with driver averages mid to low 90's with an occasional high 90's swing and spin rates in the mid to low 2000's. Current driver is the Epic Flash triple diamond 9 degree set at Standard Draw on the hosle sliding weight all the way in the heel. Current shaft is the Fujikura Evolution II 661 at 44.5 inch pured not tipped. I had the chance to play 18 holes today with my club pros Epic Max LS 10.5 degree. I play a hilly windy course in Southern California and
  12. Bought my 3rd set of PXG's due to the sell full set top to bottom and they arrived today, only disappointment is none of my orders came with the cool black PXG box's I guess now that they discounted them they cant afford to kick in the box :-(
  13. Hello, Does anyone know what replaced the laddie golf ball and when was it replaced. I found one the other day the only markings are Laddie and all I can google is laddie extreme. I enjoy hitting the ball so was looking to find some out there. Thanks in advance
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