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  1. They aren't marked up. They are full retail. I already explained that to you. You just aren't able to accept that reality, because it doesn't fit your beliefs. It doesn't make it any less true. If you want shafts from the manufacturer, then order them from the manufacturer and then get them rebuilt by your clubmaker of choice. But you are trying to force CC to do business the way YOU want them to do business, that isn't how the free market works. If you don't want to do business with them, that is your right. But impugning a business reputation because you can't afford to do business with them or because you don't like the way they choose to do business, is reprehensible.
  2. I would discuss those contenders with your fitter to see if there is a cheaper option, that fits into your budget better. I can tell you that Accra steel is right in the middle of the market. They are also the only steel shaft that I could ever play. I have terrible tendonitis in my forearms and hands, Accra steel doesn't hurt my hands and forearms as bad as other steel. I switched to graphite about 8 years ago and haven't looked back. If you can afford it, go with the recommendation. Nippon 105 doesn't feel anything like Accra (not in a bad way, they are just very different designs). If it isn't in the budget, I get it. Money is tight for a lot of people. But a club fitting is simply a means to an end. It's a lot of fun, believe me, I do it every day, all day. It's a blast to fit so many different types of golfers. But we are still trying to find the very best performing clubs for your game, so that you can enjoy it more. Golf is one of the only things that you don't have to be good at, in order to enjoy it. But if you are good at it it is even more fun! I have been fitting for over 10 years and building clubs for over 25 years. I hope that whatever you decide to do, you enjoy the game of golf more. It is such a great sport, especially with well fit golf clubs. I love to see my clients' playing their best golf and having a blast doing it. I hope you see your scores drop and you are able to enjoy the game even more.
  3. Ok, this nonsense has got to stop. I have been fit at Club Champion, SST Puring is an optional service, stop acting like someone held a gun to your head. As far as ultra high quality goes, tires claim they are ultra high quality, but they still need to be balanced before you can drive away with your new set. Then you have to balance them every 7500 miles, which will cost you up front or on the back end. Then you have to replace them every 45k-60k. Either way you are paying for it. It isn't free. If you don't like SST Puring, then don't get it. But don't act like they wouldn't let you leave without paying for it. When I was there, I asked my fitter about their shaft prices, because they seemed high to me. He told me that they have a $35 installation added into every shaft. Then he listed the things that are included in that $35 fee on my fitting sheet. -Building the irons to the exact specs -Lifetime loft/lie adjustments -if there is a manufacturer defect, they manage the warranty process, including paying for all shipping to and from the manufacturer -They guarantee the performance of the clubs. You see it costs money to do all of those things. Manufacturers are cutting corners everywhere they can. Sorry, but it's true. Yet I never see anyone complaining about the clubs they ordered from a manufacturer, despite all of the errors I see when I work on those clubs. You know what I don't see from Club Champion builds? Wrong swingweights. Wrong loft/lie specs. Wrong length specs. Guess what happens if I do find they are off, I tell the customer to go back to CC and get them to fix it. CC fixes it. Take them back to the manufacturer and see where that gets you.
  4. Srixon ZX7. V Sole works for both sweepers and diggers. Honma TR20 V, Titleist T100, Mizuno MMC, Taylormade P770, Miura CB 301...to name a few
  5. You saw the difference in the fitting. I have been on this messageboard for almost 15 years and I still can't figure out why anyone would go get fit for the best performing equipment and then buy something different than what performed the best.
  6. Why did you get fit and then not buy what performed the best? Accra steel shafts are constant taper at the top and stepped at the bottom. No other shaft on the market is like them.
  7. You are being unreasonable. Golf clubs are metal tools, not an engagement ring. I hate marks on my clubs as much as the next guy, but you are being ridiculous.
  8. Prosoft inserts have helped a lot of my clients who have elbow/wrist issues caused by vibration. They are cheap and easy to install.
  9. Gotcha. Well Fujikura Ventus Blue hybrid sounds like the perfect fit for what you are looking for. As far as the MMT, I have yet to see it in the wild and I fit people everyday, all day. Maybe someone else on here has hit the MMT hybrid shaft and can comment on it
  10. There is no such thing as an MMT hybrid shaft right now, unless there is a "made for" from one of the OEMs. Ventus Blue is one of the very best hybrid shafts, that fits a very wide range of golfers. 904 HB is a pretty low launching/low spinning hybrid shaft, but I am not sure what you mean by "piercing" ball flight, especially if you don't want to put a 904HB in your new hybrid. If you can give me some more insight, I can help with some recommendations...
  11. Preorders 1st week of August Release the last week of August I have hit everything and already ordered my set. The T100/T100S feel like the MB. I am curious to see what everyone thinks about them. This is the best lineup of irons that Titleist has ever made. T200 is going to remind a lot of people of TM-B, without the TM-B price tag.
  12. Since no one else has the courage to say it, this is a swing issue, not an equipment issue.
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