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  1. I would say older men watch LPGA and probably not for the golf... Older men probably grew out of their adolescent stage to yell mash potatoes.
  2. Those distances are superb for 71 years young and it sounds like you are playing great with your current equipment. I don't see any reason to chase distances right now based on the numbers you described. At 71 you are one of the longer hitters!
  3. I ordered a set when the Canadian site launched... the irons did not work for me. I called them asking about returning it but the Canadian rep tried to talk me out of it. He asked what my handicap and I told him ... he says " is that your real handicap" haha what a nut. Because of that and how crappy their return policy I would not be ordering PXG again. I can accept the 15% restocking fee, but shipping everything back on your own dime, and then discouraging a customer from returning the equipment even though they advertise a 30day return policy. Lame! I went back to my old irons, played whites on my home course (just to get my confidence back), and shot my best round all summer after I sold them on Kijiji (Canadian equivalent of Craigslist)... So in the end I only lost about 120bux just to try PXG and was not impressed Note I'm using Adams XTD Forge with ctaper and I hit them the same distance........ even though the PXG had jacked lofts.. weird.
  4. Why are some people speculating he can't win a US Open? He finished T4th this year and he had a bad opening round of 75... Masters outing wasn't bad either. Since 2019 he's won atleast one tournament each year! With that being said things can go south real fast for these guys! That's just the nature of the game.
  5. Teekman were you watching the open? Wind was absent from the Open. Scoring conditions were prime, and people were just hitting normal tee and approach shots. So in this case Collin's normal bag setup was fine. If wind was a factor would of the results been the same? who knows but I'm sure the winning score would not have been -15.
  6. I have a rbz stage 2 7w with RIP stiff shaft. For my bag wood setup, I have driver, 4, and 7 wood. Been using it off the tee a lot on tighter holes. I can get 210-225 depending on conditions. Also in the past I would try to lay everything up to 100 yards on par 5s. I've been playing more aggressive now and just going for the green on the 2nd shot on par 5s. It's been working out lately as I can usually get a greenside chip or pitch closer than my 100 yard full shot. So the longest club I hit off the deck will be my 7 wood as it's a club that does not get me in too much trouble :).
  7. Why are you not playing in the PGA and winning tournaments with your beautiful move? [quote name='rafal' timestamp='1401662984' post='9409477'] I watch my move all the time and it's lovely. Not everyone chops like youself. [/quote]
  8. I wore bright orange Nike drifit pants. I'm pretty sure the group behind me was making fun of my pants because I heard a few comments. If you're going to make fun of me for my pants, make fun of me to my face instead of making facetious comments. It's not my problem I can wear nice form fitting pants because I'm FIT...
  9. Hi I have both drivers as well and I don't see the comparison between 975D vs the MP600. MP600 is practically a 460CC driver and you can change the weight on the club. The 975D is about 290cc and with no adjustable weighting. [quote name='Ben B' timestamp='1307361988' post='3287472'] Both my Mizuno MP600 and MP630 have grooves and they are both low launch and low spin drivers. So grooves on a driver don't act like grooves on an iron. The Titleist 975D was my favorite drive of all time until I got the Mizuno MP600. It is basically an updated verison of the Titleist 975D. But instead of hitting it 275 yards off the tee I hit it 295 yards off the tee. [/quote]
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