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  1. Mobile experience has improved (visual, no reloading when going back, navigation)
  2. Smoke free household. Ship via USPS. Please ask if you have any questions and thanks for looking! -Kevin. Take the remaining 4 polos for: $shipped and paypalled 1. Lululemon - size large but fits like the rest of the Mediums. Grey with white stripes. Great condition and button down color is a nice touch. Lulu logo on the back yolk. Asking price: $shipped and paypalled 2. Under Armour- Medium - great condition. Club logo on the right sleeve. Grey with charcoal block and stripes. Asking price: $shipped and paypalled 3. Under Armour- Medium - g
  3. Received the Leupold GX-3i3 as a warranty replacement from Leupold. I used this unit for two rounds and was kept in the case. This unit is pretty much new with zero scratches or imperfections to disclose. Comes with the original box, lanyard, case, unit, battery and warranty papers. Retails for $399+tax. Comes from a smoke free household and I ship via USPS. Asking price is $old shipped and paypalled.Feel free to ask questions and thanks for looking! Kevin
  4. Have over 100+ feedback here before it went away. Smoke free household. Payment accepted via PayPal and shipping via USPS. Selling 3 shorts. Ashworth was worn one time (chambray color)Travis Mathew in great shape (white with black stripes).adidas in great shape (solid black) Asking shipped for the lot of 3 shorts Thanks for looking, Kevin
  5. Selling from a smoke free household and always had this rangefinder in the case while on the golf course. Condition will reflect that it is in great shape. I haven't been playing as much (2 kids) and wanted to pass this along to someone else who could enjoy it. I ship via USPS and have great feedback here and have been a long time member. I tried to take pictures of the optics inside the scope as the red numbers look to be fading a touch on the bottom. It hasn't bothered me on the course, but wanted to call it out. Unsure if it just needs a fresh battery, and pricing it accordingly for
  6. All times come from a smoke free household and trying to make space in the closet. Selling as a bundle and the two smalls in this lot (Footjoy and Ashworth) fit me like a medium. I ship via USPS and accept paypal. Feel free to ask any questions or request more pictures (I have more, just didn't want to flood the post)!Asking price is $old shipped for the 6 polo bundle.Description of the items included: Ashworth (S) white shirt - like new and worn a few times. No blemishes to discloseFootjoy Athletic Fit (S) grey with white stripes and red stripe across the chest. FJ logo on the back and th
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